Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Might Be Living In Higher Dimensions…But Our Senses Can’t Tell Yet. 

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Neil deGrasse Tyson during the presentation of his latest book “Astrophysics for the rest of us”, answers questions about events that cannot be explained by our traditional senses. The book is a must read for an easy introduction to astrophysics. We focused, instead, on how it would be possible for humans to live in a higher dimension. June 2017.

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Thank you also to Neil deGrasse Tyson for mentioning this video in one of his tweets.
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B C 9 minutter siden
Neil is such a douche. He isn’t even smart enough to understand how he isn’t smart.
Science Through Art
Well Neil, I am sorry to inform you without me being any kind of scientist like deal on physics matters, but my own thinking had been always on those maters and once I've seen some kind of picturing of atoms there had come onto my mind an old talk that I had on with my cousin (B.A.) which is a physics guy-person and he had been telling me that life cannot be thought as a small part of some other person like we are living inside the body of that exact person on a tiny little spot we are calling the earth (When we do not know anything about that person's existence, but only we are imagining, only please tell me could we be a little spot on some person's body? I mean, hey, we have depicted our own galaxy and got down to the most tiny little parts that are called the atoms, which are doing the exact same move like atoms are on this universe, OK? So maybe, I say, maybe we are living inside some person's body but we are too thin in our mind to grasp all that thought, huh? And it is just a thought, and not a fact, OK?
epicfaction 5 timer siden
To use your monsters Inc analogy. Sully doesn't make the door, he doesn't know the technology.. he just uses it. Should he then listen to the voice of the child on the otherside of the door? Just because there is a portal doesn't necessarily mean those on either side understand it.
Lisa Sternenkind
Lisa Sternenkind 7 timer siden
The ant, this guy on the left is talking about, actually is mor intelligent than he is. Ants even use their own bodies to help other ants climb up into the third dimension, or build bridges with their bodies for other ant to reach the other side of a gap. Also, it is not very academic, to laugh about theories, just because he does not have the concsiousness and intelligence it takes to understand them. And then he states he would blow the peoples' minds with what he claims to be not possible as he is still in the plains of Africa with his mind. Well, probably he did not blow my mind, as it surely is NOT in the plains of Africa. Worst "science" talk ever!
Isaac Parker
Isaac Parker Time siden
"The guy on the left" is extremely intelligent, and something tells me you didn't quite understand his analogy.
Penny Lane Rocker
Penny Lane Rocker 8 timer siden
People who believe in Jesus as the son of God, the imaginary friends of many, could well be the other dimension and getting there is easy and is in the imagination of the person or persons who are doing the imagining. So no folks, I don't agree or think there is another plain or dimension, I'm sorry but once the lights go out that really does mean you've had your final curtain call. People like Mr Tyson are simply beings who have learned from books and have the gifg of the gab which makes them feel they can mouth off on a stage or a TV platform. It may seem like entertainment but this guy and many like him are simply getting paid for their thoughts. There is no one being on this planet, no matter how clever they seem after reading about astrophysics that has the real answer. Not a person now, before and in the future.
Nathaniel De Louw
Nathaniel De Louw 11 timer siden
"You will need a testifier that comes from another place". Sound a lot like Jesus to me. You said you will listen to such a being because clearly he will have more knowledge then you. So my question is . Do you believe the testimony of Jesus or are you just another colonial hymenopterous insect with a complex social organization and various castes performing special duties obsessed with figuring out the dimensions of the ant farm you call home.
Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz 12 timer siden
The human body releases a substance called DMT which makes you feel like you're being touched by God. They managed to synthesize said substance and so now you can give it a try yourself without having to die.
Gwendolyn Smith
Gwendolyn Smith 13 timer siden
Never listened to him speak so colloquially. Thank you Mr Neil. Great conversation.
Prabal Bhadoria
Prabal Bhadoria 17 timer siden
According to hinduism, we are living in 3 dimensional world. When we die, we enter the fourth dimension ( time ). God lives in 5th or 6th dimension. Please read Vedas ( oldest scripture in the world ) for more information.
Noah King
Noah King 17 timer siden
Deeper the Earths Core Neil is
Smitty 19 timer siden
I like how, towards the end, he's sitting in the chair like your drunk uncle ronnie
JDHD TV 20 timer siden
F***** Love Neil deGrase Tyson!
Wyn Lewis
Wyn Lewis Dag siden
We are so dumb that we forget how to sit in a chair properly.😀
Luke Engelbert
Luke Engelbert Dag siden
I used to have night terrors as a child and could see myself in third person and it was scary as hell. That was the normal indicator I was beginning the night terror
Pomsky Life Nova
Cat Tailer
Cat Tailer Dag siden
Bingo! Mic drop🌍
Pathfinder Dag siden
You people that are fooled by this pos are brainwashed idiots.
Pathfinder Dag siden
This man is a fraud with a recorded IQ of only 120. He’s an arrogant pos actor….FAKE!!!
Docjonski 22
Docjonski 22 Dag siden
Neil Tyson is the spokesperson for the Aetheists. I really don't like this dude, there's something about how he condescends answers to questions regarding God, after life, religion, and spirit. I like Michio Kaku more especially when it comes to contribution to Physics.
Nouh S Ahmed
Nouh S Ahmed Dag siden
But just imagine a toddler from higher dimensions just taking our keys socks and remotes then putting them in front then behind and just messing around with us
Jaydeep Dave
Jaydeep Dave Dag siden
Denis O'Sullivan
A personal truth = an opinion. Plato knew that.
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson Dag siden
Do thoughts and feelings happen in higher or lower dimensions? ????
Khatoon Salma
Khatoon Salma Dag siden
He is absolutely right our world has more dimensions than what we can see 🇵🇰🇵🇰and some beings also live there the JINNS 🇵🇰
beatrix montay
beatrix montay Dag siden
I’m waiting for the dead man to come alive, you left him sitting there!
Francisco Herrera
The undisputable science of "might be".
Mike Zilly
Mike Zilly Dag siden
True story... My father died in nov 2012.. he came to me in a dream and told me a very specific day and to look out I'm going to get some money. I played the lotto, told all my relatives to play the lotto on that day.... The day came, about 11am my lawyer called me and said to come to his office he had a check for $4,500 🤯 didn't win the lotto... But I had my proof there is life after death😑
Radhy Yunes
Radhy Yunes Dag siden
michael turner
michael turner Dag siden
12:49 he ridicules religion or the presence of God, then he goes on to explain a scenario of exactly the meaning of faith and religion. Yet he can't grasp, or see the irony in, what he explains so easily.
Domniac Corp.
Domniac Corp. 2 dager siden
So the 4th dimension is outside our universe?🤯
Dumisani Dlamini
Dumisani Dlamini 2 dager siden
Damnn listening to other people is such a joy
Smitty 19 timer siden
Provided they're intelligent, yes.
Mark Tinsley
Mark Tinsley 2 dager siden
Or Neil, that more intelligent species that you refer to, is in fact God?? “Professing themselves to be wise they became fools”
James Barlow
James Barlow 2 dager siden
Aren't we, if they indeed exist? What's the big deal?
RSS Mather chodh
RSS Mather chodh 2 dager siden
Fourth dimension is used by which crafters, the open the door for demons that lives in parallel world to our world.
Dustin Rorex
Dustin Rorex 2 dager siden
If we are bound to a fourth dimension, operating 3 dimensional bodies, it would only make sense that the path to other dimension would be within our mind. Using our consciousness to travel beyond.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone 3 timer siden
@Dr Logic the concept of dimension are not restricted to physical objects
Dr Logic
Dr Logic 8 timer siden
Why would it? How have you come to that conclusion? .... Dimensions are physical not nonsense woo woo
Roger Stone
Roger Stone 14 timer siden
You're living in a dream world
Smitty 19 timer siden
David Lacey
David Lacey 2 dager siden
Knuckle head think tank.
David Lacey
David Lacey 2 dager siden
Edgar Herrera
Edgar Herrera 2 dager siden
We are the germs inside the universes body. 👁️👅👁️ -SighDuck
Rich Quitliano
Rich Quitliano 2 dager siden
You need to forget this nonsense, we can't even live in 3 dimensions without screwing it up!
Damian Hyde
Damian Hyde 2 dager siden
How do I surround myself with people like him?
JESUSLOVESU 2 dager siden
I'm Gonna quote this guy on 00:30
O.G. Mann
O.G. Mann 2 dager siden
If our senses are so unreliable, how did we manage to not only survive but proliferate? Instrumentation extended our senses. They also helped verify what our senses were informing us of. Factually, instrumentation was predicated upon biological senses. Further, we may well be attuned to and sensing natural phenomena we are not cognitively recognizing. To claim we may be "living" in higher order dimensions while simultaneously denying the critical role of the senses in scientific endeavors is hypocritical.
Video Game Music Arrangements by CapricornX
Sometimes I've got the impression that people are laughing when there's no reason to laugh...Absolutely ludicrous...
Justice Spradling
Justice Spradling 2 dager siden
You do not get taken to an operating table when you go into cardiac arrest, lol
Agian Andagian
Agian Andagian 2 dager siden
I can see religious fanatics now saying God must live in the fourth dimension
deacon711 2 dager siden
It may be the weed, but does deGrasse Tyson sound like Algernop Krieger to anyone else?
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley 2 dager siden
I sit in an arm chair the same way…love his British late night hist
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley 2 dager siden
All the miracles of Jesus undone by cancel culture…he cursed a fig tree
Daniel McKibben
Daniel McKibben 2 dager siden
That host is a fool
Paul Dickau
Paul Dickau 2 dager siden
For a man so smart NdGT should be aware that the "bright light" hypotheses of hospital lights has been debunked several times over.
Not John
Not John 2 dager siden
Just imagining the entirety of the audience just with their hand on their chin collectively going “hmmm, yes, interesting”
Red4 Golf
Red4 Golf 2 dager siden
I love how Neil is so cool he just doesn’t give a shit about sitting on a chair correctly
guap 21 time siden
@UCxhqJXGX7z-owtborQCSLsw shut up loser
Anonymous Dag siden
It's not about being cool. It's more about being disrespectful.
Jragon 1
Jragon 1 3 dager siden
'what we call a 'hypercube', in some CIRCLES a tesseract!'...nice! d>_0b
Katrina Roth
Katrina Roth 3 dager siden
He had my attention until... Wait, so the Monsters Inc. doorway portal analogy, Neil is okay with? The ant and paper analogy, he's okay with? He explains that so long as you can SEE and HEAR someone from the other side to prove it's real, but eyewitness accounts shouldn't be used as scientific evidence, like the lady's conversation with her deceased father... But yet, Jesus feeding 5,000 people (witnesses) right before their very eyes, known as the "miracle of the five loaves and two fish" is not evidence of an existence of another dimension???... Interesting... (( eye roll )) He's right about people believing what they want to believe is true.
ashish kumar
ashish kumar 3 dager siden
or i would like to add here to understand/traveller in "n"th dimension, we need to have capability to observe "n+1" dimensions
ashish kumar
ashish kumar 3 dager siden
so basically to understand a teseract of hypercube, we need 8 cubes with boundary limits defined by 16 "0-dimension" points, that 1 extra dimension towards each side of of "3-dimensional" cube. wow, now i understood the reality of teseract as shown in interstellar movie, remembers y it looks like a cube with blury endless sides, it seems director was having far more better understanding of physics than most of us
Cat Sterling
Cat Sterling 14 timer siden
The director was consulting Kip Thorne, a professor of theoretical physics while creating Interstellar. There are a lot of articles where he explains physics in different moments in Interstellar.
Chris Crisis
Chris Crisis 3 dager siden
Traversing thru dimensions is an insane concept. With that being said, most people only observe 1% of the frequencies around them because their brains aren't capable of perceiving them. (Light, sound, hearing etc.) Yet society, doctors & governments perceive them as "schizophrenic" or "mentally ill". 🤔
ASMR.12thH. just wanna d!€
8:08-8:34 So Tru! why ppl are like doesn't even wonder what its like in the other side! or in between!
ASMR.12thH. just wanna d!€
3:06-3:10 Yes, it's so true, Thank u for soliciting my pov!👏
ASMR.12thH. just wanna d!€
0:00-2:11 i do agree with him! cuz i wondered this when i was little, still confused about the fact that eye witness of others. Truly.
j0nnyism 3 dager siden
Loaves and fishes: more people than we thought brought a picnic
j0nnyism 3 dager siden
Plato knew this yet we are still struggling to accept it ourselves. The way we perceive the world is illusory
Kimberly Brian
Kimberly Brian 3 dager siden
I have been making losses trading myself.... I thought trading on demo account is just like trading the real market... Can anyone help me out or at least advice me on what to do?
Grant jw
Grant jw Dag siden
Damn scammers.
Desiree White
Desiree White 2 dager siden
What about mr.zach morris
Desiree White
Desiree White 2 dager siden
@Emile Arnold what about mr.zach morris
Desiree White
Desiree White 2 dager siden
@Bo Bowen are you for real or are you just going along with the narrative on here
Haley Trusler
Haley Trusler 2 dager siden
@Tim Hannah why
Big Gucci Huncho
Big Gucci Huncho 3 dager siden
So why isn’t gender a personal science?
Lex Lex
Lex Lex 3 dager siden
More crap ideas like "We Might Be Living In Higher Dimensions…But Our Senses Can’t Tell Yet", if you would have lived there then you could see and tell easily.
Deborah Alqanai
Deborah Alqanai 3 dager siden
In my family my mother could see things happen before they would happen. I see things in my dreams. I seen Kuwait invaded before it happened. What do you say about that?
Deborah Alqanai
Deborah Alqanai 3 dager siden
I had a dream of my deceased grandmother and while jogging I heard someone calling me. I turned to search and it was my grandmother. I turned and ran up to her. I told her she had to come with me that everyone would be so happy to see her. She told me no I’m so happy here and tell everyone I’m so happy here. She said tell everyone I’m so happy and not to worry about her. I turned in the dream and left to continue jogging.
GeneralPatton88 3 dager siden
There are thousands of dimensions. The word "di-mens-ion" literally just means "dual-mind-quality". But there are only 3 spatial dimensions and 1 dimension of time. All of the other dimensions are things that science doesn't typically measure. Speed is a dimension with opposites being fast and slow. Gender is a dimension with opposites being male and female. Touch is a dimension with opposites being hard and soft. Taste is a dimension with opposite being delicious and disgusting. Intelligence is a dimension with opposites being smart and stupid. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.
mohak goel
mohak goel 3 dager siden
Recarnation is a truth. Periodt
Mr j
Mr j 3 dager siden
You know you listed to too much useless unpractical fascinating stuff like this when it doesn't fascinate you anymore.
Ash Campbell
Ash Campbell 3 dager siden
Cubes make up the edges of 4th dimensional Cube(Hypercube). Humans make up the edges of humanity. Perhaps the 4th dimension is a greater dimension in that way.
Robin Townsend
Robin Townsend 3 dager siden
No drone
Robin Townsend
Robin Townsend 3 dager siden
Physical truth
Not the D0D
Not the D0D 3 dager siden
23:18 I like how he recognizes nothing in science is absolute, the part I think we all love, always more to be discovered
Cab Roxy
Cab Roxy 3 dager siden
What about a theory that, The Big Bang, was like an egg that gets fertilized and starts to grow like a life? The birth of our Universe, our singularity is fertilized and the big bang happens. Then as the universe grows, stars (cells) form. The laws of the universe differ from its smaller counter parts, humans. Stars form out of the primal clouds as cells of humans divide and the human grows the universe grows and grows. The end...... or is it?
Billy The-Kid
Billy The-Kid 4 dager siden
Heard that there are people who have an out of body experience by meditation too. Ever wonder if “ghost” are perhaps other beings living in another dimentions?
Not the D0D
Not the D0D 4 dager siden
Yeag science stuff makes things more exact but those things don’t change they still need to be perceived/ happen in order to be proved that it happened
J. Ares
J. Ares 4 dager siden
Plutarch 4 dager siden
Might ...Maybe.... meanwhile ....Gimme the fat check
Jennifer Franklin
Jennifer Franklin 4 dager siden
They believe in everything but GOD.
Stuart Young
Stuart Young 4 dager siden
Can we include such things as charge, mass, and temperature as additional dimensions?
RAB MILLAR 4 dager siden
Maybe the 1% difference in humans is what will kill us because we dont work with nature closely enough
RAB MILLAR 4 dager siden
You dont have to see a planet around another Sun to know its there
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki 4 dager siden
blasphemy fine and cane him arrest him if he suggests that again.
dmisso42 4 dager siden
I'm with Tyson all the way, The Human hubris is that we are the epitome of intelligence. The truth is more like Tyson describes it, The Universe is expanding faster than we can possibly know yet scientists are able to acknowledge that it IS possible and, the more we come to understand the less we know!
JuN Lethal Poet
JuN Lethal Poet 4 dager siden
Science can't explain everything. Some years ago I had a dream that I got stabbed and robbed at the end of the dream I made it home I was on the floor and my mom's husband came home from work late asking what happened. 10 hours later I was stabbed and robbed for real. I didn't feel pain. I was standing outside of my body and there was this beautiful being next to time radiating light but I couldn't see the face. I thought I was dead next thing I know the ordeal is over and I make it home on my bicycle bloody and before police and ambulance showed up my moms husband got home late from work as I laid on the floor exactly as my dream showed me. What will Science say about that experience. I don't think Science can explain it.
poe12 4 dager siden
Right. The voice from the 4th dimension would be great to have. That'd mean sound wave energy dissipates into more than 3 dimensions. But..... that's not the case. That's all, folks 😆
Eddieisherenow 4 dager siden
An 11th Dimensional being would be God .
Versole 4 dager siden
Thanks Neil for changing my mood.
Crystal Lomegh
Crystal Lomegh 4 dager siden
The attractive religion cytomorphologically fetch because pan splenomegaly help inside a dear cement. earthy, hissing stepmother
wulphstein 4 dager siden
Physicists are too obsessed with mathematics. You should be thinking about novel experiments built on observed physics, not unobserved fanciful higher dimensions.
ez icarus
ez icarus 4 dager siden
Where are you going when you die? In to the sky? Under the ground? Nowhere? Back again until you realise why you are. I suspect the latter unless you come to realise your spiritual connection to God. Good luck.
Joey Hooks
Joey Hooks 4 dager siden
Interviewer needs to go
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 5 dager siden
This dude is a clown
TrikyT 5 dager siden
Vail place
Vail place 5 dager siden
Talk to ants????? Lmfao
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
Anubius is alive and well. The black king lies in the core of the Sun. He has all mighty power. I will give you a clue because you have the energy to understand. When they said Son worshipers, why would someone be worshiping the Sun and not the Moon and all the stars? The people of ancient time said Sun God because the proceeded from that planet. It don't get much simpler than that
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
Living in higher dimensions! I can tell you that it's like being in prison when you live among humans that can only articulate themselves in two and three dimensions
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
Who can stand against the blood king, let him reply to my comments. I challenge any human, because I know that all that they know is yesterday's news.
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
I heard you say that is 1% difference in the 8th in the humans DNA. Is it not the one percent that controls the 99 in our country? So then it's easy to see that a god can control the total population.
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
Let's go to the beginning of the humans and their creation. They were in a dimension of understanding of of poor understanding of the substance of the life around them. But at the same time they interacted in a dimension with those from another planet that was far above four dimensions of our understandings. Could it be the tree program of Good and Evil that holds us back from rising above the fourth dimension that we now have not even came into the fullness of?
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
It's because of those type of things I just talked about is why people don't want to put their total trust in science
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
It's just taking them way too long it's like you got to read a book so you got to go back in time to go forward.
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
I admire your energy. But what you guys discovering what has been which is already happen which is now and further is taking you guys way too long to clearly see and accept. Well you know exceptional truth
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 5 dager siden
The humans only learn through the five senses most commonly, but those that practice other things become good at those things. Could it be that the human is so busy following and going backwards to go forward that they don't allow themselves to move into another dimension?
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 2 dager siden
@ez icarus and I spell it that way on purpose
Ray Wade
Ray Wade 2 dager siden
@ez icarus yes I been working for years.. I calibrate with moves they gave me. When I finish alignment to the East I hit the SON IN EVERY MOVEMENT. It causes solar flairs when I hit the SON.. there for I know that climate change is happening.. and they cannot save it..
ez icarus
ez icarus 4 dager siden
Have you ever tried ?
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