J. Cole - Heaven's EP (Official Music Video) 

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J. Cole - Heaven's EP (Official Music Video)

Directed by Simon Chasalow

Colorist: Cameron Marygold

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Music video by J. Cole performing Heaven's EP. © 2021 Dreamville, Inc.



21. sep.. 2021





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4CG 22 minutter siden
Matthew Fogarty
Matthew Fogarty 42 minutter siden
I needed this 😭
Gamer Live Studio
Gamer Live Studio 52 minutter siden
4.8 dislike don't know shit about rap and that a fact, I bet you half of them never grow-up, what is like to be black while the police be pointing the strap, checking you up, patting you down for the crack, falling into a endless cycle of trap, tapping my head against the window its be the circle of life us blacks that never run away from, following us constantly behind are backs from black man just trying to live is life for real.
Sean Tobin
Sean Tobin Time siden
There’s nobody out better then Cole right now not even close
Barry Time siden
From point A-0:40 straight onto point B-1:12 ...where be my fellow Reece fans 🇿🇦🙋🏽‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️😭at????
Fabian Slingers
Fabian Slingers 3 timer siden
This man is no artist no more,he travels through time.
Prince Nicolas
Prince Nicolas 3 timer siden
Cole u missing out on the heat nocharts.info/like/pGBvaaK1l563e6k/video.html
EDWARD BUTLER 3 timer siden
Cristi Weiland
Cristi Weiland 7 timer siden
How this man could think Drake is a superstar. My opinion only Drake has no talent. Cole surpasses him on all levels.
Cristi Weiland
Cristi Weiland 4 timer siden
@BOY BOY you made me laugh. Thanks.. Just speaking facts lol
BOY BOY 4 timer siden
Aye talk yo shit 😄😄
Crazy Thing
Crazy Thing 8 timer siden
J.cole Really Got me Thinking
RuffhouseNC 9 timer siden
Cole is so far ahead of the others
RuffhouseNC 9 timer siden
I have him at the top today.
The real Aaliyah Renee
Aye that punchline at the end was hard asf man💯🐐 I got this on repeat right now so I can catch everything
Talent Magwaza
Talent Magwaza 12 timer siden
🔥🔥🔥i always light up more fire on Jole. G_O_A_T
Talent Magwaza
Talent Magwaza 12 timer siden
🔥🔥🔥i always light up more fire on Jole. G_O_A_T
PureITS 13 timer siden
love your songs bro
Christiana Nunya
Christiana Nunya 14 timer siden
Another straight fire track from Cole.
Crystal Licausi
Crystal Licausi 18 timer siden
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 18 timer siden
What a heavenly beat and incredible rhymes
Larry Junne
Larry Junne 19 timer siden
Carlos C
Carlos C 20 timer siden
tydolla makinmoney
tydolla makinmoney 20 timer siden
Salute to the God Jcole!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CT 20 timer siden
No women, no drinks, no smokes, no cash flying and no chains, just fine poetry..
THT Tokyo
THT Tokyo 23 timer siden
j cole i just need you singing bruh i can hear the vocals
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez Dag siden
No need to be 1st when your luminosity is brighter. Wake Up
Shondarnisha Haines
sirena reyes
sirena reyes Dag siden
18degreeznorth Dag siden
coming here after this listening this was magical : nocharts.info/like/mWKlorTEfGfHbHc/video.html
Yvan Diaz
Yvan Diaz Dag siden
I wish I could talk to cole and ask him questions. He has so much fame,money and respect but still so humble. He doesn't use any jewelry like these other rappers do. When I first heard his song it changed my life and I am thankful that he is in this world inspiring people and helping one of a kind cole world
ItzSnipes Dag siden
straight facts
okaminess Dag siden
They need to lose some weight.
J Dawg
J Dawg Dag siden
Wish this was on Spotify or Apple Music :(
Van Es
Van Es Dag siden
The snotty tom-tom ganguly brush because denim atypically snore midst a historical spy. hypnotic, royal cause
Sahil Bhoria
Sahil Bhoria Dag siden
k i l l a '. o f. t h e. B e a t.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller Dag siden
Thank you for still referencing our home. It ain’t nothin to brag about, but people only cared what Bragg was about. I know you never sought the clout that’s truth no doubt. #faynam #910 #PineForest #braggblvd I used to live off the blvd right by that iga and Bank of America and that skating rink
Mikey P
Mikey P Dag siden
Gahhhhh damn. Cole done it again. From now on you MC Midas cuz every track you touch is gold 💣🔥
Burrak Dag siden
Cameron Tyler
Cameron Tyler Dag siden
If you represent us then help
Donovan Phillips
Leonardo Goulart
fumando 3 troncas pra matar a dor. sul do brasa.
Jack Jeffries
Jack Jeffries Dag siden
People really disliked this song 😭
satan Dag siden
Lauder Dag siden
So drake went on the same beat on his album but cole did it better tbh
Top Vagabonds
Top Vagabonds Dag siden
When he raps the beat better than Drake ♥ blessings
Jess Cruz
Jess Cruz Dag siden
My loooooveeeeeee 🥲❤
Finan Solomon
Finan Solomon Dag siden
So fluid with pure talent I enjoy your poetry. Thank you
Underground Wes
Underground Wes Dag siden
J Cole one of the best.
Joey V
Joey V 2 dager siden
Joe Drought
Joe Drought 2 dager siden
LoveYou Big Bro
MEAX 2 dager siden
I piss in the celebrity tea 💪🏼💪🏼
m 2 dager siden
Dan Toškan
Dan Toškan 2 dager siden
This is beautiful, thanks Cole!
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie 2 dager siden
Chillz when u hear the wordz. Cole never will fail on a beat !!!
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
Christian Amaro
Christian Amaro 2 dager siden
God damn, Cole let's the young boys you could be cool withouth being a thug💯💯💯
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
TimboSlice 2 dager siden
I did not like him, but now he is growing on me. Kendrick needs to step up. Cole is up top.
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
Shady Santos
Shady Santos 2 dager siden
Cole Forever
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
Monica G
Monica G 2 dager siden
ima need cole to stop playing w me with these short tracks, nonetheless i’m beyond glad he’s back! we need him.
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
Chicken_ Asmr
Chicken_ Asmr 2 dager siden
As a philosopher, I’m constantly looking for new quotes to come up with. You J Cole have been the main source of my quotes. That failure leads to success mindset was born from you. A product of poverty to one of the greatest rappers in todays world
Insomnia Atit
Insomnia Atit 2 dager siden
J cole's Son 😮 nocharts.info/like/cWSmYs23jYDUpHs/video.html......
Chicken_ Asmr
Chicken_ Asmr 2 dager siden
Not gon cap as a student preservative in underaged communities, I meant numerous individuals that come from underdeveloped communities. These people constantly reminded me of J Cole.
YaCine ML'
YaCine ML' 2 dager siden
why this masterpiece isn't on spotify shame on u !!!!!!!
SM356 2 dager siden
This same beat was used on Drake’s “Pipedown” on CLB
Hamzah Aftab
Hamzah Aftab 2 dager siden
Release this on spoitfy 🥲
Maximillian Sbabo
Maximillian Sbabo 2 dager siden
this is too good
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 dager siden
a rapper with wisdom and intelligence put into his lyrics. its amazing to hear everytime
James Wedlock
James Wedlock 2 dager siden
cannu drop this shit on spotify pls issa bop
riothegenero101 boondocksainjackers
U deserve my Nigga earned it now enjoy u ain’t like most these new dune ass rappers Easton they life an getting marked for that 5 of fame from ur boy xx widow knowledge an wisdom is more precious then silver an that the word of god , ya dig 74 till it blow
riothegenero101 boondocksainjackers
U deserve it Cole
glass bong
glass bong 2 dager siden
Anybody who suffers with anxiety can feel this on a real level. He may be a super star , but after all he's only human & sometimes we all struggle with these issues. J cole really knows how to touch on a subject without being too blunt, almost like he needs help but doesn't wanna ask for it. that's some real life struggles. Celebrity or not.
J.R. Huff
J.R. Huff 2 dager siden
4.7k people braindead from xans
Meechy X Crow
Meechy X Crow 2 dager siden
How can there be dislikes??!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 dager siden
Beautiful man right there. 💎
Yungflyhero Good
Yungflyhero Good 2 dager siden
Cole been surpassed Kendrick an this my opinion, he just not hungry like he use to be a album then he try to come out every 5 years with a Album like mofos checking for Kendrick😏😓😂😂😂 #WhatHaveYouDoneLately #KendrickLamar #FailOff
Iam Dania
Iam Dania 2 dager siden
Whoa amen
Doc 3 dager siden
"pimping their kids out for views or just to be in the news"... social media world we live in
londell 💸
londell 💸 3 dager siden
Eketso 3 dager siden
why this not in apple music? some copyright shit?
Ceaser Castro
Ceaser Castro 3 dager siden
4.7k haterrz...Too many haters..how can they hate on peaceful sounds??
YS 3 dager siden
Beautiful man right there. 💎
YS 3 dager siden
💜💜💜🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 The end is⚡️🔥🔥🔥😌💯
Karolis Gudžiūnas
Karolis Gudžiūnas 3 dager siden
Number 1
นวพล สมหวัง
This shit make me get high without weed.
IMDSKCNT 3 dager siden
This man dont miss! Cole be too modest, he know he definitely not bronze.
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen 3 dager siden
jcole did it better
Charlie Noble
Charlie Noble 3 dager siden
Not bad.
Rikesh Kharel
Rikesh Kharel 3 dager siden
Cole went Crazy AF🐐
WAR Zylon
WAR Zylon 3 dager siden
leekjaymusic 3 dager siden
Who am I ? nocharts.info/like/i35mmbmwp3iYfXc/video.html
Beedle 3 dager siden
I can't afford college so i teach my self college courses and 2 new languages. spanish and q'eqchi. My dream is to be a linguist. No degree but i will become one regardless. So when i feel like i'm down cause of it i listen to this. What ever you do don't do it partially. Just remember just cause others go to college and you can't it won't stop you from achieving dreams. That "but you won't have nothing to show for it" junk, ignore it because it's your life. You don't have to be a nurse to study and identify illnesses. You don't have to have a career health expert degree to be an expert at health. much love
Stelio Mazoio
Stelio Mazoio 3 dager siden
SAIAH FROM S.A 4 dager siden
The King Of Rap In This Generation
FUKKdaSYSTEM XD 4 dager siden
In my list, you’re ahead of them all, drake second.
SonicScythe 4 dager siden
Shoot J Cole did this beat more justice than Drake and yet they put Drake higher than him smh. J Cole and K-Dot will always be my fav rappers of this generation and are among the GOATS
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 dager siden
Cole is spazzin!!
Kaylen Ranae
Kaylen Ranae 4 dager siden
He’s the one man 💛
Moplays 4 dager siden
Damn I didnt exepect to get tears in my eyes when I decided to listen to this on the subway
Lirio Carlos Calana
Lirio Carlos Calana 4 dager siden
Uma das melhores músicas do J.Cole❤️
J. Cole - False Prophets
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