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Ganger 8 mill
99% 426 000 3 900

Nolan really isn't good at bowling lol



27. juli. 2021





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bye_bye_akihikoシ 2 timer siden
i love karllllll his outfit is soo cuteee 🥰🥰🥰❤️
Yuthe Vong
Yuthe Vong 7 timer siden
I will watch this all day
Jmoneymilz 8 timer siden
Gaming With Aayan
Gaming With Aayan 8 timer siden
Also at least remember that you have minecraft
Ina & Dillan Channel
Ina & Dillan Channel 10 timer siden
Mrbeast I always have a bad day….
ProPixel 12 timer siden
thats a fact ayy
Crockae 12 timer siden
throw it back ayy
Kap1zy 15 timer siden
Thanks you made my day :)
Free fire gamer
Free fire gamer 16 timer siden
Love you
MashedPotatoGamer 16 timer siden
I think i remeber nolan losing an island bc of bowling lol
Crey Gamer
Crey Gamer 17 timer siden
Hey chris isnt that a womans clothing
Bond 🙃
Bond 🙃 17 timer siden
This also means that someone didn't have to opportunity to win a million dollar at bowling , now I am more sad 😢
eries ara19
eries ara19 17 timer siden
I never had a million dollars.😆
thatkidonYT 17 timer siden
Astitva Rajvansh
Astitva Rajvansh 18 timer siden
But I didn't ever even won a dollar at bowling 😶
charlie2006 18 timer siden
At least he got a chance to win a million dollars
Nivedita Narender
Nivedita Narender 18 timer siden
That actually made me feel better
Muhammad Asif Dar
Muhammad Asif Dar 19 timer siden
Nolan Abuse
Byni 19 timer siden
Stuti Sharma
Stuti Sharma 20 timer siden
Lol that did put a smile to my face 😄
Dream Bean
Dream Bean 21 time siden
Thanks I needed that
Fernanda Veloz
Fernanda Veloz 22 timer siden
I was having a bad day, this literally made me smile HAHA thanks for reminding me I’ll never forget that :))
Jack Gilfillan
Jack Gilfillan 23 timer siden
thank you jimmy
colon ringle 2.0
I feel les sad n9w
alussk Dag siden
Emily flores lemus
Bro I am so good at bowling and I am only 10 and I had bowling class and I got 105 bowling pins down
Pro.K.C D.P.
Pro.K.C D.P. Dag siden
Thank you
BB MIC Dag siden
I feel better now 🥲
o5ange Dag siden
He's now cursed from it
Threesters Dag siden
What If I did
Abdul Mohid
Abdul Mohid Dag siden
Makes me feel better about losing a 100$ in game worth account from an underated Minecraft Rip off
Akhtar Waseem
Akhtar Waseem Dag siden
That made me feel better ty
Euphoria JJK
Euphoria JJK Dag siden
Makes me feel even bad 🤷‍♀️
Ram Manuel Del Rosario
People who actually lost a billion dollars: *visible anger*
M1lkshake Dag siden
this is kinda wholesome, but funny thanks for this MrBeast :)
Dr.IB8 Dag siden
I reAlly wanna 10k dollars 💵😩
Keckered1 Dag siden
This made me fell better
Dayani Nelundeniya
Omg Karl's hug to him melt my heart
J brick 360
J brick 360 Dag siden
Thx jimmy that was helpfull
Franky gaming
Franky gaming Dag siden
Today is really a bad day for me because when i woke up i saw parents where arguing and fighting 😭😭😭😭😭
Move On
Move On Dag siden
To all you 7.5 million people, please do tell me why you are having a bad day. Thank you.
BACONDOG Dag siden
If ur having good day just know u won’t have chance to win a million dollars BOWLING
🥱Lil Phil empire🥱
I wish I just had 10k
Demonst Gamer
Demonst Gamer 2 dager siden
Yall remember when Karl lost a 700 thousand dollar island to bowling
Sunday 2 dager siden
Momin Aftab
Momin Aftab 2 dager siden
"Bowling Nolan"
Samad Khan
Samad Khan 2 dager siden
where's chandler???
ruxer 1
ruxer 1 2 dager siden
What if i lost 2000000$ at bowling?
Jack Chichester
Jack Chichester 2 dager siden
diax 01
diax 01 2 dager siden
It works.. Thanks Jimmy :)
RarelyAdam 2 dager siden
"but what if you did?!" - Nolan
AdmAVik 2 dager siden
I did
Blinky 2 dager siden
I have a bad day but this didnt help :(
Harshit Singh Mehra
Harshit Singh Mehra 2 dager siden
I had a bad day
BIJAY 2 dager siden
It literally made my day better.
Mohamad fairuz Norazli
Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor Nolan
Penang STPS
Penang STPS 2 dager siden
Carolina Cacao
Carolina Cacao 2 dager siden
Eduardo 14 yt
Eduardo 14 yt 2 dager siden
AkjJa q graciosos no saber ingles
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 dager siden
oof, he lost a million dollars!!!!!!
Saif1708 2 dager siden
i was having a bad day the same day
MrBeast Jr
MrBeast Jr 2 dager siden
Good to now
MrBeast Jr
MrBeast Jr 2 dager siden
Brandy Long
Brandy Long 3 dager siden
DannyHBTheKiller 3 dager siden
You Are one of the reason i have a good day
Sonia Espinola
Sonia Espinola 3 dager siden
I love how Karl Just tackles Nolan in a _hug also thank you
Eddy Gaudette
Eddy Gaudette 3 dager siden
"When you're having a bad day always remember, you never had $1,000,000 in the first place."
Eto The Seer hiek
Eto The Seer hiek 3 dager siden
i guess Nolan aint bowling
That actually made me feel better.....Thanks Jimmy 😂
Jenn Stowe
Jenn Stowe 3 dager siden
Awbkark is so sweet 😇
Alla❤ 3 dager siden
I'm having a bad day 💦😥
Exc1uzivee 3 dager siden
Poor Nolan but thanks jimmy this made me feel better!
Diamond Daggers Clan
Diamond Daggers Clan 3 dager siden
F in chat for Nolan
Diamond Daggers Clan
Diamond Daggers Clan 3 dager siden
That made my day a way better thanks mr beast
Gaming with white wolf
Yeah thanks jimmy
ALFONSONRX 3 dager siden
Karl vs Nolan vs Chris haha
lonely mushroom
lonely mushroom 3 dager siden
When I have a bad day I just watch Karl content :] so happy and cheerful, and can always make me smile :DD
Jesse Estrada
Jesse Estrada 3 dager siden
I love that chis say you suck at bowling 🎳
Amanuel Girma
Amanuel Girma 4 dager siden
At least knows what is his purpose in life
Gerardo Regalado
Gerardo Regalado 4 dager siden
Haha it helps xD just lost all my savings but at least it wasn't 1 million xD hahahaha
Ali Omar
Ali Omar 4 dager siden
Uday mhatre
Uday mhatre 4 dager siden
Mason Minor
Mason Minor 4 dager siden
Wow thanks
NolanDanko YT
NolanDanko YT 4 dager siden
Lol I guess I suck at bowling My name is Nolan
Danidtan 3
Danidtan 3 4 dager siden
When u lose 10m instead
Anand Kashyap
Anand Kashyap 4 dager siden
Thanks now im feeling way better 🥰
Prince Hacks
Prince Hacks 4 dager siden
when our time will come mr beast
ProDude 8
ProDude 8 4 dager siden
Epic funny
mak detteph
mak detteph 4 dager siden
A million dollars is good 😎
lil • Java
lil • Java 4 dager siden
Me who’s on a bowling team: Depends on who you ask, the coach, or your teammate.
Clips 4 dager siden
What if I did
Outsiders 4 dager siden
Oh i did 😭😞
Zach Pascual
Zach Pascual 5 dager siden
This stroke me really good happiness yknow just when i was then i saw this on recommendation
Damaging lake
Damaging lake 5 dager siden
Nolan sucks at bowling
Mmichael220 5 dager siden
My cat died
JediBurrito21 5 dager siden
My name is Nolan though
5 dager siden
Sekantsi Khalane
Sekantsi Khalane 5 dager siden
Ashley Pickett
Ashley Pickett 5 dager siden
Dang bruh my name is nolan
JediBurrito21 5 dager siden
Same lmao