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HEY THANK YOU SO ALL FOR YOUR LOVE THIS SEAON! What a wild one it's been. Being back in the US and all together was much needed after 6 months all separate. We had so many laughs, amazing learning lessons and memorable experiences the past few months and we are so excited to come back next season. This last stretch was both awesome and intense for us to get all these videos done at the quality we wanted them to be, so I hope you enjoyed them! If anyone is reading this... Hey, thank you. We do really appreciate you.

THANK YOU to Eric and Meredith for helping us organize all the castle adventures!

What an amazing stay and even at the Highlands Castle:

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30. juli. 2021





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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 2 måneder siden
Thank you for all the support this season. Covid really did make it almost impossible for us to run this channel, but bit by bit we are coming back in full strength. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS CRAZY EPISODE!
Dj Welch
Dj Welch 10 dager siden
Jesus loves y'all so much and never forget that and Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose the third day God bless
Brodie Andresen
Brodie Andresen 11 dager siden
Watch Close Encounters of the 5th Kind
kichi😋🍑 12 dager siden
AISHITE.TOKYO/kichi #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Haveen Ravichandran
Haveen Ravichandran 14 dager siden
u should do a squid game: yes theory edition.
Elon Musk tesla
Elon Musk tesla 17 dager siden
Come to Nagaland ( the only Christian state in India) and enjoy the view
Savage Retakes
Savage Retakes Time siden
Micky Min
Micky Min 2 timer siden
I wholeheartedly love Yes Theory but imagine this after Squid Game...
Edward KID
Edward KID 4 timer siden
it's a different vibe if u watch it from the squidgame era lol
Youssef Mohammed
Youssef Mohammed 7 timer siden
This is so beautiful
id104335409 9 timer siden
I would be like F! NO! That's how people end up killing eachother for some rich guys entertainment!
tinaamariee😘 9 timer siden
Little things like this remind me why I love my fellow black people. From the mom who got to give her son an experience he will never forget. To the other sista hopping right in to keep the kid busy & playing with her son. To the black man randomly speaking a language so foreign I can’t even think of it right now. This is a great display of the many variations of blackness all equally EXCELLENT tho. (Note: SAVE YOUR “WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT RACE” COMMENTS. I applaud everyone for taking this leap. But in THIS moment I wanna big up MY people)
Brooke Corriher
Brooke Corriher 21 time siden
I finalllyyy ordered some merch and I can’t even express how excited I am!
jourlo 22 timer siden
'A castle' *Laughs in European* 😂
Samuel Schaillée
Samuel Schaillée 23 timer siden
watching al those people enter those vans after squid game is hela weird
Ofek Sarag
Ofek Sarag Dag siden
Me seeing this after Squid Game:
Always There
Always There Dag siden
This was such a beautiful experience to watch and be apart of. YES
HmusicK Dag siden
Squid game vibes cuz of the van hahaha xD
Alexia Thomas
Alexia Thomas Dag siden
Watched every single second of this video cause it's so touching an meaningful
quiero ser
Brandon Dag siden
I wish I had an experience like this. Looks really fun and a great way to make new friends
G. Mista
G. Mista Dag siden
These vans immediately reminded me of Squid Game xD
Meditation calming music
wow, am also ugandan..that's incredible seeing someone from my country in east africa
The Nemophilist
The Nemophilist Dag siden
I miss Matt in your videos
Mike Aagaard
Mike Aagaard Dag siden
The Tshirt at 24:15 the one with split colours.. I NEED that one ;) How, When !! Gimme Gimme
Exodarion Dag siden
I need an update, did they all stay friends? Make a whatsapp or discord group?
Gaven Hicks
Gaven Hicks Dag siden
Please come do this in Alaska
Sandesh Dhimal
Sandesh Dhimal Dag siden
Such Wholesome Content!
Donald Pump
Donald Pump Dag siden
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox Dag siden
If y’all are ever in Colorado or willing to have me fly out please get in contact with me! I have watched all of your videos and am a big fan. However I feel like in more recent videos the channel has painted military in a bad light and while it’s not the country I serve for I would love to give your channel content of a view of a military installation and more knowledge of people serving this country. To do a video like the channel has done in the past of asking strangers to do random things like sky dive or take a trip would be amazing and I strongly feel that it would be a lot easier than previous videos because of the drive of most people in the military. With love and respect to the great ideas and videos y’all put out I wish you best.
Samo Samo
Samo Samo Dag siden
For the people who are interested but sketched out you should give them your channel name so they can see what they would've been saying yes to
Sergio Leandro
Sergio Leandro Dag siden
this episode has so much in common with squid game 😅
Grayson Ledford
Grayson Ledford 2 dager siden
I got a Panera bread ad that said “say yes to Panera bread”
Greggy Lucman
Greggy Lucman 2 dager siden
Such an uplifting episode and breaking boundaries. Hurray for YES and Seeking Discomfort. 🙌🏻 🙌🏻
Refreshingly Moist
Refreshingly Moist 2 dager siden
Welcome to squid games.
kristen wilkins
kristen wilkins 2 dager siden
That kid: *no theory*
Nebojša Smrzlić
Nebojša Smrzlić 2 dager siden
Gathering of people and the beginning reminded me of Squid Game xD
Mohamed Zayaan
Mohamed Zayaan 2 dager siden
What happened to ammars arm tho?
Shine 2 dager siden
dam loved this video
Belnick6666 2 dager siden
when I think of castle I think of Edinburgh castle....this look tiny in comparison, more like a mansion that is styled in medieval castle design?
Vika Dorofeyeva
Vika Dorofeyeva 2 dager siden
At the end when they sing in different languages is such a spiritual moment ❤️🤯
CHASE 3 dager siden
I love you guys
AfriKayz 3 dager siden
I love that Uganda 🇺🇬(ngenda masso-Radio and weasle)was represented...
Swapnil Nanavati
Swapnil Nanavati 3 dager siden
Did i saw the girl from albania visit video in this?
chaerunnisa rezky
chaerunnisa rezky 3 dager siden
it's sooo exciting to seeee!!!
Grae Cotton
Grae Cotton 3 dager siden
now i know how easy it is to kidnap random strangers!!!! thank you yes theory
Danielle Hurrell
Danielle Hurrell 3 dager siden
I am manifesting you guys asking me to go on adventure.. all these ppl saying no gives me a twitch 😂
Merlin Ott
Merlin Ott 3 dager siden
Modern Hippies
Unlucky fella
Unlucky fella 3 dager siden
Now I know how cult are started.
Jesse 3 dager siden
I have never smiled so much while watching a video
RockinDocs 3 dager siden
I love your videos but sometimes the camera bumps around so much and so fast that it makes me nauseous 😟.... Not always but sometimes
rsa420 3 dager siden
utter bollocks
Georgia Packet
Georgia Packet 3 dager siden
i honestly long for the day i see you walking in the street asking me if i wanna go on an adventure, this channel is what made me fall in love with travelling and i can't wait to do more of it one day. i admire everything about this channel.
Robert Silva
Robert Silva 4 dager siden
Only white people should be in this Castle why because when this building was built it was built by white people Not by black people Not by Chinese but by white people
Truth 4 dager siden
After Squid Game, you guys gonna have a hard time getting people to say Yes to this type of stuff again 😅
Chevy Sargent
Chevy Sargent 3 dager siden
Exactly my thought 😂 the van scene was almost on point. Just needed some gas 😂😂
emizzu 4 dager siden
Kyle yuan Rojo
Kyle yuan Rojo 4 dager siden
Soo many activities = So much fun😀
DandTheLine AM
DandTheLine AM 4 dager siden
JESUS loves you
Sam 3 dager siden
No he doesn’t
sab3rt00th 4 dager siden
Favorite thing about this video to me is the intro, best marlon brando i've ever seen!
CS:GO 4 dager siden
Rajjorox 4 dager siden
We miss MATT
lee kenni plus
lee kenni plus 4 dager siden
The little man will think this was only a fever dream by the time he's in his 20's. No doubt.
Mohamed Quabbou
Mohamed Quabbou 5 dager siden
24:19 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Micky Saga
Micky Saga 5 dager siden
So what happened with Ammars hand at the end?!?
Matt ild éo
Matt ild éo 5 dager siden
I would love you guys to seek a special kind of disconfort and go meet people that can not actually enjoy this kind of things. I'm an autist suffering from depression and other health issues. I love your work, but I think of all those who, seeing the videos, are not inspired but sad, feel isolated, excluded by definition from this kind of content. Those who live in psychiatric hospitals, in prison, in retirement homes,... those who suffer from not knowing how to say yes, from not being able to say yes, those for whom saying "yes" could be endangered. Those for whom saying "no" was a way to save their life, to assert themselves. Those who are terrified by the "yes" but dream in front of this kind of videos.
daniel chuks
daniel chuks 5 dager siden
I love you guys. Hoping one day yes theory would come to sub Saharan Africa
C Niels
C Niels 5 dager siden
Disappointed that only 16-18 people actually said yes and showed up and the title says 30. You don’t have to clickbait us boys just be straight up. Much love.
terry uklaagak
terry uklaagak 5 dager siden
i want to be friends with the woman who took her son cause she is literally the coolest mom and it was awesome to see everyone be so kind to one another !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was def shy but i know that was a core memory for them
terry uklaagak
terry uklaagak 5 dager siden
k honestly i live so far up north in manitoba canada and im only 20 but if i could be a vlogger like yes theory that would literally be my life goal. im here for it.
Faith Malek
Faith Malek 5 dager siden
This video was way better than I thought
Mule Official
Mule Official 5 dager siden
It’s beautiful watching this video
Marky Fresh
Marky Fresh 5 dager siden
I work blocks from the area these guys were at in Williamsburg and I missed this!? I never get asked to go on spontaneous trips. Only get asked to donate to the Nature Conservatory 🥺
Moose Samli
Moose Samli 6 dager siden
Yemi Folorunsho
Yemi Folorunsho 6 dager siden
This is amazing !
Sim Zi Jian
Sim Zi Jian 6 dager siden
is this squid game ?
Anna Kinderman
Anna Kinderman 6 dager siden
I saw you guys at a restaurant in Venice a couple months ago :) Been a fan from the beginning
kwy0220 6 dager siden
Jim McCann
Jim McCann 6 dager siden
Man, thank goodness they did this before Squid Game came out.
Kyle 6 dager siden
Heck Yes! An experience none of these guys will ever forget! Absolutely amazing!
Quentin Maxfield
Quentin Maxfield 6 dager siden
When they hopped in that van, it gave me Squid Game vibes! 😂
Adventure Time Loui
Adventure Time Loui 6 dager siden
I'm not crying, you're crying!!! 🥺😍
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alexander 6 dager siden
I love your job
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alexander 6 dager siden
Tomas the best
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 6 dager siden
30 strangers overnight in a castle. I immediately thought of a 1 man 29 women orgy.
linda ruth
linda ruth 6 dager siden
The guy from Uganda 🇺🇬 at first I was like he does look like he’s from Rwanda 🇷🇼 they are actually close. Go east Africa, original from Rwanda of course 😂
linda ruth
linda ruth 6 dager siden
Squid game vans 😂 this is really fun
Chandler Manuel
Chandler Manuel 7 dager siden
tell me why I had Squid Game flashbacks when the poet started talking about castle games
mike pride
mike pride 7 dager siden
My face hurt from smiling and I like it!
shorts clips
shorts clips 7 dager siden
he sounds like el chapo lmao
Martijn 7 dager siden
they getting peeps for squid game before they even knew about squid game
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 7 dager siden
10:00 Watching this after watching Squid Game :D
Idan Svirsky
Idan Svirsky 7 dager siden
Squid Game part 2
Ashwin Vijay
Ashwin Vijay 7 dager siden
13:02 This Is Sparta!
MIGONIS LJARPATS 7 dager siden
So fucking Cringe omg
Boop Bop
Boop Bop 7 dager siden
This was before Squid Game. I don't think this would work in a Post Squid Game (PSG) world. hahaha
rob Edwards
rob Edwards 7 dager siden
Castle in USA? where is this Disney land?
Nolo Rosales
Nolo Rosales 7 dager siden
Happy anniversary, guys! You deserve all your success and more!
Max Lasky
Max Lasky 7 dager siden
Yes Theory. Come find me. When our paths cross I will be more than willing to say "YES!"
ExtreMe 7 dager siden
Ok..Matt missing
sophea pov
sophea pov 7 dager siden
i don't why, but when i watch you guys vids i start the feeling in my heart that i never felt before, it's so warm and close. thanks so much for all the contents.
Micheal DeHart II
Micheal DeHart II 7 dager siden
Ammar what did you do to your arm bud
Nomoskar Bangali
Nomoskar Bangali 7 dager siden
Why squid game is on my mind while watching this 😂😂😂 The undeadly version😂
Jake Keller
Jake Keller 7 dager siden
These are the only videos where i catch myself smiling while I watch
YouNeverWalkAlone 3 timer siden
Same here
griffin perry
griffin perry 7 dager siden
I would love to work with you guys
Tim Zeez
Tim Zeez 7 dager siden
Hey dudes, just found this place. That was pretty cool 👍 sweet !
pay to win squid games
pay to win squid games
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