How to Surface a Submarine in the Arctic Ocean - Smarter Every Day 260 

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30. juli. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay Måned siden
I know this is a 42 minute video... but man is was stuff fascinating. The Nuclear Submarine Deep Dive has been incredibly amazing, and I'm grateful to have been given such an incredible opportunity. Thank you for giving me your time and allocating some of your precious time to learn this stuff with me. I'm grateful. The complete Nuclear Submarine Deep Dive Playlist is here: nocharts.info/like/bZRshKayh5ndqIc/video.html Thank you for your continued support, whether it's simply subscribing to this channel, or supporting on Patreon or whatever.. I'm grateful.
hendry lee
hendry lee 4 dager siden
854 people who dislike this content maybe is spy from X country
Matt H
Matt H 6 dager siden
Incredible series. You've found another subscriber here.
Amy P
Amy P 10 dager siden
It was an incredible series and I really enjoyed it. I looked you up on Wiki. I thought I could hear a little Southern in your accent. And what do you know? Huntsville! Home folks! I'm from just across the river! Lots of buddies who went to UAH to school. You do great videos and I look forward to seeing more of them! Take care -- and ROLL TIDE!
Gekyume 420
Gekyume 420 21 dag siden
Gekyume 420
Gekyume 420 21 dag siden
Yes 🙌 u
J Thomas
J Thomas 55 minutter siden
Lol.... Are you getting any death threats from France? Macron~ This NOchartsr is the reason we lost the Australian deal. Oui? 😂🤣
Gen Tan
Gen Tan 5 timer siden
Your videos are amazing, thank you :) hope to learn more !
strkeout 7 timer siden
What an amazing series Dustin. By far my favorite!
SandhoeFlyer 12 timer siden
Absolutely fascinating
Mark L R
Mark L R 13 timer siden
I've been watching your videos for years.. how am I not subscribed? sorted..
Graham T
Graham T 18 timer siden
@11:10 man w sleeves up thinks bald guy is a know it all.. watch him in the back lol the smirk
王郡哲TW 20 timer siden
From 百靈果✨👍
Merlin Choo
Merlin Choo 22 timer siden
Gratitude for this share. Thank you
Don Wallace
Don Wallace 23 timer siden
This may be a stupid question but when they break through the ice they have to get the ice off the top. Why doesn't the sail have a side door that they can use to exit the sub?
pipsqueaker 23 timer siden
I am amazed, in absolute awe, that this man has any clue what the sin of 10 degrees is.
Carlos Hathcock
Carlos Hathcock Dag siden
Awesome job!! So Awesome. Full and total respect for you sir! Your courage, respect, knowledge, and absolute professionalism is outstanding! One of my recruiters begged me to go into a sub as a nuclear tech. I fell in love with my high school sweetheart and made the right choice by marrying her but I still wonder what I may have missed. You sir are a great man!!
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
Len Taclof
Len Taclof Dag siden
I was lucky enough to go on a WW2 sub called the Sea Dog and boy was it different than the Toledo. When I was a kid I bought and put together a model of the Nautalis.
Len Taclof
Len Taclof Dag siden
I'll bet they can get the ice thickness using some type of laser or sonar device.
Len Taclof
Len Taclof Dag siden
I would love to know what crush depth is now.
Len Taclof
Len Taclof Dag siden
I started elementary school in 1959 so it was a very big deal when we lost the Thresher when I was in the 4th grade, the same year JFK was assassinated, then in 1968 came the Scorpion. But these were a very big deal back then.
kaushik kalita
kaushik kalita 2 dager siden
That was such a cool series to watch. Thanks a ton Dustin.
zedas 2 dager siden
If any Chinese agencies are watching this, FRIG OFF!
crockett616 2 dager siden
So if they use air to push out ballast water can they replenish the air supply while under water?
Samuel Knox
Samuel Knox 2 dager siden
Crazy that he got all of this awesome content in less than 24 hours on the submarine.
Thịnh Nguyễn
Thịnh Nguyễn 2 dager siden
Tui vô đây luyện nghe tiếng anh mà mấy ổng nói nghe muốn lú :(
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago 3 dager siden
Thanks for your service 🙏 and Thanks you for this wonderful 📹 🎥, It was impressive to see everyone doing their work inside that sudmarino, I had only seen it in the movies waoooo tky 🙏
Birdman 3 dager siden
(17:00) Upvote for the kindergarten-type submarine drawing.
dialtones6 3 dager siden
Floored! Absolutely floored!
Shawn Hinck
Shawn Hinck 3 dager siden
When they discussed the string to show hull compression I immediately thought of down periscope 😂
BeMe Autist
BeMe Autist 4 dager siden
Didnt know Vin Diesel was in the Navy
hendry lee
hendry lee 4 dager siden
854 people who dislike this content maybe is spy from X country
jouhannaud jean françois
I have seen A TON of documentaries on sub, but this is on another level. You really get the feeling they will have to kill you before you leave.
Neceros 4 dager siden
ok spill the beans... did they have some sort of holographical and mechanical representation of the sub? Like in the movies?
John van der Kley
John van der Kley 4 dager siden
How awesome!!! Loved every video about this submarine. Much respect for all involved. Terrific job by all. 👍🇦🇺
Gary Carr
Gary Carr 5 dager siden
A great series of videos absolutely absorbing just brilliant thank you
lluNr3aL 5 dager siden
wow thats just wow
Horked 5 dager siden
so now the US invaded greenland, RIP nature. RIP greenland culture. i hate the US with a passion.
Vr Gaming
Vr Gaming 5 dager siden
They probably use some sort of nuclear gauge to test the depth of the ice before breaking through similar to nuclear densitometry used in civil construction
blah 5 dager siden
When NOchartsrs make better content than TV. Thank you for taking the time to produce such an in-depth video
Syilver A. Wors
Syilver A. Wors 5 dager siden
Best military propaganda I've seen all year! Really cool! I really enjoyed it.
Random Vids
Random Vids 7 dager siden
You can sense the fear in his voice.
sarrebal 7 dager siden
Submarines are obviously the most interesting engineering-wise, but this would be amazing on an aircraft carrier. Think about it 😉
Colby Falkenhagen
Colby Falkenhagen 7 dager siden
The African-American in the beginning of the video sounds very similar to Barack Obama
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 7 dager siden
Australia is about to get one of these bad boys soon
estantive 8 dager siden
I think there doing a stationary dive
Carl Trotter
Carl Trotter 8 dager siden
I think that the real reason some of the screens are censored is that the US doesn't want us to know that their Navy personnel do nothing but play Solitaire on their screens.
MrVipitis 8 dager siden
I enjoyed the series a lot and hope we will geta few more as well!
Steven Claflin
Steven Claflin 8 dager siden
I just got done watching the how to surface a submarine video and I have to tell you that this is possibly the best and most interesting video I have ever watched. Having an engineering background I understand some of what you and the men and women of featured in the video were saying. I am amazed that you were allowed to video some of the things that you were. You did a great job at simplifying some of the more complicated things and to convey just how well trained the people on the boat are. It gave me a great sense of pride at the job that these men and women are doing everyday to advance our knowledge of the world and to keep us safe. Thank you!
Jason Espinoza
Jason Espinoza 8 dager siden
You're a world wide gem Destin. Now, when are you going to the ISS equivalent of a deep dive? If any one could get an in depth experience on board the ISS it'd be you. Ad Astra!
Stephen Wagstaff
Stephen Wagstaff 8 dager siden
This is Legend
WM 1032
WM 1032 8 dager siden
I am about to watch Crimson Tide again after watching this video.
Jay Silverheals
Jay Silverheals 8 dager siden
Bryan Fuentez
Bryan Fuentez 9 dager siden
Maybe one day we can get you into an Aircraft carrier
ROBERT SAVAGE 10 dager siden
Staggering good video. So interesting to watch. Thanks very much
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke 10 dager siden
Th4t #1 Fr13nd
Th4t #1 Fr13nd 10 dager siden
i love when the camera is on destin, you can see when hes committing something to memory he smiles. truly loves learning lol
Mujtaba Nowshad
Mujtaba Nowshad 11 dager siden
This is one of the best playlists on NOcharts. Thanks for this Destin.
Shahida Salavoodeen
Shahida Salavoodeen 11 dager siden
Wow amazing!! You are a legend
mrthoms0n1 11 dager siden
26:30 To answer the question in the title: the guy has no idea... well done.
Chris L
Chris L 11 dager siden
That string drooping had NOTHING to do with AIR pressure in the sub, it started drooping because the sides of the sub it was attached to were LITERLALLY being compressed inward making the inside of the sub literally smaller. The hull tensile strength of the Titanium Alloy 6A1-4V used in the construction of most subs is at about 120,000 PSI, so in order for the hull to compress, there have got to be some SERIOUS pressure on the outside of the sub, someone could actually figure out an approximation of their depth simply by calculating the amount of pressure needed in order to compress the hull to make that string droop, just saying...lol
ВАДИМ В 12 dager siden
overboard dry suit 70-100 meters boat repair. at the bottom everything is black from the bottom fall fall, we are waiting for you
Beastmasterislive 12 dager siden
9.99 million check
Tired of All this
Tired of All this 12 dager siden
Respect to the submariners in the silent service. Salute. I’m so impressed.
Tired of All this
Tired of All this 12 dager siden
Dive always respected the intelligence of these submariners but takes it to another level. A much higher level.
James Middleton
James Middleton 12 dager siden
Ur sub count says 9.99 mil, u have officially hit the character limit for youtube 😂. In all seriousness congrats for when it ticks to 10 mil
John Reed Smith
John Reed Smith 13 dager siden
Just discover your channel with this serie, its was amazing thanks to everyone that make it possible !
madaxe606 13 dager siden
I can’t imagine I’m the only guy watching this who would love to join the submarine service after watching this series. Great job by all involved to let us have a look inside this insanely cool, complicated, dangerous environment. Bravo.
Cha Manuel
Cha Manuel 13 dager siden
The best 1 hour spent on NOcharts!
Martin MKH
Martin MKH 13 dager siden
The videos in this series are some of the best on this website
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
these guys know how to go out in a dry suit over the side of the boat 70-100 meters when everything is black at the bottom
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
guys get high they don't know when the boat falls down
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
когда за борт выходиш на глубине. страшно. под жопай пара км. черноты. а от туда падай падай мы ждем тебя
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
варили лодку 1964 под водой. 2й атомный. ныряли север.
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
everything is black at the bottom and from there fall fall to the bottom
ВАДИМ В 13 dager siden
hi guys submariner 1964 .2nd atomic .100 meters velded boards
Salvatore Shiggerino
Salvatore Shiggerino 14 dager siden
38:13 What's the deal with American sailors and green uniforms?
Dale 14 dager siden
wow...just wow, I feel smarter thank you for the amazing content
Ivaylo Ivanov
Ivaylo Ivanov 14 dager siden
*You're a smart person, right?* Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave, Destin
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 14 dager siden
Don't let Obama see this. The science will make him scream and come up with his own way of calculating stuff and kill everyone
A8M 15 dager siden
A8M 15 dager siden
Dan B
Dan B 15 dager siden
It's so humbling to learn how much I dont dont know. I'm kind of a dumb dumb.
Enkii Muto
Enkii Muto 15 dager siden
7:15 I know it from the atlantis movie!!!
Tristin Mccann
Tristin Mccann 15 dager siden
Coming from somebody who just got accepted in the nuclear propulsion field for the US Navy last Friday, this is really cool
prideOrhonesty 15 dager siden
Such a cool, calm, confident captain. Then again, I guess the Navy wouldn't want an insecure, overcompensating, FOMO type of personality in command of the deadliest weapons platform on Earth.
ummduhgmail 15 dager siden
Definitely on the high end of best stuff on NOcharts. I can’t stop coming back for more!
Paul Taalman
Paul Taalman 16 dager siden
Loved it. Thank you Destin!
winston thomas
winston thomas 16 dager siden
I definitely got smarter today....🇯🇲🔥 love the content.... I too will be apart of this legacy.....
HGKczky 16 dager siden
Thank you so much Destin for this footage and thank you to the navy for allowing you to film this.
tmcman119 16 dager siden
These were great! The combo of people and people skills with science and engineering and people interacting with engineering was outstanding. Love to see you do one or two with David Marquet author of Turn the Ship Around to talk about leadership. That Chief was a brilliant people person. Watching him interact with people was constantly instructive.
Mr. Joshua
Mr. Joshua 16 dager siden
Taylor May
Taylor May 16 dager siden
Watching this series makes me glad I’m a 53 mech in the Marines haha
Alex Currie
Alex Currie 16 dager siden
Thanks Jodie!
Mark Ellams
Mark Ellams 17 dager siden
Thoroughly enjoyed the series, Dustin!
STSGuitar16 17 dager siden
subs have got to be one of the most complex thing ever built by humans. To think how these things existed nearly 100 years ago (all analog with no computers, mind you) is mind-boggling. I look around and see all these valves, switches, pipes running absolutely everywhere, panels with a million buttons on them, etc. and think how all of those many, many elements must work flawlessly to make it a viable and relatively safe machine/vehicle used on a daily basis. Such an amazing feat of engineering. SO glad destin did this series; I have learned so much and have enjoyed every minute of it. Now we just gotta find a way to get Destin onto the ISS for a couple days and make a vid series on that lol.
STSGuitar16 17 dager siden
lol if you think about it, when there is no war going on, these guys are literally just playing like the pinnacle of all make believe "army" games we played as kids
ME First
ME First 17 dager siden
kelly 18 dager siden
Was way cool
ArizonaBabaBooey 18 dager siden
This was a phenomenal series and you made the complex completely understandable. I was captivated the entire time. Great job and please keep making more content.
jonathon wessling
jonathon wessling 18 dager siden
Thank you Destin! And thank you to the whole crew for allowing this video to be made it was amazing to watch and raised my heart beat at some times haha just imagining what depths you all decend to( if I spelled decend wrong please sue me haha) however it was a great video and I loved it!!!!
Breezy Rides
Breezy Rides 18 dager siden
i hope you thanked everyone for their service
miguelwpratt 19 dager siden
Don't drown. Might break my heart
Retro-con 19 dager siden
Favourite part? 17:48 where you can clearly see the C/O is beating the X/O at cribbage by 256 games to 197. THAT'S how you command a U-boat; By being a straight-up BOSS at cribbage.
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