The Scooter returns... But was it Better off Dead? 

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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2021



28. juli. 2021





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Surprise Mechanics
Surprise Mechanics 9 dager siden
Foreshadowing a Colin Furze cameo? Sounds mad
Sigh Pocket
Sigh Pocket 11 dager siden
Prasetya Yuwono
Prasetya Yuwono 11 dager siden
In Indonesia, we use vespa 2t. 😌 We call it "vespa otopet"
Max Egloff
Max Egloff 12 dager siden
welp.... clean/replace spark plus works wonders lol
DryTaste 14 dager siden
"similarly i know nothing about coding a website" so let me F over people in that field because why not, its not smithing.
Gerald Rayhards
Gerald Rayhards 16 dager siden
your gear is too big alec, why its too slow
Josiah Mitchell
Josiah Mitchell 21 dag siden
Likely needs the carb cleaned and it'll run a LOT better! Nice work
Picklesnout Penobscott
Picklesnout Penobscott 22 dager siden
Young man, no safety gear? I am dissapointed.
Jätski.fi 26 dager siden
lawn mower
Jätski.fi 26 dager siden
make it electric, no chain problems, ac electric generator, or dc generator, dynamo, on the motor
Nomaxice 27 dager siden
I have a feeling the brake handle just ain't gonna cut it to have a proper speed range, compared to what you normally see, the twist handles, for accelerating, so you won't have the clutch still engaged when you're too slow for it. Though I'm no expert so take that with a grain of salt.
AHS 29 dager siden
What are the odds he has all his extremities still intact by the age of 30 🤔
Satou Animation
Satou Animation Måned siden
This one is my favourite
Xeshai Måned siden
So he's still in the UK? I thought this was like a temporary for visiting family shop. Is he going back to Bozeman?
Nathan s
Nathan s 21 dag siden
He said the visits would be a few months at a time.
zander chiasson
zander chiasson Måned siden
Can you give us a review of the Ryobi tools you've been using since you moved to the UK?
BT Måned siden
then get him help you
Camden Marian
Camden Marian Måned siden
I think it's a lot of steel making it heavy. I also think perhaps a chain guard would be swell.
Shuken Flash
Shuken Flash Måned siden
The carburetor probably needs either further cleaning or adjustments. A small engine/lawnmower shop could probably fix that right up. Then maybe just tinker with the throttle and/or gear sizes and it should run great
Aaron Kameric
Aaron Kameric Måned siden
Hmmm, Different sprocket ratio to reduce the load on the engine? New Spark plug and lead? Tune up?
Aaron Kameric
Aaron Kameric Måned siden
Bricksaw motor.
Dapper Man Photo
Dapper Man Photo Måned siden
That ad confused me so much lol., I was like ".....Alec just drove back to the US to make some hammers, that's dedication.."
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas Måned siden
Want a Decent engine Alec, get hold of the "Cars and Cameras" guys over in the States.. a chat with them and I'm sure "it'll be fine".. ;)
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Måned siden
Now we know why you won't build an ultra-lite ....
Heimerblaster Måned siden
I always admire your periodic plunges into the metallic unknown. Well done good Sir.
Jesse Black
Jesse Black Måned siden
Alec Furze, man of Steele
Bill Derr
Bill Derr Måned siden
I wouldn't have used that type of wood (if you can even call it that) as it deforms and loses strength when it gets wet. You'd be much better off with a quality plywood or solid plank instead.
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Måned siden
A cool idea not shure how hard it would be but what about a sword from warframe? Like the orthos or galatine
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Måned siden
Don’t give up on this one. Would like to see a better engine mounted
Loser Donald
Loser Donald Måned siden
Ambitious but rubbish :)
Eric Moros
Eric Moros Måned siden
i'm hearing colinfurce laughing so high and im from spain xD
NusaCat Måned siden
Those Ryobi fans are great! On low speed a battery will last several nights of van camping. Makes getting to sleep so much easier.
ADDIO 01 Måned siden
I would love another Bicycle build series Alec. May I suggest a Cargo Bike......potentially add some eBike motors as well for that extra added level of learning and complexity.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Måned siden
Is the worm magnetic?
Siro Attilio
Siro Attilio Måned siden
@colinfurze help ihm out
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
To all the skateboarders watching him stick the grip tape on: I feel ya
Chris Kelble
Chris Kelble Måned siden
instead of the collar lock, it would have been cool to see you try to make a spring pinion lock like a real scooter has. You know like that thing where it's a rod you press in to remove things or adjust heights of stuff thats held into place by a spring?
JUST STUFF Måned siden
Joseph Frunzi
Joseph Frunzi Måned siden
Shout out to the editing team for blurring the phone screen! Good catch.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
cabbage avoided the pot, nice. Still got to get that thing running.... I'm too tired to make any sense of things, laterszzzzzzzzzz
Jake Makes
Jake Makes Måned siden
Still trying to figure out how the weight of an engine determines if it will run or not😉😁
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Måned siden
If there’s a 50/50 chance of getting it the right way Why does it always go wrong 100% of the Time..?
teemo the troll
teemo the troll Måned siden
alec for the love of god get a new screen protector
E1IT3 SKY Måned siden
A cool idea not shure how hard it would be but what about a sword from warframe? Like the orthos or galatine
Brian Berry
Brian Berry Måned siden
I'd be interested to see if the motor from one of your grinders would run the scooter. Great marketing opportunity as long as you can find a way to convert it to battery powered.
king chan
king chan Måned siden
i die when a fan show up lol!
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson Måned siden
I enjoy this series a lot. It is someone doing engineering for the sake of it would be fun to have if it works out
Ab Renos
Ab Renos Måned siden
This is one of Alex's best videos in longtime good work man
John Hawley
John Hawley Måned siden
Is the worm magnetic?
Mawo Duffer
Mawo Duffer Måned siden
I like the demonstration of the Bridgeport head angle
Cameron Thiemann
Cameron Thiemann Måned siden
...yes let me just drill my crankshaft....
Casey Gibbons
Casey Gibbons Måned siden
Do you tram the bridgeport head? Also I believe all bolts are threaded.
Sandu Sili
Sandu Sili Måned siden
Try to swap the engine with a 2 stroke engine
Steven Kersey
Steven Kersey Måned siden
Is he back in England permanently.
Matthew Sykes
Matthew Sykes Måned siden
Alex, most cabbages are smarter than you. You have to be a really really smart cabbage to avoid the boiling pot of water and other stuffs before you become dinner..... Ginger cabbage avoided the pot, nice. Still got to get that thing running.... I'm too tired to make any sense of things, laterszzzzzzzzzz
ZelNetProductions Måned siden
It may have a governor sprocket you need to remove as well as an oil sensor can cause it to die if you accelerate too fast I've done this before please feel free to reach out
Seawolfaka Måned siden
Yeah you should’ve bought that chainsaw motor buddy I had to go kart made with one when I was a kid the thing was off the hook
John Grech
John Grech Måned siden
I cried at that quick clip of Colin laughing at you!
Jeremiah Joseph
Jeremiah Joseph Måned siden
I’m jealous of how nice his s4 is
NightmareOO9 Måned siden
So I havent watched Alec Steele in a long while now. Why does it look like he is in his old shop again?
Johnston Journeys
Johnston Journeys Måned siden
Clearly you need a safety tie
Karol Darkon
Karol Darkon Måned siden
rhy_boy1 Måned siden
You should have just gone electric
Its Reamo
Its Reamo Måned siden
Do a 2000w electric scrabbler bike or something electroc
Mike Sedutto
Mike Sedutto Måned siden
@colin furze please come help this man that would be an amazing collab
DJ_Taylor24 Måned siden
Thank you so much for working on this again was beginning to think you just gave up. Personally with it dying I would check the carburetor and spark plug to be sure they are clean. If they aren’t then your burning fuel to hot and leaving suet and need to adjust fuel mix
OddGuy Måned siden
Clean the carburetor and check is there is free flow of fuel from the tank. Seems like it was running poorly because of a dirty carb and stopping from inadequate fuel flow from the tank.
JohnSmith FakeName
JohnSmith FakeName Måned siden
My only question is why does Alex not know about Generator engines. They are often used for this application. Predator engines are the #1 go kart engine in America for reasons. Harbor freight sells predator engines and they tend to be at a good deal (before 2020 a 212cc, with around 7.5 HP, was around $100 on sale).
ObiWanShinobi1 Måned siden
Gotta be careful with fans in the shop; they can be blowhards.
Korey Kilburn
Korey Kilburn Måned siden
Alec your scooter design works. Have a small engine shop tune up your engine.
Meb's adventures
Meb's adventures Måned siden
I feel so much better now that its finished
Hello Traductor de subtítulo al español Un saludo desde España
Francis Reid Jr
Francis Reid Jr Måned siden
whens the colab happening with @colinfurze
I dont want to use my real name
Try a used snowmobile or scooter engine. I've had great luck with both. Usually finding a vehicle with something else major broken like the frame, track, or was in an accident but the engine is fine.
hhhpalmer Måned siden
Don't give up on it. Ull get it. Love to see it finish
fnielson Måned siden
The banter about the worm was my favorite part XD
Youtube sucks now
Youtube sucks now Måned siden
Why not just show up at Colin's workshop. Easy colab
Just some Random guy
Your scientists were so preoccupied on wether or not they could they didn’t stop to think I’f they should.
SternLX Måned siden
Well... this just begs for a Colin Furze and Alec Steele collab video now doesn't it?
Zackery Anderson
Zackery Anderson Måned siden
was a good attempt for no knowledge on the subject. i would like to offer some tips though. its way to heavy, try using recycled bicycle frame parts instead of steal stock to save a ton on weight and i would also change the engine, a really good engine for a scooter is from a small snowblower. i have a home made scooter with a 3hp snowblower engine and it gets over 30mph with no engine modifications. Also one last thing, for a scooter the best drive ratio is 8 to 1
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart Måned siden
I can se why it's so slow. You've got your gears backward. you want the large gear on the motor and the small gear on the axle. It's just like your bike. You also need a gear shifter so you can control your gear ratios.
Tiago Kang
Tiago Kang Måned siden
If you wanna see Alec build Lone Wolf and Cub baby cart with concealed naginatas like this comment and echo.
Jake Allen
Jake Allen Måned siden
Colin Furze team up needs to happen!!!
DistilledPuss Water
DistilledPuss Water Måned siden
Next design a motorcycle café racer esc
Wayne Beck
Wayne Beck Måned siden
When tilting the head you should slacking them every so slightly tighten them back on
Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills Måned siden
get some help from Colin!
Germz4U Måned siden
I think the idea of making a scooter with the most basic parts ever is kind of made moot by the fact that you then turn parts out on a multiple thousand dollar milling machine. Not to be a hater, I love this channel. I love Alec! I just wish maybe he found a better way to cut the rake of the front forks ? i dunno. Not to mention the thousand dollar lathe.
colin leonard
colin leonard Måned siden
Nice audi
Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin Måned siden
Building stuff is all fine and dandy but my favorite part was happy Yogo running after you on the scooter
Nathan Steyn
Nathan Steyn Måned siden
E.F. Woodturning
E.F. Woodturning Måned siden
Solution: Use a treadmill engine. I have used them to upgrade my lathe, they go fast, and are powerful.
stg.wendigo Måned siden
Dear Alec, could it be possible to create a weed-leaf pattern damascus tanto knife? And if it is possible can you try it?
Ryan Watkins
Ryan Watkins Måned siden
This video is just a PSA that 10 min worth or research really helps when working on a project out side of ones comfort zone, still pretty cool thoe
jib1187 Måned siden
Alex Give Colin a call, can you just imagine how much more terrifying that scooter would be if he gets involved. " let's put a jet engine in it" lol
LycanFPV Måned siden
You lost lot of power by making the rear end so heavy with all the metal
Paulo Freitas
Paulo Freitas Måned siden
Why didn’t you go for an electric motor? Smaller more powerful cleaner !
Bitplanebrother Måned siden
to me that engine look like a Briggs and straton..the orgin Carburators are trash but it should produce at least 3-5 hp..when running.. it looked like the clutch was still slipping..so either the Sprocket ratio of the chain is wrong or the engine dosen´t rev high enough... my idea..clean the Carburator and remove the gouvenor (rev limiter)..and if the clutch still slips..reduce the gear ratio.. greetings from a german KART mechanic,,;)
Ori Jarlip
Ori Jarlip Måned siden
Hi i just wanted to ask what abrasives brand you use in the belt grinder?
Novakayne Måned siden
there are go kart places in england yeh? see if they have any second hand stuff? i know its hard to get this sorta stuff here in AUS
mungbean84 Måned siden
Chainsaw was the right track...
A N Måned siden
Is forging Colin Furze a shovel or pickaxe a good idea for a new video?
Sean Lennes
Sean Lennes Måned siden
The guy screaming at you at the end deserves a medal… that was funny. Was also pretty funny watching you geek out at like 3mph. 😉🤣. Legit fear though. Nobody wants some chain violently smacking their calves or an engine case blowing up behind them. Cool project!! Truly wish I had your fabrication skills, I have so much respect for your craft!
DaMon Turnbull
DaMon Turnbull Måned siden
Dat Arse!
Robert Vivian
Robert Vivian Måned siden
I would possibly try out different clutch springs. Sometimes they're too stiff and they don't grip well enough, hence the low power.
riuphane Måned siden
Alec: "the Steeles are back in stock this Friday" *Gratuitous shots of Alec's buttocks in his custom embroidered pants* Me: um... What is he selling? Wife: better question, what are you buying? O_o
Korey Kilburn
Korey Kilburn Måned siden
Lmao… love your wife’s reply.
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