Jake Paul Debates the Boys on Dana White & Says Mayweather Tried to End Him | FULL SEND PODCAST 

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We got an absolute ringer on the podcast this week boys. Jake Paul sits down with the guys in Miami to talk about his boxing career, Dana White, Trolling McGregor, and hurting Floyd Mayweather’s feelings. This podcast is blowing up on NOcharts and now on Apple Podcasts. Like, share, and follow on both platforms. We’ve got some crazy guests in the pipeline…

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Kommentarer 10 774   
RokkPyle Måned siden
man im subed to like least 5 nelk originated or made channels now. but y'all are an inspiration to anyone thats trying to accomplish goals. i remember when you guys' were yelling shark on a beach lmao. now look at you guys tho. super inspirational for me at least, an should be to anyone with huge goals.
RokkPyle 21 dag siden
@Deshaun Garduno huh?
RokkPyle 26 dager siden
@Nikola Tutev basically. everything they touch turn to gold it seem like hah.
Nikola Tutev
Nikola Tutev 27 dager siden
The mf’s build a movement lol
Nolan Ramsay
Nolan Ramsay Måned siden
Paulie Brokaw
Paulie Brokaw Måned siden
dude I just tried the one chip challenge on my new vid and my friend and I couldn't even last we started freaking out and my boy almost passed it. we couldn't handle it lmao...
Vince 8 minutter siden
20:09 what you came for
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 8 minutter siden
📚 4️⃣🎙@ 1️⃣ ⏰ ✅ 🗓
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 5 timer siden
Why doesn't he ever fight someone who weighs similar to Him? I respect the fact jake chooses to get punched in the face but he is cherry picking his opponents
P V 7 timer siden
@miketyson @nelkboys bet ya you guys can't get me unbanned in Vegas so I can come back and send it again I've learnt my lesson.😂
Ri No
Ri No 7 timer siden
I like Paul. Guy is trolling and kickin ass! Big respect!
Spiitze 15 timer siden
Bob calling his so called fiance a "chick." Dude needs to mature up
PriestahhChrollo 16 timer siden
The white guy on the left bob or rob or whatever is so fucking annoying and asks the stupidest shit. Kick him you could find a better co host for sure like Lucas or someone
Antonio Bear
Antonio Bear 16 timer siden
Wow salim talk shit to jake paul but not the one whos calling u out 👊😐
Atlaz 16 timer siden
I understand he wants to be considered a "professional" boxer, but Canelo would destroy him. Probably he should fight Canelo, so he can end his boxing "career" once and for all.
Jake Black
Jake Black 22 timer siden
Jake Paul is cool man I’m proud of this younger generation Much love 🤘🤘🤙
Gypsy Man
Gypsy Man Dag siden
He’s starting his excuses for when he looses against Tommy Fury. And he TYSON Fury’s younger brother 😂 😂 You really have been drinking since the night of the fight.
Ryan Dag siden
Slone Dag siden
Always loved Nelk and prob always will but damn if this channel isn’t doing the wrong the Thing. The random fucker bob whatever his name is gonna tear the whole brand and channel down, sad sad thing to keep watching. I mean he literally acts so damn weird, talks over guests fuckin tons and has absolutely no original or good jokes to provide to the podcast
Mr. Matt Miller
Mr. Matt Miller Dag siden
You need Conor McGregor
Shamir Perkins
Shamir Perkins Dag siden
I love Jesus who else 🤔😀
BR8NZ 8 Dag siden
I’m a personal trainer and having sex it’s only mental ! If you believe it it’s true to you , it doesn’t give you an edge or make it worst ! Look it up isn’t believe me sports Science it was a TV show
Erick Yuman garcia
Erick Yuman garcia 2 dager siden
Salim asked the best questions😂😂
August Prior
August Prior 2 dager siden
this bob guy made me skip his parts bro, actually cringe man. was going great until the dude opened his mouth, please get rid of the fly beacuse he ruining the podcast.
Deplorable Spartan58
Deplorable Spartan58 2 dager siden
Jake's a fucking muley...imagine if social media was around in Ali/Tysons days.
clay goldman
clay goldman 2 dager siden
Bob’s way too cocky. He acts like people knows who he is. We know your voice not your face so realize your place bro
Alex Teasdale
Alex Teasdale 3 dager siden
I wish BOB would stop cutting people off, and just wait ✋ it spoils the flow. Lmao Jake Paul is so deluded he actually believes the BullS**T he speaks 😂
Adrian 3 dager siden
Jake is actually a down to Earth bloke. Mad respect!
Daniel Kauhaahaa
Daniel Kauhaahaa 3 dager siden
Nikita ababiy vs Jake Paul
Eric Orozco
Eric Orozco 3 dager siden
Askren always looks fat. Look at his ufc fights.
Ron Toothaker
Ron Toothaker 3 dager siden
If this kid wants to be a real boxer then have him join the boxing league and fight in his own weight class and go from there. Start from the bottom and prove your way up if you want to be taken seriously.
insta glare
insta glare 3 dager siden
fuck and like, I was like..but like.. you know like. fuck. Is unbelievable and at the same time, this is 2021 value, like what a fuck..this is the fuck ppl demand, like fuck. we cool $$$ shit bro fuck 20
Melissa McGuire
Melissa McGuire 4 dager siden
People are only fans of Dana when they make money off of him he’s full of himself he reminds me of Austin mcbroom
burner 4 dager siden
Bro jake will never be able to beat canelo😹
F@CK FN 5 dager siden
Ist all in you guys.
F@CK FN 5 dager siden
You guys do talk and decide for love me and Marty choose for team to win to get on top one of you will good
eazye 5 dager siden
Dutch Mallis
Dutch Mallis 5 dager siden
Lmao. I love how Kyle jus calls out Bob about the fixed fight 😂😂
Dutch Mallis
Dutch Mallis 2 dager siden
@Follow The White Rabbit lmao
Follow The White Rabbit
Changed his response real quick ha
Swank The Goat
Swank The Goat 6 dager siden
Dude Jake is super chill damn. Dude is so business but HIGHLY doubt him walking off "okayish" after Canelo. Canelo will kill him and that is not healthy
Apollo Simpson
Apollo Simpson 6 dager siden
bruh u wont get tom brady no cap
Steve Joe
Steve Joe 6 dager siden
Lmao jake always makes himself look like he only has one remaining brain cell
HDVisions 6 dager siden
Bob needs to stop cutting off interviews.. let Kyle decide or the guest.
Akshat Kaushal
Akshat Kaushal 6 dager siden
20:10 I love it 😂😂😂
Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day 7 dager siden
After seeing this side of Jake Paul I have more respect for him as a man.
Mase Rati
Mase Rati 7 dager siden
Bob hella aggressive
Ryan Dacus
Ryan Dacus 7 dager siden
I say Jake needs to fight Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. He is probably the best striker in the UFC, that would be a real fight.
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo 7 dager siden
Fighting a mma fighter doesn’t give you any skil points. That was a sparring match. Jake was scared
Alex R
Alex R 7 dager siden
The real jake seems like a genuine respectable guy. He deserves what he has
frank1971ification 7 dager siden
What shoes are those that jakes wearing?
Aaron Baxter
Aaron Baxter 7 dager siden
Salim is hilarious with his questions
jake Roy
jake Roy 7 dager siden
Usman would murder Jake lmfao Jake Paul doesn’t want that. That’s asking to get killef
jake Roy
jake Roy 7 dager siden
“Jake’s not fighting people in his weight class”
Christian Bodie
Christian Bodie 7 dager siden
Kyle get the Canadian chuba Hubbard on there!!
John Goldie
John Goldie 8 dager siden
44:07 and Bob just butting in and saying sorry lololol
John Goldie
John Goldie 8 dager siden
Tommy fury’s younger brother😂
PostApocalypticSure 8 dager siden
Can't believe Big John Fury would name two of his sons Tommy.
DJT 8 dager siden
20:10 LOL
kickass1238UMLl 8 dager siden
Jesus christ Bob
Marc Villalobos
Marc Villalobos 9 dager siden
did bob just ask who is Mrbeast? IS he 90 years old or something?
konnor taylor
konnor taylor 10 dager siden
The show that Tommy was on is love island
Peter K
Peter K 10 dager siden
Bob is annoying and arrogent ... he should come off the pod.
Blake Lloyd
Blake Lloyd 10 dager siden
Get bob tf outa here
Cory Welsh
Cory Welsh 10 dager siden
Lay off the white stuff Kyle 😂
J 11 dager siden
Bro salim is the realest person in Nelk, guy says whatever he feels no sugar coating shit lol
jordin mayers
jordin mayers 12 dager siden
Bob is a hater
Pryslak 12 dager siden
I like jake. But he ain’t ever touching canelo
IzzySpeaksTv 12 dager siden
I hope he fights canelo. That’s the day I’ll be a millionaire 😂
Joshua J Glover
Joshua J Glover 13 dager siden
Everyone throwin shade on Bob, he asked good questions in this podcast. He pushed the conversation in progressive ways. Leave room for people to develop new skills and hone their current craft.
Sidelined TV
Sidelined TV 13 dager siden
Who’s the little Indian kid?
Pippen 13 dager siden
Kyle is so articulate and smart. I like the way he conducts the interview and the questions he asks Jake.
victor bautista
victor bautista 13 dager siden
As much of a show for DANA AS MUCH AS for PAUL? That has to be the most ignorant thing ever. That just shows how much this guys know. Brotha if I was Dana i would of took u off my list, honestly took u off my life completely. That is an insult. Dumm as Nelk 👧
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom 13 dager siden
How bout Loma or Golovkin or Teofimo Lopez just saying
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom 13 dager siden
12 Rounds Jake then you will start getting respect this 6 to 8 round bullshit is for the 🐦
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom 13 dager siden
Fraser McLeod
Fraser McLeod 9 dager siden
jake would die
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom 13 dager siden
What can u say? wtf u can say Pauls a boxer and Dana is the President of UFC MMA two big different sports period Jake can continue to smash but keep boxing boxers like evryone else this whole boxing versus mma is getting wack cause the boxers wont jump in ring with mma guys fuc tht
Corey Ransom
Corey Ransom 13 dager siden
Dude Tyron Woodley is a world class wrestler check his background he never really boxed bro just was good at mixin it up in MMA fake the take down knock fucn guy out alot of wrestlers thrive off that in MMA
ByChrxss 13 dager siden
Bob is a vibe kill
Steven Kassar
Steven Kassar 13 dager siden
Genuine side of Jake
Archer /
Archer / 13 dager siden
Jakes a good guy. Salims puts it on him straight though and I love it lotta rexpecg
MichaelGonzales TV
MichaelGonzales TV 13 dager siden
Lmao Salim is dumb 31:50 " yeah he pointed at him" lmao what's that supposed to mean 😂😂
Cade Thiel
Cade Thiel 13 dager siden
kyle wearing sick vintage tee
B Davis
B Davis 14 dager siden
jake really watched the whole love island series bet
Dominick Mathis
Dominick Mathis 14 dager siden
Alex Jones
Lochlan Mandrik
Lochlan Mandrik 14 dager siden
Joffer Handles
Joffer Handles 14 dager siden
Bryson turns red at a joke about buying girls new tits then smiles and says thats awesome you can't make up this level of trolling
Lee Cunningham
Lee Cunningham 14 dager siden
"I really love thith guy and what he'th doing for bockthing" - Tike Mython
Christiaan Deysel
Christiaan Deysel 14 dager siden
This boy wanna go camelo L0l
justin haley
justin haley 14 dager siden
hahahaha omg this is amazing
S E 14 dager siden
Stfu Bob 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
MrHITMAN7676 14 dager siden
definitely on the "Bob gotta go train" dude is a STUB... beat it ya clout chasing scrub
Suhh Dude
Suhh Dude 14 dager siden
Damn, Nelk is dick riding Dana White wtf happened to the boys bruh.
Sasha 14 dager siden
The only reason why Tommy Fury is famous is because of his older brother. Tyson is the reason why they chose Tommy to be on the TV show and that's what made him famous.
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado 14 dager siden
I love that this podcast is pretty mobile the scene always changes and not the same set every episode
Tyler Letendre
Tyler Letendre 15 dager siden
Dana was supposed to fight tito so dana let someone fight jake
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 15 dager siden
Whoever is behind the scenes controlling the cameras and audio is doing a fantastic job
Jorge A. Coronado
Jorge A. Coronado 15 dager siden
He wants to fight canelo? Bruh… 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r!
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r! 15 dager siden
All these guys are in A CULT. Free masons[illuminati/occultism].
Brandy Harding
Brandy Harding 15 dager siden
have to give this kid props, his self awareness and business acumen is off the charts. hate him or love him you have to give him props.
jammyjamezz 15 dager siden
16 thousand sold out, Bob “what did the stadium hold” 😩
JackGotDatMac 15 dager siden
jae paul actually a cool dude wtf
TheDrunkenTard 15 dager siden
Bob one of those kids that always got something to say when you get something fresh ....always gotta hate & can't give credit for nothing...negative people...
Zac Pino
Zac Pino 15 dager siden
How did none of them say Tyson fury’s name right
Zac Pino
Zac Pino 15 dager siden
First little video of Kyle looks like it was shot on an iPhone
Jeremy Sanders
Jeremy Sanders 16 dager siden
Bob is keeping it real
Jeremy Sanders
Jeremy Sanders 16 dager siden
Ben didn't get knocked out. He got right back up! Knocked out is asleep not getting up