Full Timeline of the Dune Universe (34,000 Years) 

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House Atreides can trace its lineage back to ancient Greece. Though the Expanded Dune universe by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson offers some contradicting dates and accounts to the Dune Encyclopedia the Encyclopedia provides the most comprehensive timeline of the dune universe. Though in the Original Frank Herbert Dune books Earth is lost in the mist of time the encyclopedia offers dates stretching all the way from humanities early beginnings on Earth to a few thousand years after the death of the God Emperor Leto the second, up until the in-universe publication of the encyclopedia itself in 15540 AG.

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Quinn's Ideas
Quinn's Ideas 2 år siden
Correction: House Atreides traces its ancestry to Greece not Rome.
Tessier Ashpool,mg
Tessier Ashpool,mg 9 dager siden
@Theo van Mierlo hey wise guy, you totally misinterpreted my comment. If you had half a brain you would reread it and delete your trash before NOcharts does it for you.
Theo van Mierlo
Theo van Mierlo 9 dager siden
@kamaeq Please, go on. Elaborate. I'm sure everyone will understand your 2nd post concerning this as well as the 1st.
Theo van Mierlo
Theo van Mierlo 9 dager siden
@Winston Poplin Even though this channel is promoting & encouraging present & future readers of Dune & Mr Herbert's vast array of some of the best books ever, there's always going to be some ignoramus who'll be critical. No matter what, haters are going to hate. Even after reading most of Mr Herbert's books, I was surprised that it all began here on earth.
Theo van Mierlo
Theo van Mierlo 9 dager siden
@Tessier Ashpool,mg It's a wonder why people didn't protest outside your house or break your door down after saying that Frank Herbert's writing was a 'waste of space'. Be careful of what you say, especially posting it here.
Theo van Mierlo
Theo van Mierlo 9 dager siden
@Iron Cross Buy the book if you don't like it.
4:36 hmm, that looks a lot like Salvador Dali 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Quinn's Ideas
Quinn's Ideas Dag siden
k ._.
k ._. 2 dager siden
34,000 years worth of knowledge in the dune universe in 10 minutes. Let’s do this
HardnEasy 2 dager siden
Trying to decide whether not to spoil this for myself or just binge every last bit of information on the internet about the Dune universe
Babaero Max
Babaero Max 2 dager siden
out of sudden this narrator linked the movie with terrorost israhell.. geeezzzz..
X veteran
X veteran 3 dager siden
1.52 ära aja mäda, populatsiooni põhjust see oli kutsud kiusasid lamba tallekesi et välja selgitada miks nad ei ole kriminaali d ega pedofiilse perekonna lapselaps d nigu kutsu hynese perekonna liikmed
X veteran
X veteran 3 dager siden
0.47 ma alati armastan seda pilti kui universum on kummi otsas ja venitatakse nii kaugele et korraliku laksuga avatakse universum uus elu pärast elu. Pauk mis särab romantilisel t ja igavesti
nebil messoud
nebil messoud 3 dager siden
Jihad just mean and translates as Struggle. Google search isn't always correct, so please stop using that word wrong. You're not as dumb as the media, so use the correct terms. Like insurgents means innocent women and children... Please don't be ignorant, I'm sure that wasn't your intention and I mean no disrespect with this comment.
chiffmonkey 5 dager siden
1:47 Marco Inaros, is that you?
Harry Schaefer
Harry Schaefer 5 dager siden
This stuff is almost as weird as Christianity.
thetravellor 5 dager siden
you left out the history of the later books.
deafwing 5 dager siden
Hey Quinn how excited are ya for next week? 😆💪🏿
Brian Aubuchon
Brian Aubuchon 6 dager siden
So this is how great Frank Herbert's morphine addiction was.
Brian Aubuchon
Brian Aubuchon 6 dager siden
Or at least a taste of it.
Techno union representative
abandon all hope ye who enter this comment section. sigh, you'd think for as intellectually rich the dune series is, it would attract a more mature audience. judging from this comment section the fans are immature gatekeeping children, and one the side there is the people who argue that X series is better than X series. dune warhammer star wars star trek Halo happen to be the series i see being argued the most. can we not just like what we want to like without tearing at eachothers throats? can we acknowledge various sci fi and fantasy series's faults and positives?
Austin Texas Gardening with Matthew Wottrich
Shocked to see 40k stole from this
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman 8 dager siden
Weird how democracy is never a thing in the Dune universe. What's this obsession with emperors and bloodlines? kinda sus
Mark Malkowski
Mark Malkowski 8 dager siden
You say “diaspora” really weird
Mark Malkowski
Mark Malkowski 8 dager siden
(Sorry I know this is petty).
John S
John S 8 dager siden
In 10178 AG, Gurney farted
Chris S.
Chris S. 12 dager siden
Hilariously, Herbert wrote an article on sand dunes when he was a science writer, and his editor said "Who's interested in sand dunes? and never published it.
Matt Mountain
Matt Mountain 14 dager siden
1:45 I'm not sure à population can decrease by more than 100 percent mate negative people exist but that's not what that means 😉
Prophet Ascending
Prophet Ascending 17 dager siden
You forget to mention the great House of Scum Bag, ruled by the God King 'Shoplifter Heroin Addict the First'.
Raphaël 17 dager siden
Just saw Dune at the theater, I wanted to know more about this universe 🤗
Loose Lips
Loose Lips 18 dager siden
What is this dork lonely shi?? 😂 I swear I’m boutta kick my sister out da house for recommending me this movie
nac 18 dager siden
mfs really made our planet a nature reserve
Beck Reid
Beck Reid 19 dager siden
diaspora: dye-ASS-per-a. not dye-ass-POR-a
Anthony Onstad
Anthony Onstad 21 dag siden
I've read the entire Dune sereies love these books especially Frank Herbert's novels
Amir 29 dager siden
Is it ok just to read books by Frack Herbert? I still didnt start reading Dune but my friend said to me that books by his son are bad and they just ruin the story, is it true?
Rodrigo Ferreira
Rodrigo Ferreira 19 timer siden
They are pretty good, but cronology and some events related to this video are a little changed (in a good way in my opinion)
H.S. Lee
H.S. Lee Måned siden
3:47 Why is Ladislaus looking like Aleister Crowley?
McCool117 Måned siden
So disappointed. You clearly missed out on calling it the Duniverse. Kittens will die because of this.
Wei Yang
Wei Yang Måned siden
Before 2100, machines will have already taken over earth.
Afonso Ferreira
Afonso Ferreira Måned siden
I would like to remember that a moon can and is an world, so 1000 worlds do not require 1000 planets. For example in the solar system you have WAY MORE interesting moons than planets
RPS Corp
RPS Corp Måned siden
Ive looked at the chart, and nothing makes sense on there. Its non-canon trash, sorry.
Floris Floris
Floris Floris Måned siden
die es SPOOra
HyadumHH Måned siden
A lot of facts are not actually true in this video.
peter-paul kutschlojenga
The last time I dug into this much lore was with Game of Thrones, after seeing the first 4 seasons. Now I have to learn about space Game of Thrones. Without having read or seen anything. This is going to be difficult.
Dr Hade
Dr Hade Måned siden
Giuly Blaziken
Giuly Blaziken Måned siden
So while listening to this video I think I found a plothole in the Dune universe: at the end of the video Quinn says that at 34.000 years no single human could ever catalog all of humanity at this point. However, shouldn't the Reverend mothers of the bene gesserit be able to do it with their expanded genetic memories? I get that they can only access those from their female ancestors, but still they should be able to reconstruct a somewhat clear image of humanity's history. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still relatively new to the fandom (I only read the first book which I liked a lot) also english isn't my first language so forgive me if I spelled something wrong.
Ben Gaughan
Ben Gaughan Måned siden
Holtzmen had help if we read the books
Lessian Saralonde
Lessian Saralonde Måned siden
The founder of house atreides was not a sadukar, he was a former commander on the side of the machines, and given extended life by his 'father' one of the titans. He went turncoat and joined the humans to fight against the machines.
Hogtown1986 Måned siden
So if I’m doing the math right, the events of Dune start about 24,600 years from now?
Lucas Blanchard
Lucas Blanchard Måned siden
The fact that you don’t have “Duniverse” in the title of this video is an atrocity ha!
Jonathan Jacquet
Jonathan Jacquet Måned siden
...and then 40,000 years into the far future, there is only war.
signsabound Måned siden
I’m confused. Didn’t Norma Cenva work for Holtzman? Am I looking at the dates wrong? Also, why isn’t the rise of Agamemnon listed here?
l wf
l wf Måned siden
Wouldn't it be a good idea to look up unfamiliar words before you attempt to say them out loud? It's "die-ASS-puh-ruh", not "die-a-SPORE-uh".
Ramxes Måned siden
writting som tunes to the idea of dune
BumbleBEEman210 Måned siden
Soooo Dune is the Titanfall universe confirmed
Ship 4
Ship 4 Måned siden
In the yearrrrr 2525
Spencer Allbritton
Spencer Allbritton Måned siden
I gotta start reading these books
The Effete
The Effete Måned siden
The Dune Encyclopedia is not canon. That should be an important fact to stress when making these videos.
Anthony Fimia
Anthony Fimia 2 måneder siden
Why would you say 101. 90. Why not 10 191. Like oh I don’t know real numbers ?!?!?! Very annoying
Grano Spadano
Grano Spadano 2 måneder siden
"Dye-ah-sporah"? No. "Dee-AH-sporah" Yes.
Brothermangill Dale Exposer
It's amazing Games Workshop was never sued for IP theft from F.H.'s estate for Warhammer 40k.
Randy Cockrell
Randy Cockrell 2 måneder siden
Revan Drag
Revan Drag 2 måneder siden
I dont know why but I feels like Star Wars expanded universe was inspired by Dune
Matthew Topping
Matthew Topping 2 måneder siden
But, like, Ceres isn't a planet, and why the fck would humanity bust out with "empire" after colonizing the solar system?? The deep backstory of this canon makes no sense.
Amaury Acosta
Amaury Acosta 2 måneder siden
No credit to Norma Cerva for helping Holtzman
Robert Nett
Robert Nett 2 måneder siden
I wonder how a construct like the Empire of the 10 Worlds could survive as a cohesive entity. The problem of empires in history always was communication (or what I like to call 'yelling distance'). When the ruler can't communicate with his/her subordinate leaders accross the empire in a timely manner, respectively send troops to quell uprisings - the empire inevitably becomes unstable as local leaders strengthen their position while loosening the grip of their liege far off... Rome was one example - over stretched borders and local leaders to far from Rome to be disciplined - which lead to the split between Western Roman and Eastern Roman empires respectively... edit: well... if I had listened for a few minutes more... :D
Jøel V.
Jøel V. 2 måneder siden
sumnerkagen 2 måneder siden
Dune rules.
Craig Lemon
Craig Lemon 2 måneder siden
The golden age , the age reunification, was undertaken by emperor laudislaw the first, ( the emperors spelling is wrong I think) sorry 😁
Craig Lemon
Craig Lemon 2 måneder siden
Wow , wrong again, the seat of power was on the asteroid Ceres.
Fubar Snafu
Fubar Snafu 2 måneder siden
Aco Jankovic
Aco Jankovic 2 måneder siden
Did one man create all this
gahrzahk 2 måneder siden
What about House IHop, of Pancakes?
VCOOGAN 2 måneder siden
Joao Leonardo
Joao Leonardo 2 måneder siden
I know I'm far from the first person from pointing this out, but what if "B.G." is not actually a reference to "Before Guild", but to the creation of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood? BGs man...
Rodrigo Ferreira
Rodrigo Ferreira 19 timer siden
Guild is more important... extremely fast travel all around the universe...
ba92thomas 2 måneder siden
This like game of thrones in space
WillieRants 2 måneder siden
And this is one of my issues. Over those 34,000 years nothing really changes. It's the same thing over and over again. Technology and society stand still with the same themes and characters over and over and over. It's a tiresome story.
RiTisH M
RiTisH M 2 måneder siden
BS story 🤮
Claus Bohm
Claus Bohm 2 måneder siden
Traveled the galaxy and never found any other sentient beings? Found FTL only after exploring the galaxy? ... what about anti gravity to walk around those ships? I guess I am spoiled by the "The Expanse" series. It's going to be hard to shake the characters from the first movie.
TigerDragon Martial Arts
TigerDragon Martial Arts 2 måneder siden
Dune kinda seems like its got some influences from Middle Eastern cultures, which is very different, and I really like the approach to its political story. Very much like a Star Wars template but much more emphasis on War and Brutality
Colin 2 måneder siden
"Reverend" not "Revernd"
Dane Lamoreaux
Dane Lamoreaux 2 måneder siden
I love Dune ( and not because it's so close to my name)
KLH 2 måneder siden
I love how they still measure time by earth standard, a planet they turned into a park.
Grayson James
Grayson James 2 måneder siden
So with the roman empire falling in 476 A.D and 1900 years later which would put us on leaving the planet in 2376 A.D according to Duneverse
Desp 2 måneder siden
absolute bullshit
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 2 måneder siden
I'd like to know more about the source of the worms, where the sandtrout were brought from. But then, I need more time to explore your channel.
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins 2 måneder siden
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 2 måneder siden
I really wish somebody would reprint the Dune Encyclopedia. There's a library near where I live that has a copy, and I admit, I've been tempted to check it out and "lose" it :/ I wouldn't really do that.
Lord Finai Ch. [Independent Vtuber]
2:31, I know that man, that man’s an ashole… or a trusted ally depending on the Endless Space session
CheezyBoi 123
CheezyBoi 123 3 måneder siden
Me after only reading the first book: “Why the fuck is Leto II a WORM”
Wize Wolf
Wize Wolf 3 måneder siden
Dudes took some serious drugs to think up this shit. I have no idea what I just watched.
Ark Blast
Ark Blast 3 måneder siden
Listening to this I see a lot of similarities to Warhammer 40K. I can see where games workshop got some of their ideas now.
Satevo 3 måneder siden
Dune, I want to get it, but I'll just never get it.
Damien Heaft
Damien Heaft 3 måneder siden
its on stan if you have that
Paul Luka
Paul Luka 3 måneder siden
Any human with ability to think like this has a mind that wasn't born in our timeline
Drianax 3 måneder siden
So is the “War of Assassins” the beginning point of “kanly?”
J. Wilde
J. Wilde 3 måneder siden
"Kanly (kanlı) is a Turkish word meaning sworn enemy (bloody, from the stem kan, blood). This animosity continued from father to son, until the last child was dead or the two families made peace." -From the Dune Wiki
Miguel Ángel LS
Miguel Ángel LS 3 måneder siden
I think this is not the FULL timeline. I miss the ending.
M Delroba
M Delroba 3 måneder siden
So humans don’t change ! Always at war with each other , ! Like a plague !
Finlay 3 måneder siden
M Delroba
M Delroba 3 måneder siden
No !
natesha kazakoff
natesha kazakoff 3 måneder siden
Proper Zen
Proper Zen 3 måneder siden
Diaspora: die-ass-poor-ah
Prophet seven
Prophet seven 3 måneder siden
So did the Hero of Dune 'Paul" die at 54 or something. Then they made another Toon live to 3000 years. You think they have Paul live the Longest. I only read Dune. So do not know all the players.
Maxim 3 måneder siden
ngl this sounds suspiciously like WarHammer 40k...
Dingus Khan
Dingus Khan 3 måneder siden
*accidentally learns that Paul will take power* Oops, spoilers
T 3 måneder siden
Think about it, 34,000 years is nothing. The Sun and Earth have been around for 4.6 and 4.5 billion years respectively...
intervalkid 3 måneder siden
Woohoo! A worm god!? WTF disgusting utterly. Smartass shit! Are you that antisemetic seriously? I'll be contracting the path but I sure as fuck don't advocate this type of utterly smartassness envious assholeness against Israel. Then I expect another smartass snide sounding reply of "He said it Himself." Sorry 'bout your luck but it's getting burned.
rarusvitae 3 måneder siden
harlockmbb 3 måneder siden
Why you did not mentioned the war against the machines who ruled Earth?
David figaniak
David figaniak 3 måneder siden
Almost sounds like the beginning of Warhammer 40k
Are There Aliens in Dune?
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