I Ate a 20,000cal Burger in Record Time!! **Octuple Bypass Challenge** 

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Sorry for the wait... I was on vaca.. a long diet... but We're Back!!🔥🔥

Had to come back big with an Iconic Food Challenge here in Las Vegas. The Octuple Bypass Challenge at the Heart Attack Grill!!
- 8 1/2lb Patties
- 16 Slices of Cheese
- A whole Red Onion
- 2 Tomatoes
- Chili
- 40 Slices of Bacon
- 2 Hamburger Buns

The World Record was set by Miki Sudo at 7:42 .
Will I be able to conquer the Burger in less?!


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24. juli. 2021





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Kommentarer 22 779   
Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie 2 måneder siden
250,000 likes on the vid & I'll go back for the Quadruple-Bypass record ;)
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 21 time siden
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Dag siden
I bet the creepy boss doctor got me too’d since then
cody m
cody m 4 dager siden
Let's see it haha
Flaming 6 dager siden
Looks like someone gotta do it again
Jeremiah Lott
Jeremiah Lott 8 dager siden
Ur at 430k do it!!!
Weston Ryan
Weston Ryan 40 sekunder siden
The owner seems really cool actually. Another great vid, brother
ID10Tpig 2 timer siden
Come down to Mel's Country Café in Tomball, Texas and try the Mega Mel. Its roughly the same size as this burger and you get 2 hours to eat it. You'll crush it, easy.
gamer boy
gamer boy 3 timer siden
I bet ppl doesn't even bother challenging that time lol
itsBATMAYNE 6 timer siden
There’s nothing fun about this
Tiago Moutinho
Tiago Moutinho 8 timer siden
Disgusting but nice one beast ahah
SuperReposter 9 timer siden
This restaurant make mcdonalds look like a vegan restaurant
christoph !!
christoph !! 10 timer siden
That owner is a creep
Demoman 11 timer siden
1:46 those huge buns almost gave me a heart attack Damn she THICC
Kim Juanatas
Kim Juanatas 11 timer siden
Horroble Record Dammnnnnnnnn
Lonelybanana 15 timer siden
Karlisa Morton
Karlisa Morton 18 timer siden
No one else will ever beat this record for a very long time.
Jian Lopez
Jian Lopez 19 timer siden
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez 21 time siden
Rody Coen
Rody Coen Dag siden
Damn bottle “6:58 seconds 😜
Eric Worrell
Eric Worrell Dag siden
Mat you the man 100%
Mehak arshad
Mehak arshad Dag siden
Cory Stoker
Cory Stoker Dag siden
Dude actually shimmied to drop that food down faster.
Souvik Sinha
Souvik Sinha Dag siden
The guy seriously need some jeera soda now
Miguel Rico Ibabe
I really wanted this video since few years ago!
The Anomaly
The Anomaly Dag siden
1:46 the dump truck on the right 😫
See Jo Mes
See Jo Mes Dag siden
Go take over an all you can eat Buffet bruh, and good job on getting 435,000 likes. Keep your word bro 💪🏽
RLS Dag siden
Do bowling ball burger
MangoSlicer Dag siden
Not only did he beat the record, he SMASHED IT. Good stuff Matt, best competitive eater as far as I'm concerned
What about the fries?
Sohaib Khan
Sohaib Khan Dag siden
Guy who held the previous record: My whole life, and career and everything is completely destroyed and my name is covered in darkness for eternity.
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 2 dager siden
That doctor dude is totally the creepy boss that goes around giving unwarranted back rubs to the female staff
DylInOurYrd 2 dager siden
Yo who the girl on the left😍😍😍
Joaqunf u.u
Joaqunf u.u 2 dager siden
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson 2 dager siden
What's the stuff that looks like antifreeze 😆
Anthony Curtis
Anthony Curtis 2 dager siden
Congrats Matt I love your videos, keeping it gangsta
Zephyr - Draco
Zephyr - Draco 2 dager siden
Wow, he demolished that
Ksksbja Sknsnsns
Ksksbja Sknsnsns 2 dager siden
TARIK MAHMUT 2 dager siden
ehee 2 dager siden
Heart attack grill more like organ failure
Leonardoes164 2 dager siden
Mr Mavros
Mr Mavros 2 dager siden
6:58 - Checking out her burgers...
JAIRUUU 2 dager siden
4:29 Look at the water bottle
Carlos Moura
Carlos Moura 2 dager siden
We gonna talk about how thick that girl is? 1:46
Hamzah Arif
Hamzah Arif 2 dager siden
It doesn't look tasty, with that way of eating
stay triggered snowflakes
girl on the left at the end was a dime. nice rack, too.
Ivan Bravo
Ivan Bravo 2 dager siden
😞 the owner called me a loser
Memphis Raines
Memphis Raines 3 dager siden
Lebo M
Lebo M 3 dager siden
How is he still so skinny? I eat 1 burger and I gain 10kg😭
KRISHNA SAROJ 3 dager siden
the only thing holding this guy back is that small mouth opening😂
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 3 dager siden
Little known fact is after this challenge, Matt completed the Special Forces Q course on a handful of raisins.
Do niat
Do niat 3 dager siden
Awesome 👏🏼👏🏼
wael khalel
wael khalel 3 dager siden
i want kiss 🥺
thunder mix
thunder mix 3 dager siden
Jared Muskego
Jared Muskego 3 dager siden
Food genocide is on his agenda…
ActionAdam 3 dager siden
Isn't that ginger chick in the back the one that beat Tyler1?
Greensky02 3 dager siden
A "Doctor" owner where all the waitresses as dressed as sexy nurses!? I need to visit this place!
Kaunzera 4 dager siden
corbucci eats
Efe Türedi
Efe Türedi 4 dager siden
Yusma Mughal
Yusma Mughal 4 dager siden
and here me who take whole lot of hours to finish just one patty
Venigalla Bharath chowdary
Thats how much food my grandma wants me to eat 🤧
Kristian Savatier
Kristian Savatier 4 dager siden
This is not 20.000 kcal - at all
SoAp Gaming
SoAp Gaming 4 dager siden
no one cant eat with mat
Daeiquan Weaver
Daeiquan Weaver 4 dager siden
bro how are u still alive lol
History Z
History Z 4 dager siden
Damn dude looks short and fit definitely didn’t think he could fit that inside him lmao
Alam Sanchez
Alam Sanchez 4 dager siden
Be careful watch you cholesterol
✞EL CUHH✞ 4 dager siden
They was thick シ
Alphanisis 4 dager siden
vegan teacher would like to know your location
Sabyasachi Debnath
Sabyasachi Debnath 4 dager siden
Well all of the calories got burnt afterwards 😂
SGU Sapling
SGU Sapling 4 dager siden
All fun and games till the glizzy gobbler attempts it
bingus 4 dager siden
i cant even eat a burger in 7 mins
GRIMM thoughts
GRIMM thoughts 4 dager siden
It might kill you but at least you won't be hungryy 😁
Deathculture 4 dager siden
This guy must have a crazy metabolism
Ppl in da streets
Ppl in da streets 4 dager siden
Poor guy that must’ve been horrible
João Franco
João Franco 4 dager siden
this guy seems like a chinese elf eating and he cough right after the girl ´s kiss ahah
Borax 4 dager siden
lmao now run 10 marathons to get rid of that
Jad Fayad
Jad Fayad 5 dager siden
I got heart burn from watching this
Shopcash Cashshop
Shopcash Cashshop 5 dager siden
If people wanna eat themselfs to death let um.its fine the government lets us smoke and drink...money is law....unfortuntly but cant hate a man for maken a busnises.he is sweating more off that then 14 pds and it was 6 pds...gota be the lard.
Morten Skjoedt
Morten Skjoedt 5 dager siden
The burgers at the Heart Attack Grill taste like s...Eat somewhere else.
clue less
clue less 5 dager siden
he back washed the fuck out the water bottle
God 5 dager siden
Dr John is back
codafett 5 dager siden
1:44 Yooooo
Hubert Greck
Hubert Greck 5 dager siden
You are the besssssssst
Austin Family Adventures
how do you swallow the food with out chewing it ? Your arse must be pumping out bricks. lol
The Proud Noob
The Proud Noob 5 dager siden
what teh fu ck
강현민 5 dager siden
황근출 해병님;;
Mr. Nugget
Mr. Nugget 5 dager siden
damn metabolism
SANJAY 5 dager siden
Erick should try this challenge
Independent 5 dager siden
McDonald's has signs at the drive thru window warning of health risk along with basically every other fast food chain....y'all are hyping up this whole "awareness" shit.
DK Hassan
DK Hassan 5 dager siden
If I can gain weight by eating 1200 calories what would this do to me?
AF-P Queen
AF-P Queen 5 dager siden
I wonder what mattes girlfriend was thinking about the women kissing him at the end
Damian Dong
Damian Dong 6 dager siden
Joey Chessnut: are you challenging me?
MA QUESTO NN INGRASSA MAIII?!?! ce io se mangio ingrassondi 400000000 di kili ... COME FAA
Ilovecapybaraanimals 6 dager siden
I love how invested Dr John is lmao it's basically the equivalent of Ronald McDonald welcoming you at McDonald's
PartTimeLazy 6 dager siden
He looks like he's suffering almost everytime he takes a bite and we all understand why.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 6 dager siden
Idiots everywhere idiots 🤦‍♂️🤮
Randy 4 dager siden
F Q 6 dager siden
AZAD HASAN 6 dager siden
Spiral 6 dager siden
fucking legend!
Sagwe Man
Sagwe Man 6 dager siden
I wonder how he shits
Mac Lean
Mac Lean 6 dager siden
I hope you don't vomit after 🤢🤮
Sneaky Snape
Sneaky Snape 6 dager siden
Dr.: "A record that will probably not be beat in my lifetime." Me: I guess he hasn't heard of Molly Schuyler? He's in for a treat if she ever ends up there. 😅
Sneaky Snape
Sneaky Snape 3 timer siden
@Beast X3C it was literally just me explaining how Molly is faster and has more capacity than several other eaters. You didn't have to read it if it was too hard for you but you didn't have to take the effort to be a shit either. Go on with your day bein a prick man. if that's how you like to live then have at it ❤
Beast X3C
Beast X3C Dag siden
@Sneaky Snape Oh trust me ma'am, it's not. I just don't like to waste my time. That's all. Have a nice one ;)
Sneaky Snape
Sneaky Snape Dag siden
@Beast X3C I'm sorry that reading is such a challenge for you 😂🤷‍♀️
derp Dag siden
@Garen A.P you a real one
Beast X3C
Beast X3C 2 dager siden
@Garen A.P **Whispers back** thanks homie, you saved me big time ;)
NightlyVibes 6 dager siden
Knew it was the heart attack grill just from the burger.
ANiceGuy 6 dager siden
Oh one of their employees is like one of the best female competitive eaters wow
AppleGoose 6 dager siden
Lmao watching the back wash
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