Housing Discrimination: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 

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John Oliver breaks down the long history of housing discrimination in the U.S., the damage it’s done, and, crucially, what we can do about it.

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25. juli. 2021





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Alfons Grizzly
Alfons Grizzly 4 timer siden
BLM black woman bought a housein white neighborhood
Proxy Payload
Proxy Payload 15 timer siden
I can't wait for Mitch McConnell to fossilise. He's a walking problem.
Dan Truth
Dan Truth 18 timer siden
You left out that the city actually paid the Bruce's more than what they purchased the beach for. This was profitable compensation for the land. Not theft. Although racist, it's not theft
Geneva Saulsberry
Geneva Saulsberry 19 timer siden
That you for the soul truth. John Oliver.😃🙏✌🏽
Geneva Saulsberry
Geneva Saulsberry 19 timer siden
One black elected President, and they think that break, the barrier of racism. 🛑 Until equality is given to all, we will continue to have these conversations. 😎
Geneva Saulsberry
Geneva Saulsberry 20 timer siden
Will someone tell this old fart, yes! you do owe blacks, and you will pay. Mitch McConnell, is one that held black back. 👺
Vigil Studios
Vigil Studios 20 timer siden
Either pay reparations or you're just as guilty of supporting the systemic racism you vehemently claim to have "no part in" and that "no one alive today is responsible for". Mitch can go eat a brick.
Frank Fields
Frank Fields Dag siden
It is sad that the housing market is still stuck in the 20th century.
ryan smith
ryan smith Dag siden
I was listening to this play on the background when the tree comments were made. Hahaha
Alexander Lavizzo
As a black man, I don’t understand why the main stream media are repeating the same stories in different ways.
seigeengine Dag siden
As a dark lad, I don't comprehend the purpose of the primary river information organizations repeating the equivalent narratives via distinct methods.
cesmaeili Dag siden
Can we point out right after this all the positive things the government and people has done to rectify racism: section 8 housing, none-white federal student loan programs and other welfare programs. This episode is very polarizing, when we all know racism was wide spread back then and there are still racists but there is a vast majority of people who care and help the people who deserve it. Because at the end of the day people are in charge of there own destinies today more than ever
Bibs P
Bibs P Dag siden
Conservatism is basically taking credit for all the things your ilk fought against in the past. The world is where it is today, despite the best efforts of these people, not because of them. Kicking and screaming, dragged into the modern century.
KushKitchen 420 TV
I got my families land back
ellaAngel smith
ellaAngel smith 2 dager siden
God will the turtle kcuf just die already. I'm sick of this shit
Jonny C
Jonny C 2 dager siden
I’m pretty sure that First Lady said “Ku Klux Clam”
Puppycat 2 dager siden
I'm not entirely sold on reparations. I'm not sold on any solution that specifically targets any person's race. We should admit to the evils our country has done in the past and is still doing today. We need to address the inequalities that still do exist... such as in our education system and the unfair sentencing against people of color. We need to work on ending discrimination to ensure people of all races have the same opportunity for jobs they apply for, or loans. We need to level the playing field. Reparations though? Opera doesn't need reparations. If they are a gesture of apology for our countries past wrong doings then yeah. I suppose... sure. We definitely do owe certain people an apology for things we've done to their ancestors and acknowledge that those sins have directly affected the position of people alive today quite negatively. Your family's history has certainly impacted your current situation... we need to acknowledge that. Using reparations as a means to better the financial situation of people of color though? I think that's the wrong step, it won't solve anything and it keeps us focused on racial discrimination. If we want to get past race in America then we need to get past race already. We should focus on individuals. We should focus on need. If should set a standard minimum value of a human being... the bare minimum a person should be able to expect in our society. Education, food, housing, healthcare... what is the absolute lowest quality of life we should tolerate? Then we should look at anyone who doesn't meet that standard. Be they white, black, latino, Native American... and we should ask if that person reaches that standard, what we have decided is the minimum quality of life a person should expect. If yes, great! If not... you found the person society needs to help and lift up. We don't need to look at the color of their skin, just their need. Plain and simple.
seigeengine Dag siden
When one entity has caused harm to another, that entity bears a responsibility to make the other party whole. The USA as a system has caused harm to black Americans that continues to this day. The USA bears a responsibility to make black Americans whole. The person whose house you burned down isn't going to stop having had their house burned down just because you've decided to give them a level playing field in that they can just get another house like anyone else. Saying you want to get past race while the victims are still suffering is just demanding their silence.
Glen Barratt
Glen Barratt 2 dager siden
There has to be a better answer than reparations.
seigeengine Dag siden
Then what is it?
Orion Belter
Orion Belter 2 dager siden
I just saw the face in the key. Well done.
Arcade Invader
Arcade Invader 2 dager siden
4:23 how did he know o_0
Naomi Wood
Naomi Wood 3 dager siden
kelly chapman
kelly chapman 3 dager siden
This happened on my street. I grew up on a street called white ave (probably shouldve seen it coming) and it says black people could not buy a house on the street. It wasnt removed from the contract UNTIL 2013 like jesus christ.
hudson2441 3 dager siden
My dad bought our house in the 70s in a predominantly black neighborhood when he had almost no money. People around him said, “You don’t want to move in that neighborhood with THOSE PEOPLE.” My dad simply said, “ hey. If they’re giving away houses, I’m getting in line.” We loved our neighbors growing up.
Kaya Whitefield
Kaya Whitefield 3 dager siden
I will say for the first time home buyer tax credit, that has to be available for everyone otherwise it would just be another form of discrimination and exploitation would put it in danger of being abused and ruined. You can’t really do anything there except make it available for all first time home buyers.
Pretentious Elizabeth
Pretentious Elizabeth 3 dager siden
So… if we can give black families their stolen land back, are you going to give the Native Americans back their land or is the statue of limitations on that over?
seigeengine Dag siden
I mean, those are kind of entirely different situations, with case-by-case issues since native Americans are and were a complex system of vastly different cultures and civilizations. Also, almost all of them died due to disease and the resulting collapse of their civilizations. There's no single answer here, and you, first, need to define your terms.
Sammit 3 dager siden
‘mitch’ got pronounced like ‘bitch’, I see no lie
Daniil Sagun
Daniil Sagun 3 dager siden
How come immigrants are so much more successful than African Americans living under America's welfare system? Is there anyone actually saying that currently it's harder for African Americans than fresh immigrants coming with nothing?
seigeengine Dag siden
For the stunningly obvious reason that the majority of immigrants are people who were wealthy and well-educated where they came from. The actual destitute people do not have the means to migrate from Africa to the US. In contrast, multigenerational black Americans come from a history of discrimination which has stolen their wealth and subjected them to conditions that produce intergenerational poverty.
Derek Price
Derek Price 3 dager siden
When the Black woman said that her joy dissipated when it hit her that "I'm the thing that's devalued in my home" I cried. What an outrage!
Mário Francisco França da Silva
I wish to say something, but i'm brazilian some fashion takes time to hit, for example, our government is slaying the natives today, that is oldfashioned. About black people, well, it's just the same, but here we don't talk about it because it is unpolite, and, as far as our president thinks there is no such thing as racism here.
Louis Penn
Louis Penn 4 dager siden
4:23 Scary!
Dan Truth
Dan Truth 4 dager siden
The land is given back to the descendants 100 years later, it's not the same thing If your great grandparents 100 years ago stole a house that you are currently living in, should you be thrown out the street?
seigeengine 5 timer siden
@Dan Truth That is theft, yes.
Dan Truth
Dan Truth 5 timer siden
@seigeengine Not legally speaking. I can steal opportunities to make money, if you call that theft then okay
seigeengine 17 timer siden
@Dan Truth The only crime is theft.
Dan Truth
Dan Truth 17 timer siden
@seigeengine I'm just talking about theft, not other things
Dan Truth
Dan Truth 18 timer siden
@seigeengine Wan't to go back to Colonial times? Then give ALL the land back not to the people which it was stolen from, but to their descendants, which is a little different
Naxster 4 dager siden
Funny thing about reparations and germans: Nazis came to power partially because young people were angry and felt used, because they had to pay reparations for things that they never done
seigeengine Dag siden
"Wah, but I don't WANNA be held responsible!"
The Viewer
The Viewer 4 dager siden
There are enough houses to house everyone, we aren't talking about intentionally destroying a countries economy in order to make them less militarily capable you twat.
DynaMike 4 dager siden
Considering probably less than 10% of white people agree with so called "reparations" (in which I am not included). And that one woman wants to say "If I want to use my reparations check it buy all Gucci, that's my right." That doesn't seem like a strategy that will get white people on board. And since we still control 75% of the political vote in the country. You NEED white people on board with that notion. Let me ask this. Do half black people get half as much as a full black person? What about 1/4, 1/16th? I'd love to hear the answer to that.
lorraine bennett
lorraine bennett 4 dager siden
I think Biden is saying 'everyone' over just blacks is out of fear of the republicans and conservative news media, he knows if he only focuses on the black community he'll leave himself open to criticism ire from the other side, that said Republicans have always passed whatever laws they want Democrats need to stop trying to please everybody and do the right thing
seigeengine Dag siden
That's the issue of being the good guys. Good guys don't do bad guy shit.
Vocal V
Vocal V 4 dager siden
26:11 guys I’m 1 in 10 But I don’t think it will ever happen or at least not anytime soon
Ray 4 dager siden
The racists of Rose and Angie's era watched that footage and called Rose a virtue signalling SJW
Hayley Jay
Hayley Jay 5 dager siden
antgray Grant
antgray Grant 5 dager siden
unsub for the hulk joke
The Final Bell
The Final Bell 5 dager siden
As someone who grew up in Lyndhurst, NJ, I can confirm that, yes it likely has something to do with a few candidates disappearing. The Sorpranos filmed most of the show here for a reason, ya know.
Eddie Reekie
Eddie Reekie 5 dager siden
A poor white Canadian speaking. Reparations would be a stupid idea. Sure I'm all for the laws being changed and updated to make everyone equal but to give money to everyone just because they're black. My grandmother was in the Nazi concentration camps and receives a cheque monthly from Germany. Neither my dad or myself get any of that and rightly so we shouldn't. Recently the Canadian government has been digging up mass graves from residential schools and there's been talks of reparations for the survivors. Also another thing I agree with as long as only the actual survivors get it and not them plus.
seigeengine Dag siden
The issue is that if you steal wealth from a family, they can't raise their kid as well, so their kid will struggle more to make a living, so they won't be able to raise their kid as well... etc. and so on. Damage on this scale is an intergenerational problem. Can you say that the children of the victims were not also robbed of what would have been their inheritance, either in tangibles or intangibles?
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 5 dager siden
I quite a few of the people harmed by these housing laws are still alive and the harm they suffered directly affects their children and grandchildren
forandon behalfof
forandon behalfof 6 dager siden
Errr.... I blame the government because they made it illegal to buy slaves.....
Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.
“game stop stonks" John Oliver,you are amazing
AWOL trooper
AWOL trooper 7 dager siden
Back at it again with that ever so aged reddit commentary, Johnnie O...
MrClebophd 7 dager siden
There are many horrible things about racism and discrimination, one often overlooked aspect is resignation/acceptance. Victims of discrimination sometimes resign to it as the way of the world. This can also be accepted for generations. People who are used to be discriminated against just move on with lower salaries, not getting the job in spite of superior merits, and tougher applications of the law and so on. This aspect is so horrible because it is so hard to break over time.
toyyatoy 7 dager siden
I’m white and I had no idea the extremes our society has done (continues to do) to discriminate to our fellow African Americans, as a white American all I can say is I am so sorry and I don’t know how to help, I’m a peasant shall we say, but thank you last week tonight for educating me and so many others. I have hope for the future I just wish we could speed up the process.
External Shockwave
External Shockwave 8 dager siden
Can we get your thoughts about WWE and the third party platform band as well as the mass release of 100+ wrestlers yet they’re a billion dollar company
Ryan Chitty
Ryan Chitty 8 dager siden
"come back to the youtube tab" - bad place to tune back in XD
BurnRoddy 8 dager siden
I agree. Black people don't need reparations. They need a room in the Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, Zuckerbergs, etc. gigantic mansions. Presumably half of their dogs houses which already are twice as big as anything they will ever get. Taking stuff from the average people to give to the poor will never solve the problem, taking money from the rich who print it will never solve the problem, what you have to do is taking stuff from the rich. IE their macmansions. How many homeless people would be able to live in Pelossi's house? More than a couple I'm sure. PS: This is an excelent way to start taking money out of politics. Now lets wait for a while until Pelossi, Biden and Chuck Schumer, and while they're at it they can pay for the homless food as well. 👌
BAXI : Live at The Portland (The Lost Tapes)
I watched the series "Them" and was shocked, even though it was fiction. Then I read "The Color Of Law" by Richard Rothstein and discovered that the facts were even more shocking than the fiction.
seigeengine Dag siden
If you ask me, the primary function of fiction is to examine real world situations and issues through a lens of detachment from our real world prejudices.
Selma Rubio
Selma Rubio 8 dager siden
So now it’s time to provide reparations - the federal government needs to make it much easier for black Americans (as opposed to anyone else) to buy property. Give them a chance to make up for what they were denied. Even the scales, if that is at all possible.
Selma Rubio
Selma Rubio 7 dager siden
@Shea Rose Thank you! I’ll check it out. It’s amazing to me as well the lengths white people will go though to increase their relative importance. I am at a loss for words. What I can say is that sitting back and doing nothing about it is like saying: totally fine to treat a whole race of humans like deplorables. It’s disgraceful.
Erica JOY
Erica JOY 9 dager siden
I love you John.
Christopher Ealy
Christopher Ealy 9 dager siden
What do you mean own their homes? What people are you asking. Did you even visit an apartment complex to get those statistics?
STAYHIGH993 9 dager siden
Ya and only 1 percent of whites inflate the numbers so most white people have the same disparity
seigeengine Dag siden
... No. Since, apparently, nobody ever taught you what a median is, a median is the middle number of a sequence. So if my street has five homes, and they make $20k, $35k, $38k, $47k, and $1.8M, the median is $38k... because that's the middle number in the set. You're confusing this with the mean, which you'd get by adding the five numbers and dividing by five.
Zombiesfromjupiter 9 dager siden
not giving reparations and just 'moving on' from housing discrimination in 2021 is like cutting nine of someone's fingers off and as an apology promising you won't cut the last one.
Noor Sara
Noor Sara 7 dager siden
watchgirls18. com “I’m the thing that was devaluing my house”… that’s downright heartbreaking.
alícia de tlaltikpaktli
same here in the bay area, housing discrimination was legal until 2001. and we wonder why hoods exist SMh
rocco angelillo
rocco angelillo 9 dager siden
Ahhh a good ole reparations video. No thanks John
j. rodman
j. rodman 9 dager siden
It's impressive that 8000 avowed racists showed up to thumb down this video.
COO415 10 dager siden
Then come Mitch, Clearance, Trump,. Fox Fake Networks, conservatives and self hating blacks like Clearance Thomas, Larry Elders, Candace Owens telling us systemic racism is myth. Ever shaking my head.
tiikeri00 10 dager siden
I was just listening to audio and had to look back at the tree 🤣
Kenna Brylee
Kenna Brylee 7 dager siden
watchgirls18. com This was one of the best segments produced by this show, period.
JMP 10 dager siden
thanks for sharing this story and doing this good jurnalism . hopefully the US will get better in giving fair chance to everyone
Jahlore The soap boy
Jahlore The soap boy 10 dager siden
This was crazy because one of the people said the thing that devalued my house wasn’t a leak or a bad cement job it was me.
xredstar303x 10 dager siden
The racism in this country disgusts me. Sometimes it doesn’t feel good to be an american. It feels weird and confusing and stupid that people were ever dumb enough to be racist, and it’s goddamn stupifying to see people continue to be racist in present day.
Seana Cameron
Seana Cameron 10 dager siden
Another twist of fate. You have Black CEO's, Physicians, so many of high position. They arrive home, and some white person calls the police to have him arrested. HE CAN'T POSSIBLY LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD !! She'll schreech over the phone. Cops show up, cuffs go on, and owners is going "WHAT" Bigotry. Nasty, nasty. My lads and I learned from my dad to not judge a book.. He was so fine, and we carry on his ways. One can learn so much by others God bless the different..
LittleMissy Missy
LittleMissy Missy 10 dager siden
This is how the heart of w
Melanie Moore williamson
What about discrimination against poor unknowing and mentally ill being rented toxic inhabitable conditions and not being held accountable the landlords are also your real estate lawyers and judges. Marshall county Alabama
Baboo Ll
Baboo Ll 11 dager siden
This is bullshit. His great, great, grandparents ? What happened to them has no bearing on him. Give the native Americans back their land, this whole country we call "ours"
Maarten 12 dager siden
I think if the US does this, it should also give money to all the countries it fucked over, such as those in central america, asia and the middle east
fclp67 9 dager siden
if you strip away all the stolen wealth america is poor, just like europe, it all comes stolen
nutshell w
nutshell w 12 dager siden
Reparation is reasonable. However it doesn’t seem right to just do a straight cut to compensate all black people. Whoever got harmed by the law, ie who had the money, wanted to buy a house and got denied, should be compensated. Not everyone. I also think the reparation should be limited to living people who are directly harmed. Everyone was born into different family, so there is no absolute fairness. People should focus on efforts of building their own life, not trying to claim benefits from ancestors. Finally, who should pay. In the end it’s taxpayers money, but not every taxpayer benefited in the first place. An a first generation immigrant myself, I had nothing to do with that history and I cannot justify why I have to pay for that. I bet that’s the case for many others including some white people as well.
Exiled Summoner
Exiled Summoner 10 dager siden
Its is basically impossible to calculate how badly black people have been screwed over since the ending of slavery where the slavers were immediately compensated and the slaves where treated like animals for generations. But If you try to bits and pieces this little by little by standing in the way of moving this forward. You are perpetuating the racial and class based discrimination in this country and basically just letting all our current social issues just get worse. We understand that this is not the fault of the people that were just born or just came here but you can't just "muh taxes!" This when your taxes have probably already been spent on bombing some family in Afghanistan you had nothing against. Wouldn't you rather your taxes be spent on patching the issues in this country? And not just your but all of ours. This is an issue that the government is responsible for that is correct but since taxes are a thing it probably will come from that. Its like your saying, "man I just moved in this house and there's a leak in the basement. Oh well not my problem why should I fix it the last owner should have." I mean you can have that attitude but at the end of the day you still gotta live in a soggy unstable house.
23pounce 12 dager siden
SNOOP SNOOPING! I can't believe he mentioned Snoop being tall enough to look over the wall without saying Snoop snooping.
Mollusck Scramp
Mollusck Scramp 12 dager siden
4:15 No matter how long I've been watching this show for, Jon's chaotic sexuality never ceases to stun and amaze... and inspire me. Oh to be a fly on that man's bedroom wa- _actually_ I think he would be weirdly into that LMAO
carLOS Ram
carLOS Ram 12 dager siden
Finally somebody said it.. thank you
D Bone
D Bone 13 dager siden
Does anyone else see a face in the key?
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly 14 dager siden
Yet this guy not going to explain the Democrats link to kkk, progressive Woodrow Wilson, FDR. Now same people running California into the ground while flooding us with millions of illegals? Not helping poor black Americans with their policies.don’t see Pelosi or Gavin opening their mansions to the public? Yet they can call Larry Elder racist for wanting education choice for black Californians. Let’s remember Obama was against reparations too, then again he was half white
JoeMercersWay 14 dager siden
"The only time a white man should bring value to anything..."
seigeengine Dag siden
And now for what was actually said: "We all know the only time the addition of a white man should increase value to anything is if that thing is a movie and that white man is Stanley Tucci."
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 11 dager siden
*Builds the world* YOU DONT BRING VALUE
Williy the weasel official
I know about that wall. Baseline Road is called Baseline Road solely because of it. Makes me feel physically ill when I think about it.
floaty cloud
floaty cloud 14 dager siden
Do an episode, on the stupid stuff the PPC Party of canada are saying
Kris Sanford
Kris Sanford 15 dager siden
legitimately called me out for listening to this play in the background at work. I looked around like...who...who told?
Billi Mohd Fadhullah Husop
Arms for hugging
The Human Crayon
The Human Crayon 15 dager siden
I did click back at the NOcharts tab and looked at that tree.
KAPSYZ 15 dager siden
They really need to teach this in school. I had no idea any of this ever happened till my mid 20s.
Ultradian 15 dager siden
Republicans and conservatives hate black people.
David Jaggard
David Jaggard 16 dager siden
can you please do a segment on the stock market and how market makers, hedge funds and dark pools are ripping the retail traders off? I feel it would be really informative and a highly rated episode if you did.
Mike jones
Mike jones 16 dager siden
Smh and it hasn't changed thats how whites get all the nice homes
Mike jones
Mike jones 16 dager siden
Wtf 4,800
Bruce Beach Giveaway
Bruce Beach Giveaway 17 dager siden
It's all a LIE nocharts.info/cd/9maVbKohYeAkKX9IdIs_-w.html
chris cason
chris cason 17 dager siden
apparently it will go go back to the bruces. a little good news
Adam Palm
Adam Palm 17 dager siden
I'm white and in poverty. Its impossible for me to afford even a room. So,.I reject any suggestion that it's all racial bias. It's all about greed.
seigeengine Dag siden
"I am white and poor, therefor racism doesn't exist. Checkmate, atheists."
HeartlesSv420 17 dager siden
Their racial discrimination had the side effect of wealth discrimination. I'm white so I'm sure I get some level of privledge, but I'm also poor & disabled, so whenever I've had to deal with cops, I have never once caught a break. I've even been abused while already detained. I don't even want to imagine how much worse if would've been if I was black.
Gabe Segun
Gabe Segun 18 dager siden
So what is in this video clip that is so not great to be disliked
beatleme2 18 dager siden
Is that why BLM founders prefer to live in White neighborhoods?
Tre45onous Orange
Tre45onous Orange 18 dager siden
It's racist on all levels is what's keeping black people from getting the reperations they rightfully deserve...
Tre45onous Orange
Tre45onous Orange 18 dager siden
Papwithanhatchet 18 dager siden
Uh, shouldn’t it be given back to the Tongva, theAmerican Indians Los Angeles was all stolen from, if those principles are followed to the letter?
eric lovecastle
eric lovecastle 19 dager siden
Nixon will be back with smokes good ones
Matasa 19 dager siden
The aspect of generational wealth is often ignored by many Americans when the topic of race is involved, but it has far more impact than one may think - when your prospects and living conditions are good, that has a big impact on your behaviour. Crime is more often than not economically motivated rather than malicious. But of course, it would be beneficial to those who stand at the top of the current society to not have to address the real issue in America. It was never about race, it was about wealth. The haves, and havenots.
Michael 19 dager siden
Actually it's a myth that home ownership is the way to build inter-generational wealth. It's only helpful if compared to money not saved. Rents were not always high. If one's home was worth 75,000 in todays money, if you average about 4% compounded interest over 73 years, and the amount in enormous. I am tired of lies to make point. Racism is evil and we need not make up lies to show how evil it was. Redlining was certainly horrific but the home price thing is as big a lie as is the black/white wealth disparity. The average age of black person in America is about 27. The average of a white person in America is 57. Therefore, of course white wealth would be greater at this time. In order to answer questions, we need to first tell the truth.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 19 dager siden
This not only hurt black people - it hurt white people too, as shown by the woman whom they were trying to scare into selling her home. I only just realized that my own (white) family was likely a victim of this, as my grandparents lost money when they invested in apartments in a place that became a so-called black neighborhood. So a big part of the reason these apartments may have lost value was because potential buyers wouldn’t have been able to get a mortgage on them. I’m not implying with this that therefore those white people should also be getting reparations (quite the contrary - I want it to go to black people, not my family). But what this does show is that any time an immoral law is enacted or act committed, the negative effects will eventually harm even those such law or act was meant to favor.
Matthew Sabia
Matthew Sabia 20 dager siden
The communist and Marxist trash this show has turned into over the years is disgusting…
whitewolf_xx x
whitewolf_xx x 20 dager siden
So buy GME, got it
met gala
Ganger 4,9 mill