The Enduring Mystery of Jack the Ripper 

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[Credits, References, and More]

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:18 Chapter 1: "Almost Beyond Belief"
00:05:33 Chapter 2: "Not an Atom of Evidence"
00:09:54 Chapter 3: "No Meaningless Cuts"
00:17:30 Chapter 4: "The Double Event"
00:29:19 Chapter 5: "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper"
00:33:28 Chapter 6: "The Work of a Devil"
00:40:46 Chapter 7: "Lost Almost In Theories"
00:45:53 Suspect #1: Charles Cross
00:49:39 Suspect #2: Joseph Barnett
00:53:40 Suspect #3: Aaron Kosminski
00:59:54 Suspect #4: Francis Tumblety
01:05:53 Outro



9. sep.. 2021





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LEMMiNO Måned siden
[Credits, References, and More] www.lemmi.no/p/the-enduring-mystery-of-jack-the-ripper
B W 7 dager siden
Have you ever thought about doing a video on the Zodiac Killer? I think you could do a really great job with it.
LOLz 11 dager siden
Nel Breezy
Nel Breezy 12 dager siden
Im a big fan of you lemmino, hoping that one day you’ll release a doc about the life of NOSTRADAMUS including his infamous works/prediction.
TryingToBeHooman 12 dager siden
Pog video
Mark Rymanowski
Mark Rymanowski 14 dager siden
@LESLIE ROCK Would be too traumatic for one. We all have alone time. Anytime alone would send the perpetrator crazy in memory of the event.
Hennah Seviella
Hennah Seviella 5 timer siden
Documentary on next level
MR. Moh
MR. Moh 7 timer siden
This video can't be done justice by a mediocre comment so I'll just say this...... bravo
RAW 11 timer siden
16:44 An example of the high standard of journalism by the NY Times, nothing has changed since.
Lexalooney42 12 timer siden
Dude, I love these videos so much. But I'm not even 30 minutes in and if I had taken a drink every time you said the word "quote", I would be dead. You can just put an elipses in parentheses to show that you had skipped some of the dialogue. Or the phrase "[person] said..." can imply that it's a quote and the quotation marks can confirm it visually. Plus you had the audio shift when it was a quote! It doesn't need to be said verbally every single time. Literally my first note in any video you've posted. Just something to keep in mind. Your work is fantastic, keep it up!
Ottilia 2 timer siden
@Lexalooney42 True
Lexalooney42 3 timer siden
@Ottilia that's why I brought up the audio shift. He could say "quote" at the beginning of a series of quotes and use the audio shift as an indicator (as he did) but just cut out every time he said "quote" in between. That way he's not saying "[two words], quote [three words], quote [one word], quote [two words]". The first quote is enough and the audio shift is ample indication
Ottilia 4 timer siden
Could be for blind people to know that it is an quote and not just some random statement.
Usimof 12 timer siden
58:40 , you had to do it LEMMiNO , didn't you ? The Powerhouse of the cell.
Patrick Serrano
Patrick Serrano 15 timer siden
Do one with Omuamoua or however you spell that!
Ahmad Uzair
Ahmad Uzair 15 timer siden
I clicked just to check the video duration, an then i was taken in a wild ride
Divyesh Rana
Divyesh Rana 16 timer siden
How about a video on The Zodiac Killer
Evelyn Hyde
Evelyn Hyde 16 timer siden
Could it be that if Lechmere/Cross was the murderer, the reason the murders matched his commute but not his workdays was because he would have been intimately familiar with the patrol routes and times of the police?
Elliot Burack
Elliot Burack 17 timer siden
LEMMiNO: The NOchartsrs NOchartsr.
Matt Marque
Matt Marque 17 timer siden
I love the focus on the physical setting, environs, timestamps, etc. So often in documentaries this is treated as unimportant minutiae, something somehow less important than the major themes. But it's the detail which grounds it and makes it come alive.
Greg Saunders
Greg Saunders 18 timer siden
Multi-Millionaire LEMMiNO: *Digital red line traces along a 3D street map* "Man finds woman on the ground.. Man opens door and discovers dead woman in bed.. Man finds woman dead on street.. Men on the way to work see woman dying on the street.. Man lights match and finds dead woman on street.. Man finds dead woman.. Man finds dead woman.." Comments: "This is the greatest video ever created in human history. What a cinematic masterpiece. LEMMiNO is a modern genius. It is simply impossible to make a better documentary than this."
AJ X 20 timer siden
Amazing doc. A video on the Egyptian pyramids would be good!
Santyx2033 20 timer siden
The quality of this video is absolutely absurd. Great work
Crystian Default
Crystian Default 21 time siden
this my friend, is a work of art
Pix _bread
Pix _bread 21 time siden
The Door Might locked the door before closing it , cause if you do that with a door with a door knob , most of the time will work , but i might be wrong
kyno 21 time siden
Connor O
Connor O Dag siden
Do one for the Zodiac killer since they supposedly identified him
Alinto Dag siden
Can you make a video on Estonia - the boat. its verry intricate and has a pretty intresting mystery and story.
Sleep Solutions
Sleep Solutions Dag siden
I have just stumbled onto this video / creator. Simply unbelievable how great the quality is with this. I feel lost for words that the level of analysis and production exists - it is better that the HBO, BBC, etc. documentaries. This my friends is the future here today (discussing the past). perfect
Moreira 99
Moreira 99 Dag siden
A video just like this one for the Zodiac Killer would be amazing.
TubMez Dag siden
It feels like cheating to not have to pay for documentaries with this quality and lenght. Love from Finland!
Damian Matras
Damian Matras Dag siden
I like the use of maps, they are very well visualised.
Hassen Noormahomed
Amazing work my friend I thoroughly enjoyed it
bingle Dag siden
12:00 Jack the Ripper really pulled off the first loss meme
Kajis Dag siden
The visual and graphic work in these are absolutely amazing. Ever since I was a kid I've always been disappointed in documentaries explaining a broad variety of things, but not giving us a clear animation or graphics to explain things. You are doing a fantastic job with these. Also the fact that the subject itself keeps on changing makes sure I'm glued to my seat whenever I watch your stuff.
Muhammad Rafli
Muhammad Rafli Dag siden
LEMMiNO is the blacksmith of mysteries take the old ones and restore them to shiny as brand new
Jacob Beck
Jacob Beck Dag siden
Video starts at 0:00
DDH Dag siden
You are incredible LEMMiNO.
LogTguy Dag siden
He was hypnotyzed by Dio and turned into a zombie
Firestarter Parrot
One of your best videos.
Can someone explain to me what those numbers mean on the bottom right when he shows pictures or text quotes
FiveLiver Dag siden
You don't touch on the Masons hypothesis centring around Sickert. I found it compelling in the 80s. Lechmere has it now though.
Esteban Valenzuela
Could the killer have been police?
Max Coleman
Max Coleman Dag siden
feels like Piracy to just watch LEMMiNO's documentaries for free
matexlvtn Dag siden
Fantasticly well done doc.
iamnotblossoj 2 dager siden
camorn' ingurland
Tunç Albay
Tunç Albay 2 dager siden
10:44 I love how everyone laughed at the powerhouse joke but no one talks about how Lemmino baited us when he said "Richardson then sat down on the backyard steps before grabbing *A KNIFE*, to trim a vexing piece of leather from his boot."
Noa Extreme
Noa Extreme 2 dager siden
anybody else catch that powerhouse of the cell joke?
Peter Hruska
Peter Hruska 2 dager siden
Hands down, this is your masterpiece so far. Incredibly well done. It should be picked up by TV Stations
SmudgeThePro 2 dager siden
I would happily watch another hour of him going through more suspects
PlatinumGruv 2 dager siden
"It was mitochondrial DNA" "T h E Po We RHo U S e OF thE Ce LL."
Pot Head
Pot Head 2 dager siden
Best channel ever
Marcus Lam
Marcus Lam 2 dager siden
This is so good, but I miss game top 10 fact tho.
summer 2 dager siden
holy smokes those efforts on illustration tho...
Heroixse FTW
Heroixse FTW 2 dager siden
At 58:43 there is something wrong with the audio, judging by how your sentence is cut short by another🤣 Im very certain of it, Ive listened to this one part 20 times now with different headphones and I think I can finally reveal this shocking discovey. Great video, loved it.
Howard Webber
Howard Webber 2 dager siden
It was me. I invented a time machine in the year 3273. I went back in time and murdered those women after five years of studying the recorded patterns and victims. Then I traveled to the year 2021 to put a rest to this unsolved world renowned crime. Just like the history books said I would. So do your part and make this viral. Your help is part of history. Spread this everywhere. Or Jack the ripper will become a Mandela effect. Something you swear is true but never happened. The future and your timeline depends on you.
TAYTHI THÍCH ĐI MID 2 dager siden
Damn, 1 hour of masterpiece
Farewell Nico
Farewell Nico 2 dager siden
Incredible video, it should be on netflix
Raydream 2 dager siden
To the people who have watched this I suggest reading a book called The Five, it goes in depth about the victims.
Hansiza 2 dager siden
what? that's what happened? I thought a vampire made him into a zombie minion to fight a buff dude with sunlight powers... ...guess i was wrong then
Isidro Daniel Feliciano
Imagine if Jack the Ripper suffered from a mental disorder and doesn't remember committing the murders so even he doesn't know who Jack the Ripper is.
Random 2 dager siden
A lot of going to work isnt it
Lofi Anorak
Lofi Anorak 3 dager siden
Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Hamid
Great videos, greetings from Egypt! waiting passionately for your next video
MiLK 3 dager siden
LEMMiNO Netflix series??????
sathish siva
sathish siva 3 dager siden
one hour and ten minutes well spent.
Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය
The amount of effort went to this video.. WOW
Noa Extreme
Noa Extreme 3 dager siden
the production quality just amazes me
SteveoMagician 3 dager siden
Old news, boring, unsub sorry.
Jack Be Fishin
Jack Be Fishin 2 dager siden
No one gives a shit
Slick Nines
Slick Nines 3 dager siden
Why is the picture of Amos Simpson the scariest thing in this video?
Wargamulaya වර්ගමූලය
time stamp?
The Cold Russain
The Cold Russain 3 dager siden
Video Summary : *Very much Yes , but also Very much No*
Wiktor Burian
Wiktor Burian 3 dager siden
Blackmaster 3 dager siden
This is the best video on jack the ripper out there
Will Berry
Will Berry 3 dager siden
I think it was Charles Cross but of course I have no proof
Xavier Guzman
Xavier Guzman 3 dager siden
Why must you ghost us after each video release 😭😭😭
allezzthepunk 3 dager siden
wtf with the thick swedish accent
Jxmell 4 dager siden
your content is scary and fun to watch at the same time
Miguel Osorio
Miguel Osorio 4 dager siden
Side critique, sometimes the background music overshadows your voice but it might be my headphones, still great video
michael pennington
michael pennington 4 dager siden
The character Tom Hardy plays on Peaky Blinders, Alfie Solomon, was named and based on a real gangster of the period. Solomon claimed that it was the Jewish gangs that stopped Jack the Ripper - he said the murders were bringing too much attention to "their" area so the gangs joined forces to catch the killer. In a book written in the 1930's about Londons gangs of the Victorian era Solomon says they used women as bait and had gang members hiding nearby just in case. He said that they caught him, took him to a safe house and disposed of the ripper. Interestingly Alfie didn't claim that he was there when it happened, or that he played any part at all so it's not as though he was trying to get famous from it. I believe him to be honest. It would explain why the murders suddenly stopped and the police couldn't go public because it would've been embarrassing for them to admit criminals did what they couldn't.
H. Calvert
H. Calvert 2 dager siden
Sounds like the plot of the famous Fritz Lang film, M. 🎬
Max Hayden
Max Hayden 4 dager siden
Seeing this vid, kinda brought up the idea, To do make an Investigation VidGame about Jack the Ripper ,where based on the evidence you collect and conclusions you make , and the information you get by witnesess and suspects, you get different endings whith different Jack the Rippers, mby even an ending where yourself are the Ripper
Max Hayden
Max Hayden 4 dager siden
Just wanted to tell you that i have not been informed about your recent 3 vids by yt eventho i got the bell enabled
Susan James
Susan James 4 dager siden
A bit detached eg an area known as whitechapel...I guess its a swedish commentary? I could listen to it though. Don't like the video.
Harry Shahrum
Harry Shahrum 4 dager siden
*I think its the works of a dentist*
Deepak 4 dager siden
Prince Albert Victor was JACK THE RIPPER
F. Boogaloo Spook
F. Boogaloo Spook 4 dager siden
They say the worst part about jack the ripper is the hypocrisy
Arthur Ho
Arthur Ho 4 dager siden
I got so caught off guard at 58:40
Nectazz Universe
Nectazz Universe 4 dager siden
Anybody know the chapter 7 song?
Junha Song
Junha Song 4 dager siden
Tanha Gamer
Tanha Gamer 4 dager siden
I wish that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson where real.
Syarif Hidayat
Syarif Hidayat 4 dager siden
Never expect something amazing from london police, they are even give a man rape 100 man freely
Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg 4 dager siden
If only that witness helped when he heard the Swedish woman screaming
Joe Goldberg
Joe Goldberg 4 dager siden
I think it had to have been someone who was familiar with the times the police did their rounds. So perhaps it was Charles due to walking home the routes the murders took place he will have known what times the watchmen patrolled certain areas. Perhaps it was an officer. I wouldn’t rule out Barnett. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the ripper had an accomplice.
Thomas Di Pretore
Thomas Di Pretore 4 dager siden
Blah were fact
KIDx 5 dager siden
top 3 channels on the platform for sure man
Levi 5 dager siden
Did no one hear the news??? the Jack the Ripper mystery was solved in 2019 when a scarf of one of the victims was tested for DNA that matched with the descendants of the family of suspect Aaron Kosminski.
The Sorge
The Sorge 4 dager siden
He talked about that and why it's far from conclusive.
What the flying Duck!!!
The best documentary about The Ripper. Very good analysis and work in it too. Chapeau. Big fan of your channel since ages. My bet is on Lechmere, alias Cross as the Ripper.
HungryCrab 3 dager siden
I also thought Cross and the "interrupted killing" theory was the most convincing. It's actually amazing if he was never seriously investigated like the vid said.
Pablo Cejas
Pablo Cejas 5 dager siden
And what about the doctor that said the murderer wasn’t anatonmical skillful?
Samuel O'Brien
Samuel O'Brien 5 dager siden
Best video of 2021
The Christian Gamer
The Christian Gamer 5 dager siden
All I’m gonna say is Jesus loves you all and wants you to be saved and go to Heaven and wants the best for you and just loves you and wants a relationship with you. If you want to know more then please message me. Regardless wish you all the best everyone and have a great blessed day and life! GOD bless
SoSes 5 dager siden
Fake, god isnt real
GamingPhone 5 dager siden
Not a single person smart enough to comment on the actual contents of this video lmao, all the same generic "good video" comments. Tragic
Solo Skirmisher
Solo Skirmisher 5 dager siden
Because your comment is much more sophisticated. Get off your high horse lmao.
[ Blastkin ]
[ Blastkin ] 5 dager siden
Pro tip: if you live in Flower & Dean street, Go live somewhere else.
Aegon Stark
Aegon Stark 5 dager siden
Absolutely stunning documentary, i do wish HH Holmes was also considered but the music and graphics were just mesmerising. Absolutely top class and very chilling
waldo pepper
waldo pepper 5 dager siden
my understanding is the women all knew each other and were all hookers. so im guessing some very important bloke (possibly even royalty) had sex with one of them, realised he had got her pregnant, and so had to kill her and get the baby out as well to remove the evidence, hence the disemboweling. but either he couldnt remember which one it was, hence kill them all and cut them all open to find a baby and remove it, or he did remember who he had sex with but his hit squad decided to kill them all to silence them as well as put the fear of god into anyone else.
neovisual 5 dager siden
Always great work, but the timestamps and maps really took it to the next level.
Andrew Aldrich
Andrew Aldrich 5 dager siden
"The powerhouse of the cell" got me
イチゴ甘い 5 dager siden
Does anyone know what kind of software program is this? The editing is so great and professional looking.
Dizzle 4 dager siden
Open your eyes and you will find the answer
Arin Pencil
Arin Pencil 5 dager siden
"Oh no a dead body of a woman! Anyways Imma head to work"
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao 5 dager siden
Mostly attacks women who have miscarriages or stillborn babies (common for the time I must admit), tends to disembowel aiming for the womb? sounds to me like either you have a doctor or a guy whos really upset about miscarriages. I dont know if miscarriages would be the reason why these women were prostitutes but it seems grievous that someone would deliberately go for the womb.
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