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It's a wild world out there, so the last thing you should be doing is goofing around in nature's most dangerous places. Come for the ponds, racetracks and trains; stay for ghastly wax jobs and the best prank you can play on soda drinkers. Happy you vicious beasts.

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23. juli. 2021





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Kommentarer 898   
FailArmy 2 måneder siden
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The #1 birb
The #1 birb Dag siden
@Lekholokoe Lekotsoana Moloi me too
Lekholokoe Lekotsoana Moloi
First ones always get me
The #1 birb
The #1 birb 8 dager siden
愛乞うAikou 16 dager siden
1:25 He was dying lol.
Princess Lise
Princess Lise 17 dager siden
0:24 had me rolling
Luke Broste
Luke Broste 2 dager siden
Anyone born after 1995 is certified USELESS to modern society
Halyke Tarrant
Halyke Tarrant 4 dager siden
Poor grandma 😂
Jindra Smutný
Jindra Smutný 4 dager siden
5:48 man and what did you expected
Yo mama
Yo mama 4 dager siden
Awww poor kid getting poisoned by his parents with mcdonalds and chocolate milk. At such a young age just get them used to healthy food. Disgusting
dariobeat77 5 dager siden
most of these fails would've NEVER occurred without GRAVITY!
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 5 dager siden
7:08 bruh why does this dude's surprise pain noise sound like he just came?
Samantha Lonsberry
Samantha Lonsberry 6 dager siden
History rewards those willing to put their unfortunate incidents online for the enjoyment of others 😂
J.t. Footman
J.t. Footman 6 dager siden
@7:49 bro said what he said.
TriangleX Entertainment
I can’t believe he did that !!!😂😂😂🏅
Tanner Price
Tanner Price 6 dager siden
5:27 bullshit sleight of hand
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 7 dager siden
Deutschland fails
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 8 dager siden
I was moving to _________ and it was a train wreck, seriously.
Hage Kobing
Hage Kobing 8 dager siden
4:22 hair colour
Rolling Becks
Rolling Becks 10 dager siden
2:24 Parecia escena sacada del chavo xd
Johan van Deventer
Johan van Deventer 10 dager siden
Not the afrikaans video💀
Rick Maldoo
Rick Maldoo 10 dager siden
Lettuce adds crunchification baby is not wrong .......wise beyond baby years
Dan O
Dan O 11 dager siden
You would think trucks breaking down in the middle of a rail road crossing would be extremely rare. Seems to happen pretty often.
Jeff 8 dager siden
And definitely NOT a Show Off. But, unless that rig just died on the tracks, he should have done a hot drop and gotten his truck out of the way.
Jason Webb
Jason Webb 11 dager siden
Man did anyone else hear the sound that iguana made when it hit the ground??? I rewatched it over and over again and I'm crying and laughing at the same time. It is a bad idea to watch funny shit with 6 broken ribs. Damn iguana, you said pffft!!!! I understand 100% all to well that GRAVITY is a bitch!!
Winter Fox
Winter Fox 12 dager siden
* Laptop gets ruined after moron puts mentos in soda right next to said laptop * "I did not expect that to happen." What did he think was going to happen?
NomadUniverse 12 dager siden
Almost none of these is related to showing off.
J M 13 dager siden
Lol the train
Tom 13 dager siden
Do women not release eyebrows grow naturally?
Joshua Trujillo
Joshua Trujillo 14 dager siden
"I'm not eating it with no lettuce and no cheese!" That kids pretty dang smart haha, when I was that age I don't think I was speaking in full sentences lol.
Slytherin Moon
Slytherin Moon 14 dager siden
Omg I know the nose hair guy. Lmfao
Paco Peluca
Paco Peluca 15 dager siden
¿Pero que problema tenéis con las pendientes por allí?
terry thomas
terry thomas 15 dager siden
@ 5:50 I did not expect that to happen... wtf did u expect? a volcanic eruption?
Tilly T
Tilly T 15 dager siden
3:11 she did them backwards 🤣😂🤣
Ulfang999 16 dager siden
Awh i felt kinda bad for the pottery girl.
Captain Carnage
Captain Carnage 16 dager siden
6:26 that's not even the start of your problems lmao
Joaquin Calderon
Joaquin Calderon 16 dager siden
buixrule 16 dager siden
0:19 Bekins- "Yes we're fully insured."
Sergio Viera
Sergio Viera 17 dager siden
2:20 it’s some el chavo shit
Phlought Gnarpsehs
Phlought Gnarpsehs 17 dager siden
Seems really odd/unnecessary to caption laughter. Maybe that’s just me.
Devine Deeem
Devine Deeem 17 dager siden
4:36 the eye brows were reversed.
Metal Madness
Metal Madness 17 dager siden
5:47 "I did not expect that to happen." You blew up a soda right above a computer, dude. What a moron.
YourLocalAsher :P
YourLocalAsher :P 18 dager siden
I've had so many times at elementary school when the boys in my classroom showed off all the time and always failed miserably 😂
R J 18 dager siden
The flight at 5:53 was so wild Richard Branson probably sells tickets for it
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 21 dag siden
I just want to live out my life like the ladies @1:28. Happy as shit.
Kevin Reardon
Kevin Reardon 22 dager siden
The truck driver on the rails was not showing off!
Will Munoz
Will Munoz 22 dager siden
1:09 I'm not all that sure this dude lost. Idk what nation this is but in NASCAR it's the FRONT of the checkered line, not the back as the cameraman claims, that marks the finish. I played this in slow motion and it's hard to tell given the bad angle and the shaking, this one is definitely debatable. When he reaches his right hand forward after falling, it looks like he broke the plane of the line, but it's hard to tell which came first, the car or the runner.
palpatine rocks
palpatine rocks 23 dager siden
That train didn't give a damn.
Garrett Dodson
Garrett Dodson 24 dager siden
The guy with the nose hair removal cracked me Up. Has this nice deep voice, then yank!!! Heavy breathing sounds and sounds like he’s taken it up the butt! Dying over here!
swEET noTHINGS irobot
swEET noTHINGS irobot 26 dager siden
Why did it seam like the train didn’t brake until after striking the semi
Bish Seri
Bish Seri 26 dager siden
0:22 Tell me you're an idiot, without telling me you're and idiot, guy in truck- I'll go first
thefourshowflip 26 dager siden
1:26 Conservation of momentum…😁
reconsoldier135 27 dager siden
Never seen anyone let alone a kid who loves lettuce so much
Mr. Magic Blox
Mr. Magic Blox 27 dager siden
@7:45 that's Donald Duck right there
Jasmin's Channel
Jasmin's Channel 28 dager siden
"Einmal richtig eingekackt" 💀💀💀
daniel todorovic
daniel todorovic 28 dager siden
1:26 all of us in the future
Cristina Heldt
Cristina Heldt 28 dager siden
That little boy totally slapped that little girl at 3:31 😡
Amal Kannan
Amal Kannan 29 dager siden
First one was perfect face plant...
Carlos DeNevier
Carlos DeNevier 29 dager siden
idiot - even the first clip was on purpouse. they speak german and the guy said: "einmal richtig eingekackt" > now "shit" yourself completely. american fail army ... looool
Piddy 3825
Piddy 3825 Måned siden
cutest clip.... "No, No, NO. I'm not eating it without lettuce, Mom!"
Jhin007 Måned siden
not even funny, so stupid
Penguli Måned siden
y are there so many german clips doe?
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez Måned siden
I subscribed and put all notifications on and also downloaded the fail army app!!
Zack Hample
Zack Hample Måned siden
Love your videos but this one has too much home "beauty" failing. It's really dull.
bg se
bg se Måned siden
The impossible beauty utrastructurally shop because currency industrially request in a staking drain. massive, ambiguous twine
RocketLR Måned siden
OMG it all makes so much sense now. These chicks are buying eyebrow stamps?! Thats why they all look crazy...
Walter Tunk
Walter Tunk Måned siden
made up BS,not worth watching
Thomas Mcclure
Thomas Mcclure Måned siden
Did anyone else see the little red headed boy slap the little girl before the dad wiped out on the scooter?
whisper in the wind
whisper in the wind Måned siden
I'm glad those bushes were there to soften the fall for that senior Lady😉🤣🦅🇺🇸
Grumpy-Dad Måned siden
What do you woman shave eye brows only to paint back on.
Krillin Roshi
Krillin Roshi Måned siden
That train driver stopped the train shortly after hitting the truck? Which means he could’ve easily stopped infront of it? Incompetence driving billion dollar equipment is astounding to say the least? Good luck to his next employer?
Toad in Space Cmdr Rablefin
That kid at 7:20 is my new favorite thing omg lmao
newest bear
newest bear Måned siden
Crazy how dangerous a semi is against a car and that train wiped the semi out like nothing.
Nyccole Jones
Nyccole Jones Måned siden
He said no lettuce, no chesse, no eating that burger and I respect that. He was so cute!!
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop 27 dager siden
Exactly. He knows hes meant to have 5 fruit and veg a day.
Chloe's Cat
Chloe's Cat Måned siden
The kid with the burger is adorable! He also sounds like the duckling in Tom and Jerry! The one who keeps trying to kill himself!
drby0788 Måned siden
If you deliberately break my laptop, your day just got alot worse...cuz I'm gonna break it over your head.
Rayden Simmons
Rayden Simmons Måned siden
MuphMangler Måned siden
Any reason the semi was just boolin on the train trax?
J GoTTi Måned siden
Little man at the end is adorable haha.
Morwen 🌙
Morwen 🌙 Måned siden
2:01 it's a tornado behind him?
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Måned siden
tvercetti1 Måned siden
0:20 Blaine County, San Andreas is a real place! Uh oh.... that means Trevor Philips might be real too?
Mayur Somani
Mayur Somani Måned siden
How about that!
Luna Marie
Luna Marie Måned siden
It has been YEARS since I've seen KOOB set up
McKaylee McElroy
McKaylee McElroy Måned siden
5:55 dude that's way better than any wave I've caught🤣🤣🤣
David Szakacs
David Szakacs Måned siden
You know, captioning people’s laughing is unnecessary. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
Caterina Del Galles
Caterina Del Galles Måned siden
So sad to see Yanks feeding their kids crappy fast food.
Kevin Bleich
Kevin Bleich Måned siden
Man, super funny prank... Couple thousand dollars wasted just because of a mentos and diet coke
Some random mobile dude
Shawn Baraw
Shawn Baraw Måned siden
That lil kid mad as me at his McDonald's 😆
Invention Reviews
Invention Reviews Måned siden
The painting one was clearly a set up. Why even show dumb ones like that?
Chief Tiger
Chief Tiger Måned siden
“I’m sharing my precious liquid”
Choo Choo
Choo Choo Måned siden
3:42 QWOP?
J024 Måned siden
No lettuce and no cheese!
Twenty7Sins Måned siden
Only like 3 of these clips were show off fails. Good compilation, just sayin'. Expected a certain type of video from the title... didn't get that.
Tom Weise
Tom Weise Måned siden
7:04 the AH-AaHH 😩noise killed me
james taylor
james taylor Måned siden
7:45 this is the cutest fucking kid ive seen with food LMAO
August Janke
August Janke Måned siden
That little boy at the end “I am not eating it mom” is so darn CUTE🥰
Aviación LATAM TV
Aviación LATAM TV Måned siden
Some people in this video who thought they were being funny deserve a ticket to Hell with no chance of return.
Corl Franco
Corl Franco Måned siden
i dId nOt eXpecT tHaT tO hApPen
Vidler13 Måned siden
"Why you shouldn't show off" - 90% not showing off
thefourshowflip 26 dager siden
Ya…idk what 6:30 had to do with showing off
Read Zechariah 12:10
Instead of making an an extremely annoying beeping sound every time somebody swears, how much is leaving the sound mute?
Patrick Maloney
Patrick Maloney Måned siden
Eyebrows on the wrong side. 5:00
Faith Houses
Faith Houses Måned siden
3:29:5 Did that boy just slap that girl!?! If he did.... take note: that's a future abuser in the making. The way he hugs his Dad shows he act one way in front of his parents another way when they're not looking. This kid already knows how to cover being abusive.
worldview Måned siden
at 0:20 i was expecting a DeLorean to be destroyed
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
If any friend of mine ever screwed up my laptop and mobile phone with a prank, they would be my EX-friend!!!
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