Peter Kay - The tour that doesn't tour 2011 

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Peter Kay's brilliant stand up show back in 2011. I own none of this



25. nov.. 2014





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Lizweedus 2 minutter siden
OMG. I can't believe the thumbs down. My god, these people must be walking in their sleep.
Michael Holyk
Michael Holyk 2 dager siden
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Feel Good Videos
Feel Good Videos 3 dager siden
The most genuine down to earth comedian about, i love this show and the misheard lyrics is one of the funniest gags i have ever heard in my life, i honestly think i have watched it more than 100 times lol
Joseph Breslin
Joseph Breslin 4 dager siden
Unfunny ,why do people laugh because it's a big name , comedy in a 14,000 arena ,GREED
beryl bishop
beryl bishop 4 dager siden
Feeling low Peter cheers me up
Shaheen Chaudhry
Shaheen Chaudhry 5 dager siden
A truly talented comedian. Simply the best. So proud to have him as my regular customer ❤
antonw91 6 dager siden
"I used to make bullets for Lancaster Bombers" 🤣
Olympic airways
Olympic airways 7 dager siden
One of the funniest, nicest relatable and respected comedians our little island has ever had to offer, love this man ❤️
M S84
M S84 7 dager siden
This guy was born to make people laugh... Wad a gift x
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 7 dager siden
If you ever want cheering up... Peter Kay is the man to do it. Great stuff.
Carol Murray
Carol Murray 7 dager siden
The most appreciative audience. I’m sooooo appreciative watching it online. Again😂😂😂
Adam treanor
Adam treanor 7 dager siden
Grace Davies m.nocharts.info/like/pH94lca2oYXTaKk/video.html# 🙂
Lez Mossa
Lez Mossa 8 dager siden
Lol yep n where one of them
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller 8 dager siden
Best all round comic ever .....no1 even close
Chloe Smitham
Chloe Smitham 10 dager siden
I was having the worst day ever…until this!!!!!
jordan 111
jordan 111 10 dager siden
Peter Kay is pure hilarious he’s a legend can’t watch for crying with laughter 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💜💜💜💜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Colin Ward
Colin Ward 5 dager siden
whats with the jock flag all about...
Future freak
Future freak 11 dager siden
Never liked this guy…piss poor
Lucie Storey
Lucie Storey 11 dager siden
i watch this before going to work puts me in a good mood and when i’m working i laugh to my self from all the jokes 😂
Jacob Bailey-Lawton
Jacob Bailey-Lawton 11 dager siden
It's so good, people watch it 6 years later
Chris Karatzis
Chris Karatzis 11 dager siden
Funny man ...
stellen11 13 dager siden
Literally 10 seconds of peter kay and im laughing. Literally 1 hour of michael macintyre and there is nothing. How can that bastard macintyre be a mainstay of saturday night tv when is so unfunny?? HOW?? And why has there been nothing new from peter in years and years? Life is so fucking UNFAIR.
yuna1971 14 dager siden
Sick voice 😂😂😂
Brian Kerr
Brian Kerr 15 dager siden
Tow doors down
brian280453 15 dager siden
Crying with laughter, (again)!.
ASH'S GAME DEN 15 dager siden
Back then he was amazing then he went all weird.
Kev beck guitar
Kev beck guitar 11 dager siden
What do you mean
Bonn G'SSTUFF 15 dager siden
Love it
Ian Harris
Ian Harris 16 dager siden
If I’m down 10 minutes of Peter sorts me out every time
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 16 dager siden
924 downvoters at the time of commenting who have had lobotomies
Laurence Gladwell
Laurence Gladwell 17 dager siden
Since when was this man funny ,,the worst case of diarrhoea is funnier than this man 👎
Pen Parker
Pen Parker 17 dager siden
I have watched this man over and over again. I am crying with lighter with a belly ache. Thank you young man
Elizabeth MacRae
Elizabeth MacRae 17 dager siden
Tyson for a blanket
The Elvis Guru
The Elvis Guru 17 dager siden
God bless Peter Kay. I love both of his jokes!
Prinz Nezz
Prinz Nezz Time siden
So there's remembering stuff and what was the other one again?
Scott C Mcgeachy
Scott C Mcgeachy 17 dager siden
Comical Genius
Poppy Field
Poppy Field 17 dager siden
Every time I want to laugh my head off, I watch Peter Kay! Never fails to have me crying🤣😂😆
Val williams
Val williams 15 dager siden
paul mitchell
paul mitchell 17 dager siden
A man who knows his audience.
L xx
L xx 18 dager siden
Sometimes you forget how funny he is, this has cheered me up. Thanks Mr Kay.
Devan Brittlegyvb
Devan Brittlegyvb 11 dager siden
Optic shit scared
Optic shit scared 18 dager siden
i recomend his audiobook it is hillarious
Carl Catchpole
Carl Catchpole 18 dager siden
Legend!! Naturally funny, born to make people laugh 😂😂👍👍
Marcel L
Marcel L 19 dager siden
Unbelievably masterful. One of a kind. Love this guy.
Amber Wood
Amber Wood 20 dager siden
British Icon Legendary Status !!!! We need a petition to get him back ❤
Optic shit scared
Optic shit scared 18 dager siden
hes back done a charity gig
Chela McGuire
Chela McGuire 20 dager siden
We all could do with a little of Peter Kay in our life every so often. He truly keeps all of us in a grand frame of mind. Brilliant comedy and he is non stop. Sheer brilliance from start to stop,. What more could we want?
Boyo 20 dager siden
Helen Bristow
Helen Bristow 21 dag siden
Absolutely fantastic 👏 Absolutely hilarious 😂
Michael Downey
Michael Downey 18 dager siden
Show. Us. Your. Self Please
Si West
Si West 21 dag siden
Bloody Northerners...👍😃🤣
MrBagpipes1971 22 dager siden
jason jordan
jason jordan 23 dager siden
your bolton
Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen 23 dager siden
Amazing still
Hilary C
Hilary C 23 dager siden
It's not the entire show, but it was good none the less. Great finale!
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 24 dager siden
Impressive, very nice. Now let’s see Paul Allen’s performance
Miguel Dykes
Miguel Dykes 24 dager siden
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cOoL_aNd_FuN_aNd_NiCe 22 dager siden
sorry what
Jacob Samuels
Jacob Samuels 24 dager siden
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Julie Black
Julie Black 25 dager siden
Brilliant 🤩 I haven’t laughed so much in ages 😂
UnitetheClans 25 dager siden
Top quality comedy genius. God bless 🙏
Bea Emgee
Bea Emgee 25 dager siden
What a brilliant watch, best of the best!!!!
Deformed nut Sack
Deformed nut Sack 25 dager siden
Who can possibly dislike this miserable sods 😡
Wayne Van Rensburg
Wayne Van Rensburg 25 dager siden
And commenting today😂
Brigid Singleton
Brigid Singleton 26 dager siden
Brilliant Peter Kay💞. 😃💞💞😃💞💞💞
nic williams
nic williams 26 dager siden
Still loving this in 2021 🥰
thedustiev1 26 dager siden
re-watch his shows & still laugh my head off, plus he can make you laugh without having drop to the vulgar level many comedians do for a laugh. A true Frank Carson "it's the way I tell 'em"
Tim Siggs
Tim Siggs 27 dager siden
One of those jobs so ask your self why didn't I do that before!
Maureen Jones
Maureen Jones 27 dager siden
Come on Peter get back to us! x
Kelly Higham
Kelly Higham 28 dager siden
Has he ever been to Kirk holt club?
Sandra Mullen
Sandra Mullen 29 dager siden
Only Peter could stand up there playing two sets of shovels . And get the same response as Queen would get .lol brilliant . 👏
Ian Kingsbury
Ian Kingsbury 29 dager siden
Racquel Welch
Racquel Welch Måned siden
OMG....how have I never heard of this man!!!!! He was absolutely fantastic!! I feel like I've had an entire workout from laughing so much. LOVED IT!!!!!!
Sgit Admin
Sgit Admin Måned siden
I'd love to hear his take on Covid and Brexit. He's a genius.
James McCulloch
James McCulloch Måned siden
Where’s Misheard Lyrics?
Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin Måned siden
Teachers with amnesia ace 👍
Gareth Atkinson
Gareth Atkinson Måned siden
Is that matt lucas on the drums...
Made in England
Made in England Måned siden
Saw this tour live!! Loved every minute. Legend of a man.
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick Måned siden
Can’t leave it on 666 comments 🤣
The Vicious Chicken of Bristol
Not funny.
srwc1 Måned siden
How can so much love come from one person thank you Peter love you
Jane Marlow
Jane Marlow Måned siden
Absolutely hilarious 🤣😆😂100%
Diane Gilbank
Diane Gilbank Måned siden
Simpley Brilliant
Samuel Hutchison
Samuel Hutchison Måned siden
For me the greatest stand up comedian we have ever produced simply brilliant..
Adrian Gibson
Adrian Gibson Måned siden
Really 🤔
Adrian Gibson
Adrian Gibson Måned siden
Really! Peter come on you can do much " better than that now there is that covid!!! Dude pore filthy..😁😅🤣😂
glamlad wales
glamlad wales Måned siden
Its as if he lived in our house, connects with 70s 80s families
valerie slater
valerie slater Måned siden
OMG !!! What a bloody Fantastic Show !! Peter Kay, you are the KING of Comedy, no doubt about it !!! Thanks for making me laugh from start to finish, and I really loved your guitar solos at the end.....
Andrew Helliwell
Andrew Helliwell Måned siden
He plays the shovel better than I play guitar
N Gauge England -Synthematix-
I can count the pixels in this video.
MB Måned siden
What I love about watching Peter Kay is watching the audience point at the person beside them, or mouth ‘thats you’, because Peter and his comedy is so relevant to everyone! It’s so wholesome :)
MUFU BEATS Måned siden
He’s an absolute genius! So simple yet so effective.
linda bloomfield
linda bloomfield Måned siden
So funny couldn’t stop laughing
Elizabeth Offier
Elizabeth Offier Måned siden
Mad 1
Mad 1 Måned siden
Love it
guitar stuff miller
guitar stuff miller Måned siden
He could defo break usa
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins Måned siden
at 18:55 You can see Dawn French
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee Måned siden
Absolute legend so so funny
Have a nice day
Have a nice day Måned siden
🖖live long and prosper
LH Måned siden
12:47 - That woman looks heaps like Jodie Foster! 😲
Lance Vernon
Lance Vernon Måned siden
Peter Kay #legend
davve Måned siden
no matter how many times youtube will recommend this video, I will never watch it
Captain Cardboard
Captain Cardboard Måned siden
Yeah, don't bother. I just watched random bits of it. Bloody awful.
Keith Bird
Keith Bird Måned siden
Best British comic by a million miles. No contest.
Steven S
Steven S Måned siden
Let me know when he says something funny
Ward Three
Ward Three Måned siden
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Catherine A
Catherine A Måned siden
Just brilliant...he made my whole life just flash before me! I miss the old days....
Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh Måned siden
Absolutely smashed it 👏
Abztract Boxing And stuff
For me this is the best comedian in the world, most comics set up jokes for 5 minutes or more and the laughs are few and far between but Peter just sprays them at you like an ak47 one after the other, everything he says is funny and he’s hilarious even when he’s not trying to be. Naturally gifted, one off genius.
Carrie Bizz
Carrie Bizz Måned siden
Omg I'm dying 😭 🤣🤣🤣. Cleaning my kitchen late at night, hubby and kids asleep and im in here laughing my ass off with ear buds in. I'm an Aussie and I tell you what, we are all the same no matter what country we're all the same 🤣😂🤣😂
tigger Måned siden
Peter kay is a legend my favourite comedian
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