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26. juli. 2021





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Kommentarer 524   
junaidi Sajuri
junaidi Sajuri Måned siden
We got a world class cb!
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa Måned siden
⚽️💛💙Super Leeds United💙💛⚽️
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Måned siden
important player this year, and so does Alex Telles...
Morgan Hale
Morgan Hale Måned siden
It's fun to be positive for good reasons once again.
Iron Duke
Iron Duke Måned siden
Really shows the status of his channel that you can get that interview in the midst of the transfer. The United Stand rules.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
august 14th guys match against leeds united premier league hoping for both debut gonna be kaboom
Noel S
Noel S Måned siden
Wonder why Varane trusts Ole and the current management team when most here in United stand say he is a PE teacher.. Maybe he knows some things that most of the deluded ones here don't. Open your minds atleast now....
Lucky Måned siden
Il only be excited wen ole leaves. Hes got a world class team with zero coaching ability
HANS HSN Måned siden
are you the agent of Saul camavinga bissouma? to know they are all available below 40mil
zero Måned siden
Utd fans all Glazers In now. 🤣😂🤣
Bryan Downings
Bryan Downings Måned siden
You can understand he wants a new challenge look at what he's won with Madrid he's won everything they can possibly offer he's even won the World Cup with France 🇫🇷 joining utd makes sense because there's new cups he can put on his career cv utd have earned my respect this transfer window 👊
Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri Måned siden
I love the way Varane has handled himself during this transfer saga. It was truly professional and respectful. I think Pogba can learn from this.
Chelsea Boy11
Chelsea Boy11 Måned siden
Bro shut yu mouth no other club was interested that’s why Man U get him but still won’t win the league or a big trophy lol
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 Måned siden
Before there was a selfie pic of Varane with a picture behind him was Cantona , that was real then ? 👀
Thanos Måned siden
Just a reminder that varane is gonna hit his prime at manchester united, and he is already one the best defenders in the world..
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep Måned siden
Ole has all the ingredients to prepare a good dish and win the competition. Lets hope wins !!
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 Måned siden
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 Måned siden
Mark Dhillon
Mark Dhillon Måned siden
now we need to add a good cdm... having a good cdm will increase the likelihood of Pogba extending his contract, as he can then play a free role. DVB needs to emerge as an important player this year, and so does Alex Telles...
Kartik Yoginthran
Kartik Yoginthran 2 måneder siden
august 14th guys match against leeds united premier league hoping for both debut gonna be kaboom
BRUNO FERNANDEZ 2 måneder siden
pogba needs to stay...... and we will compete for that title this year if pobga leave its a big big loss for us
BRUNO FERNANDEZ 2 måneder siden
glory days for manchester united comming :P
Lewis Adams
Lewis Adams 2 måneder siden
Varane he better remember Real Madrid v Man City 🤣🤣🤣
mortis1337 2 måneder siden
Ole don't attract big players!
fashion lifestyle
fashion lifestyle 2 måneder siden
c y b e r w e s s
c y b e r w e s s 2 måneder siden
Always great to sign a top tier player….even more so knowing he is now in his prime and chooses to play for UTD 💪
TOM TOM 2 måneder siden
Pogba and his agent trying use msn united if we win anything big next year he will want to stay if JAN comes amd we not in the race he will sign pree contract with a next team....sell him now for the past two years i see we much better without pogba and dea gea sell them now like now now now...
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 2 måneder siden
So we’ve spent about 120m for Maguire and Varane which is about right. 40m too much for Maguire and 40m under for Varane.
J V 2 måneder siden
Breaking: Phil Jones refuses to give up #4. Deal collapses. Jones extended to 2030
Bleachguy 2 måneder siden
donny is a player who can play where pogba and bruno plays versatile needs be used alot more than ole can win me over bit by bit we can get about 25mil for jessie matic 5mil mata 5mil perera 10mil 45mil in all that
Maple Maples
Maple Maples 2 måneder siden
Man! This guy is probably the most important person in Football...he should be an agent. I hope Pogba goes to PSG soon. United need to get Milenkovic, he is 23 and beast of a player.
GGMU Mancherster united
GGMU Mancherster united 2 måneder siden
How to send a super chap
Bleachguy 2 måneder siden
if me i would not get a rb we need a dm and backup dm matic is done fred not answer for backup get bissouma and neves two quality cdms
Compost Smurf
Compost Smurf 2 måneder siden
Live tap in.
Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy 2 måneder siden
We need to Sell Sell and sign one more top player KT maybe Would love Gor BUT one more signing is showing our intent we are coming to get our number one status bk in Manchester
Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy 2 måneder siden
It's do or fail for Ole??
Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy 2 måneder siden
Pogba has a platform now to prove himself and turn may fans opinions including myself about him
hasif dany
hasif dany 2 måneder siden
Literally waited 10 long years for this deal
Cris Seven
Cris Seven 2 måneder siden
I think we should sell Pogba and get Camavinga and a DM.
Jn Fn975
Jn Fn975 2 måneder siden
we tolerate thisy
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 2 måneder siden
Sell lindlesoft, bailly, Jones, matic, mata, james, Pereira
King A
King A 2 måneder siden
About 80 million there
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 2 måneder siden
Pay jones to go
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 2 måneder siden
I saw that Southampton want jones
G B 2 måneder siden
Can the Terminator eye be a regular feature?
George Abraham
George Abraham 2 måneder siden
KEEP Dalot and sign Ruben Neves
Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo 2 måneder siden
The verdant anthropology advantageously cheer because peace angiographically choke across a bustling breakfast. inquisitive, motionless cardigan
MrGoldtrader 2 måneder siden
United should be smart with the Sancho trade. Loan out Amad to Dortmund. He will thrive there, like Sancho. It will boost his value big time.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Lukman K
Lukman K 2 måneder siden
Man ole has the players now, no excuses whether your in ole or out, this season he had to challenge
AM ‘
AM ‘ 2 måneder siden
sancho ✅varane✅camevinga and trippier⏳ .pogba 🔄goretzka. 2022 project HAALAND 🔥🔥
A W 2 måneder siden
The table has turned... They use to buy players from us now we are buying REAL MADRID PLAYERS 🌞
Edward Oppong
Edward Oppong 2 måneder siden
Here we go...
New Happiness
New Happiness 2 måneder siden
Still need a DM, but now with Varane here we can ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK
Red Devils FC 25
Red Devils FC 25 2 måneder siden
Goodbye Magelof!! Hello Magane!! What a partner Varane will be for Maguire! Hopefully Wan Bissaka will stop moving toward the CB line now that Varane comes in and stays in position so we can concede less goals!
SuperJixs 2 måneder siden
Good transfer for United Good job give us one more pls a midfielder
Scott Earls
Scott Earls 2 måneder siden
Hes feelling like a member of tus now 😂
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 2 måneder siden
All we need now is a CDM, and we could be title contenders!!!
Ace 213
Ace 213 2 måneder siden
Manu Edwards
Manu Edwards 2 måneder siden
They saw our preseason defense 😅
Matthew White
Matthew White 2 måneder siden
Raphi sounds better than Varani 😂
Kristoff Stevenson
Kristoff Stevenson 2 måneder siden
Btw any news on Goretzka cause he would be better for us than Saul
ayjames 2 måneder siden
How's that for making a statement in the transfer window?
Helal Choudhury
Helal Choudhury 2 måneder siden
Medical Wednesday
donkingbong 2 måneder siden
Varane better than Diaz and maguire I feel cheaper than maguire but better
Gazbo FC
Gazbo FC 2 måneder siden
Yes! Here we fkn go
Dylan Morton
Dylan Morton 2 måneder siden
Buzzing what a feeling A good transfer window
Vati Tjipueja
Vati Tjipueja 2 måneder siden
Are we edging closer to 21? I think we are.
Vati Tjipueja
Vati Tjipueja 2 måneder siden
Raphi 4
maad trippy
maad trippy 2 måneder siden
billybadfinger 2 måneder siden
Sir Alex Ferguson still gets his signings, even if it takes 10 years. That's incredible to hear.
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 2 måneder siden
Best birthday news ever
Anirban Ray
Anirban Ray Måned siden
Happy birthday mate
Kristoff Stevenson
Kristoff Stevenson 2 måneder siden
Just a CDM left to win the title
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 2 måneder siden
Now get rid of the deadwood please
Jemuel M
Jemuel M 2 måneder siden
December he is leaving
Matt C
Matt C 2 måneder siden
phil jones #4 for life...they should retire #4 for phil jones hahaha
IamJahanzeb Iqbal
IamJahanzeb Iqbal 2 måneder siden
Here we go 🤗
-United- 2 måneder siden
No advanced with Jones!
Behailu Tessema
Behailu Tessema 2 måneder siden
Finally, a player wants to play our club. warm welcome VARANE.
Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker 2 måneder siden
We r scary now
Darren Henry Weekday Night Football
0:10-0:14 Best start to a video
luke waller
luke waller 2 måneder siden
I do think pogba may stay now we have VARANE and maybe a good midfielder to come in
M G 2 måneder siden
Easiest way to keep Pogba = get Zidane
David Stirton
David Stirton 2 måneder siden
tuanzebe needs a loan at a decent team now defo
Martin Jasper
Martin Jasper 2 måneder siden
So who will Goldbridge blame next season, now that Varane will play with MaGuire so no Lindelöf to blame, even thoug Lindelöf BY FAR was our best CB last season on stats, clean sheets, goals and assists.. So please sell Lindelöf and let him laugh when MaGuire fumbles around yet again...
Rocco Stiff
Rocco Stiff 2 måneder siden
Verane / meguire wow 😯 could be a force that holding middle still needed tho
Donny Singh
Donny Singh 2 måneder siden
Need holding midfielder, end of jigsaw puzzle
Donny Singh
Donny Singh 2 måneder siden
Need holding midfielder, end of jigsaw puzzle
Red Devils FC 25
Red Devils FC 25 2 måneder siden
What a signing can't wait to see him in a United shirt!!
james gibbons
james gibbons 2 måneder siden
Keep Dalot. There's a good player there if given the opportunity.
The Truth
The Truth Måned siden
@MCR M8 full backs can get forward because the midfield covers their position, AWB is a liability on offense against teams that sit back and defend
MCR M8 Måned siden
@The Truth You really think fullback with a poor preformer inside and infront of them should be offering anything special going forward? Yeah just leave the defence with no cover and keep making overlapping runs for winger that loses possession for fun. Dalot's arguably best games for United have come as an actual winger not as a fullback. AwB with Varane inside and Sancho ahead will be a different story.
The Truth
The Truth Måned siden
@MCR M8 what do you mean no full back gets any joy on the right? We only played wan Bissaka for RB, we don’t new to play wan Bissaka against burnley or Newcastle since he offers much less going forward than Dalot
james gibbons
james gibbons 2 måneder siden
@The Truth Spot on. Dalot is much better going forward than AWB in my opinion. United would have two rightbacks that would tactically complement each other nicely.
MCR M8 2 måneder siden
@The Truth no full back was getting any joy on the right. Will be a different story with Sancho there. Dalot needs a lot more football to develop to the point he's worth a place for us. Another season on loan and go from there. Would be a waste him spending this season on the bench.
dre santorini
dre santorini 2 måneder siden
Poor man's van dijk
Velile Ntantiso
Velile Ntantiso 2 måneder siden
If Lindelof and Bailly are not happy, they can go
Ibzino productions
Ibzino productions 2 måneder siden
Tinu Explore
Tinu Explore 2 måneder siden
Its true?
Tea Aung
Tea Aung 2 måneder siden
United signing and attracting world class player??? what year is it? if he and sancho can contribute to an already well gel team i wont be surprise to see atleast one title coming season
Aminze Hanze
Aminze Hanze 2 måneder siden
Here we go
BadMan 2 måneder siden
I hope this will convince Pogba to stay
Don’t Hesitate
Don’t Hesitate 2 måneder siden
Kounde has played as right back so it would be interesting.
Don’t Hesitate
Don’t Hesitate 2 måneder siden
Why would Pogba want to go to real ? When we bring real to him !!!??? Donny was wanted by them and now Varnane
Daniel Pietruczuk
Daniel Pietruczuk 2 måneder siden
I think Arsenal underpaid for Ben White hehe :D Only 50? Bargain...
SHAFI999 2 måneder siden
Its dream Come True
marvin paul
marvin paul 2 måneder siden
after this lets go for dusan vlahovic from fiorentina top forward
FC Arsenal
FC Arsenal 2 måneder siden
United Fans celebrating Like they won the League lol varane is past it
Manchester United Club
Manchester United Club 2 måneder siden
ben white is the future👌
Nathan Roser
Nathan Roser 2 måneder siden
Ben White 😂
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil 2 måneder siden
Why not go for Bissouma . 35-40 m signing .