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Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator:

Astartes Channel

Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community


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2. april. 2020





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TheChach År siden
Edit: The original creator has been hired on by GW to continue the project and contribute to others. As such the originals are no longer available on NOcharts, the project is now on Warhammer Community. Links have been updated. I'm not sure how this news will affect the future of the project, but I find myself feeling pessimistic. I hope I am wrong. Either way, this video will remain up as long as I am allowed to and I have added a mega link for this edit, sans the first intro text, at the bottom of this comment and the description. Edit2: GW in their infinite wisdom has decided the world needs yet another streaming platform, so any future projects will now only be available on Warhammer+. Needless to say, this is a disappointing turn of events. Putting the content exclusively on their own, much less popular, website was bad enough. This video itself has garnered nearly 300,000 additional views since that move. That's free publicity they would deny their artists in order to greedily sell exclusivity. To then put the content behind yet another barrier, this one now monetary and a recurring subscription, and expect anyone to sign up for it is foolish greed and I don't see many people doing it. If they do it will be in support of the artist, but I fear as always in the end they will be the ones to get the short end of the stick. Edit3: www.belloflostsouls.net/2021/07/games-workshop-clamping-down-on-fan-animations.html Tl;Dr: Games Workshop bought up most of the the creators of the most popular fanmade animation projects, put their future work behind a subscription paywall, and has now made a policy making fanmade animation projects IP infringement. Notably, this only applies to animations. 40000 IQ. Edit4: nocharts.info/like/i6iJY8yzfKXPk6E/video.html Anyone interested in helping GW in the battle against heretical intellectual property thieves? Then I have just the job for you. Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator: Astartes Channel nocharts.info/cd/FMtdiQILuTZr22sKUeAOOA.htmlfeatured Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community www.warhammer-community.com/warhammer-animation-astartes/ www.patreon.com/astartesfilm www.paypal.me/astartesfilm instagram.com/astartesfilm/ Download link for this edit: mega.nz/file/z951AIwb#1ap2FzWfrGbjjNA7tNAuctc8LfVI0Uag8Ll-skTLTpk
Josué Valar
Josué Valar Dag siden
I'm actually so mad, way to go GW real good move
Grey Knight
Grey Knight 4 dager siden
The emperor is ashamed of these comments.
Merthalophor 8 dager siden
@TheChach It's a good thing if money gets put into this, no? In an absolute ideal scenario, a full movie or even series comes out of this - which is something that I'd gladly pay for. In general I feel the freedom NOcharts has bought for random jacks to upload whatever copyrighted material they feel like without consequences has created an unjust sense of entitlement to IPs. The reason why people invest so much time to create fanart is because they love the IP, which is _not a product by them_ . So from a moral standpoint, it's fair they're not profiting from this; this movie would be worth much less if there wasn't the lore behind it. But in reality, the reason why C&D are issued is not because of fairness, it's to protect the IP from dirt. This specific animation admittedly isn't that, but there's a lot of less than great art about it, and lot's of non-canon story lines and lore which the creators understandably want to have control over or even remove because it's garbage. It's created with good intentions, but good artists are payed for a reason, and the studio has an elaborate, interconnected centeal concept of the universe for a reason. The reason is in part to make the franchise lovable, for people such as those that created the fanart. Again, youtube has made this concept hard to grasp for some people, but just because you love an IP or content doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it. NOcharts's legal situation in this is absolutely extraordinary, in that they managed to shield creators from actual legal action. On other platforms you might get fined for thousands of dollars.
youtubeshadowbanned mylastaccount
man if this wasn't bad enough I can't wait to see what the sjw's do, lost another one, for Christ sakes can't we just have anything that won't be destroyed.
Scorn 8 dager siden
Considering how they butchered his work in an official capacity, I'm thankful for this compiled repost effectively preserving the original for our viewership. This is a moment where the black flag shines bright.
Dante Gaelach
Dante Gaelach 45 minutter siden
So I'm not very knowledgeable in the lore and my money is on this entire thing being the fault of chaos. Could someone please explain what happened?
ITZLERMAN 3 timer siden
12:24 song name anyone?
youtubeshadowbanned mylastaccount
the wokening that gw will bestow upon this is what nightmares fear in the night.
Thomas Lund
Thomas Lund 7 timer siden
Still as amazing as the first time I watched it.
Tjmurphy990 7 timer siden
11:50 this jumpscared the fuck outa me
Wing Wong
Wing Wong 8 timer siden
why the movie always balck out?
F OS 8 timer siden
what is going on in this video, plase explain for a newcomer in the warhammer 40k universe
F OS 4 timer siden
@CaptainDope thank you kind fellow human being
CaptainDope 7 timer siden
The space marines found earlier a mysterious orb that doesn't belong to any known alien species. The orb is sending signals to a ship in space. The space marines board it and find enemy humans who have been brainwashed. The marines killed them and two powerful psykers. The marines then find a second orb and insert transmitters into it so that a human psyker on the space marine ship can link his mind into the orbs and find out what they are. The two orbs, containing the souls of unknown aliens, start talking with each other. The human psyker is possessed and killed. The space marines are then pulled into the second orb and sent to a strange, unknown world. That's about it.
Der Richtige Arzt
Der Richtige Arzt 10 timer siden
and then gw took all the animation channels over and killed them. the end.
BenDynamic 6 timer siden
@Der Richtige Arzt True that GW is a trash company. Gave this guy/guys their "dream job" (or DMCAed them) and has yet to let them make shit... GW seems to not understand it was videos like this that got me and many others not only into 40k but got me to buy games and books and they still treat the private creators like trash and try to get them taken down... Its sad that they seem to be missing the point that videos like this is better advertisement than they can ever make.
Der Richtige Arzt
Der Richtige Arzt 6 timer siden
@BenDynamic I mean they have "killed" the animators. Same way ea kills its dev studios. Where is other astartees episodes? We have a sneak peak into what he was working with the imperial fists fighting the eldar at the end. Where is the exodite from legion studio? GW took over, created warhammer+ and released fuck all so far, what a garbage company.
BenDynamic 7 timer siden
They did make this one cannon but they had to change some music for copyright reasons (understandable) but then fucked up the Eerie feeling and Silent pauses the original had by adding weird Dub Step Hard Metal combo everywhere non-stop ruining not only the original score of the music video but also screwing up the dramatic pauses and crescendos and everything else that made the original so great by just making it seem like it was a nonstop action pill with no since, pauses, or breaks to build up tension and suspense is the original one. Games Workshop totally f***** up this animation when they took it over artistically.
Max Amps
Max Amps 10 timer siden
I wonder what's on that ship that warrants the space marine to spearhead the attack. I expect inquisition would be there first before calling the astartes chapters for reinforcements. this conflict is pretty minute in 40k standards.
Santanu Phukan
Santanu Phukan 12 timer siden
I am new to this whole community and game. Can I have some context?
Leyndum Legends
Leyndum Legends 15 timer siden
@TheChach, you keep on keepin on, fuck the xeno scum and you do you man
Deodedros 18 timer siden
damn I could literally spend hours just watching this. Very high quality, shame its not going to continue.
adam2011 23 timer siden
Is it wise to battle with heavy weapons in a spaceship that floating in the cold universe??
Josué Valar
Josué Valar Dag siden
Great GW, real good move, I'm sure everyone will come running at another dumb paywall
Александр Хотько
Оригинал много лучше заредактированной версии на воркшопе
Tom Arazar
Tom Arazar Dag siden
What s the last music plz ?
Ali King
Ali King Dag siden
Mother Daddy, I'm gay. 10:27
Max Kurbat
Max Kurbat Dag siden
Да Ну На ...!!!
Hosi Gaming
Hosi Gaming Dag siden
not bad.
Sada P
Sada P Dag siden
mark hill
mark hill Dag siden
Its like GW think they invented Power Armour or the eight radial arrows of chaos .. is anything they do actually original? apart from the particular combination in thier mashup I mean .. the hypocrisy is just Legendary
Danny Dag siden
Wow, gw didn't learn a fucking thing did they? I hope they learn their lesson eventually. Or else they'll go bankrupt, which is something that I kinda want by now.
STONE BOLT Dag siden
Lore wise bolsters really only fire in semi auto or in bursts but frankly while it makes sense, it also doesn’t. I mean sure 1-3 bolts does the job but the emperor and the mechanicus got it wrong, full auto all the way way!
Fairenard Dag siden
New objectif : Save the master piece
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan Dag siden
2:45 this whole 5-second sequence is my absolute favorite, from the sound of the stubber and bolter to how the marine sneaks up on the gunner 👌🤌
Vergil Dag siden
Someone help me. Right after he throws the smoke grenade but before he pulls put the plasma pistol there is a scene where it almost looks like a thruster has fired or something. I have rewatched this video countless times but I can't see what it is. Anyone know?
Vergil 14 timer siden
Okay cool thanks guys
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
Grenade go bang, flashy lightly, smokey smokey
Bondcolour Dag siden
It's a shot of the mask/visor of the guy who is firing the lascannon, not the space marine. I think it might be due to some kind of EMP effect from the grenade the marine throws, as the green-tinted screen the guy was looking at goes from the image of the space marine to just a bright white screen.
Gadget Steelmare
May the Emperor protect you from the forces of Chaos, brother. We are one in the light of the Emperor. We stand together.
matt Dag siden
whats the lore to this video btw
silentradio Dag siden
Unfortunate relic of a bygone era.
RazzyingRaz 2 dager siden
Its been a couple of months now since GW brought onboard the animator of this mini series and no news about their work so far apart from having a hand in chaosgate i think. A shame with what GW has done to its fanbase, can't even find out what happens to kitten on TTSD anymore.
Кирилл Кондратьев
Че произошло-то? Кто во всей этой жути разбирается?
R A 2 dager siden
I love these guys so much that absolute burning desire to succeed a momentary lapse in concentration of their enemy and they were at their throat so sick.
Александр Шишляев
Что я сейчас посмотрел? Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно!
Шохан Киясов
Ультра марини ✊✊✊✊✊
Moscow 2 dager siden
after seeing this, imagine a game like republic commando but set in warhammer 40k
ChaoticKnightmare 2 dager siden
So I am a huge 40k fan and this just tickles me to death. One of the best animations/depictions of the astartes. But I am missing something, I kinda fell out the lore when I couldn't play it anymore, so I ask anyone who could fill me in, what is the giant orb? The two psychic individuals are also a bit of a mystery to me, so any help would be amazing.
not a creature of the abyss
man... fuck those heretics
RAPETI SATYA 2 dager siden
bhanu prakash
bhanu prakash 2 dager siden
rengekaren 3 dager siden
I always wondered why they needed such large armor. After seeing Astartes for the first time a few years ago, I already know that, they are supporting they big balls of steel. Othervise they will be unable to walk
YiYaEmperor 3 dager siden
Can someone tell me what the "story" here is? I can not recognize what those 2 Psi-dudes supposed to be and the Infantry doesn't look like chaos worshippers.
Can i call meself FEANOR
I came from a compilation of cinematic trailers to this, and I just- The difference is just-
Red Bro
Red Bro 3 dager siden
Burak Yücel Windson
Burak Yücel Windson 3 dager siden
what this
C Smith
C Smith 3 dager siden
5 mins in and just want to say, this is awesome.
Isaac Benzing
Isaac Benzing 3 dager siden
I feel like the sound design of this series does not get nearly enough credit. The rhythm of gunfire is perfectly matched and contrasted with the background music, making the music feel much more at home. It creates a sonic push and pull throughout the combat that elicits the proper emotions for the scene/scenario. Even the gunfire in of itself has a musical back and forth that paces the scenes in such a great way. on top of all that the sound effects are incredible. everything has a nice meaty sound behind it, from the bullets leaving the weapons to the bodies hitting the ground. I feel like if I had never seen this before, and listened to the audio alone, I would still somehow know its warhammer.
Ritmeyster fon Bulba
Ritmeyster fon Bulba 3 dager siden
Супер! Молодцы!
Julius maximus
Julius maximus 3 dager siden
With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility
I have no idea wtf is going on here, can someone explain? Warhammer universe looks fucking sick.
With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility
@Simon Porter thx
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
5 super soldiers have been sent to capture an alien orb that has been mind controlling people into a rebellion.
tabajara 2 dager siden
Watch this to get a better idea nocharts.info/like/eqKje9K6bW-eepU/video.html Also Bricky's every faction explained video
Jaya Kumar
Jaya Kumar 3 dager siden
Gabriel Hit
Gabriel Hit 4 dager siden
Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael 4 dager siden
Not going to say I understood any of that - but the visuals are stunning - top notch.
Markus Gebauer
Markus Gebauer 4 dager siden
awesome- combine this with Dark Bass Techno / Minimal / Tech Noir mix 'KTULU - it rocks
D1M D1M 4 dager siden
У него там шаринган пробудился?)
Tasman Tatipudi
Tasman Tatipudi 4 dager siden
Nice game
Valeen 78
Valeen 78 4 dager siden
All I got from this is to get a better armor and weapons, and nobody can stand in your way. Except that angry ball from the 5th Element.
n0ne0ther 4 dager siden
What a great way to steal ad rev from the OG creator. Gotta love YT.
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
It's this or not be able to watch it, your choice
dudu dua dua
dudu dua dua 4 dager siden
Que puta pasada!
Kishore Tash
Kishore Tash 4 dager siden
Leo Vieira
Leo Vieira 4 dager siden
sério que os cara atravessa o espaço atrás de um imã giigante com uma roupa de metal? enfim, até quando brasil?
Acme Road
Acme Road 4 dager siden
I stopped watching because I hate how the screen keeps going black...That's a great way to pull me out of the story and action. SUCK
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
@Acme Road my TV? lol
Acme Road
Acme Road 23 timer siden
@Simon Porter Who you fooling? I lived in UK for years, your TV is just as bad.
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
This isn't American TV where you need a recap after every advert break incase you forgot what you watched 3 minutes ago.
MOTHMAN Mk2 4 dager siden
It was originally a five part series. Can't help that
Tasman Rao
Tasman Rao 4 dager siden
RA 4 dager siden
Durga Nagala
Durga Nagala 4 dager siden
narayanarao rapeti
narayanarao rapeti 4 dager siden
prasanna surisetty
prasanna surisetty 4 dager siden
Srinivasa Rao Chatti
Srinivasa Rao Chatti 4 dager siden
Raphner 4 dager siden
9:57 He yells "extract them immediately " but also loses focus and gets mindcontrolled.
AnonymousOrange 4 dager siden
I dont undestand. what happened at 3:30-3:32?
Frosted Butts
Frosted Butts 4 dager siden
Looks like a combined flash bang / smoke grenade to blind the gunner. Marine's helmet senses can see through the smoke
Rewand1134 4 dager siden
I have heard rumors of GW getting into legal issues over the idk what you would call it .. hostage taking of all these fan creators. Hopefully something good will happen. This is jsut like when the react guys tried to own all of the react videos other ppl made.
Frosted Butts
Frosted Butts 4 dager siden
GW will win that one whether they're right or wrong.. basically because they have the money for great lawyers, and no small creator wants the cost and stress of fighting them when this is their hobby.
Tathamet 5 dager siden
Спасибо, подрочил
Kamila B
Kamila B 5 dager siden
mohit arora
mohit arora 5 dager siden
Amazing 👍
VV 5 dager siden
DP 5 dager siden
RD 5 dager siden
Nile Force 2214
Nile Force 2214 5 dager siden
Wow, Games Workshop is disgusting for taking the series down. I feel really bad for the original creator. First, he got his videos hacked, and now he got the outright removed. GW, go to hell.
Marrvyns Willames
Marrvyns Willames 5 dager siden
the videos are now in GW's site, however, they changed some musics
JJBL Wolf 5 dager siden
10:28 cuando te quedas solo en el paintball y te agarran entre 2
Aesthetic M
Aesthetic M 5 dager siden
It’s just feels so Realistic and Like a billion budget Movie
Mehmet S
Mehmet S 5 dager siden
Sellout Syama. YOU LOST YOUR SOUL.
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
Sellout? Oh wait, you think that GW just stepped up and offered him a job huh? Bless
drivve of anime
drivve of anime 5 dager siden
That one space marine is his/she eye like Robotic or something ?
drivve of anime
drivve of anime 5 dager siden
@Marrvyns Willames ah eye see
Marrvyns Willames
Marrvyns Willames 5 dager siden
his. no, the helmet eye broke, but his eye is full organic
Shark 5 dager siden
Didn’t he dropped the plasma-gun during the psyker fight? 🤔
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
And there's no way at all that he would ever be able to pick it back up. FFS do you really have to be shown every single action to follow a story?
Marrvyns Willames
Marrvyns Willames 5 dager siden
he could had took it later, there's some minutes between killing the psykers and going to the orb room
MD 5 dager siden
chinna bujji
chinna bujji 5 dager siden
Axis Leopoldo
Axis Leopoldo 5 dager siden
Man...I Can't Remember How Many Times I Watched This Masterpiece..
Ivan Rares
Ivan Rares 5 dager siden
The last song from 12:24, how is it called, I can't find it
Ivan Rares
Ivan Rares 5 dager siden
@Matija Volk Thanx,jeez,I searched for this song so hard.
Matija Volk
Matija Volk 5 dager siden
Elizabeth Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell 5 dager siden
Doug Holliday
Doug Holliday 6 dager siden
On this particular presentation: "WOW, blew me away" ~ On the issues: I do not know what to say except . . . a bit beyond my understanding as I am not a gamer. (I guess??)
Banu Banu
Banu Banu 6 dager siden
Nice and all
Banu Banu
Banu Banu 6 dager siden
Sergei Maslov
Sergei Maslov 6 dager siden
A W E S O M E & E P I C
В.В.Д 6 dager siden
Круто . Очень круто .
superreiska69 6 dager siden
I need rhis in my life
Panteleymon Schekochikhin-Krestovozdvizhenskiy
The quality of this upload is atrocious. You fucking butchered it.
Panteleymon Schekochikhin-Krestovozdvizhenskiy
@Simon Porter visually? This upload is worse. But GW butchered the sound and music in their version, so overall i still prefer this upload, even though it's visually atrocious.
Simon Porter
Simon Porter 23 timer siden
Still.better than the 'remastered' W+ version
Reuged 6 dager siden
enemy soldiers: oh f*ck bring the heavy weapory and NO STOP SHOOT ASTARTES: oowww how cute they bring their own toys to play with us
Carl is not impressed
Carl is not impressed 6 dager siden
You know the feeling you get when you see the inner workings of a machine you dont understand? 40K universe is the same the less you know the more exciting it is
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 7 dager siden
Hell yeah dude
Тимур Балдин
Unity ?
Super Noloo
Super Noloo 7 dager siden
4:49 look at the bolter rounds get reflected by the blast
Super Noloo
Super Noloo 7 dager siden
@Fobal thanks
Fobal 7 dager siden
Great eye.
Ganger 6 mill