Tokyo 2020 Men's Triathlon Highlights 

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26. juli. 2021





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kedr77 Måned siden
In Triathlon it is hard to stay at the top we have seen several eras Gomez Browlee Mola Luis now is the time of Blummenfelt and my guest is Yee is next
kedr77 Måned siden
In Triathlon it is hard to stay at the top we have seen several eras Gomez Browlee Mola Luis now is the time of Blummenfelt and my guest is Yee is next
Luca Keushguerian
Luca Keushguerian Måned siden
What're those pink shoes everyone is wearing?
CptShelby Måned siden
Blummenfelt gave his all, while Yee had some reserves left when he had finished. Had Yee pushed himself the way Blummenfelt did, he might have gotten the gold. Great to see the mental aspect come into play here.
Dinners for Dads
Dinners for Dads Måned siden
Blummenfelt’s trisuit is ridiculous
Federico Colapicchioni
Full race please 🙏
CptShelby Måned siden
Chris Koutroulis
Chris Koutroulis Måned siden
Αnouncer trying hard to hold a dump.
jinny jo
jinny jo Måned siden
is that derick mooney commentating? he doesn't have a clue what's going on
Jan Almwert
Jan Almwert Måned siden
Where is Frodeno?
Fred Ol
Fred Ol Måned siden
"Alex Yeeehaa"
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
Can someone please tell me who the Irish commentator is, the one who speaks first at 24 seconds? I know his voice. It's really annoying me who he is.
Alka Zeicer
Alka Zeicer Måned siden
what was referee thinking giving start when boat is blocking? LOL
Philip Squire
Philip Squire 2 måneder siden
The people in the stands at the finish seemed barely to react, of is that just me?
Lorenzo Conti
Lorenzo Conti 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry but it doesn't seems right to me. That's not a gold medal, to me.
Tibovl Måned siden
@Eirik Hagen Besides the cycling hardly mattered in this race since literally all of the athletes started the run at the same time.
Eirik Hagen
Eirik Hagen Måned siden
How, is it because of the cycling steer which the norwegian team used?They are allowed according to the rules. The white suits they are using are also allowed, blummenfelt even swam 150 meter extra in the start.0
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
Lars Måned siden
He is on of the dudes that swam a ekstra 150 in the start.
Philip Squire
Philip Squire 2 måneder siden
In what way? "Not a gold medal"?
Rob Bullen
Rob Bullen 2 måneder siden
Just made the national news here in Norway.....most Norwegians are now scrathing their heads saying, " Triathlon? Is that a sport? "
blitz blix
blitz blix Måned siden
@EddieBoy no norwegians are very interested in football and running,hurdles, jumping and those kind of sports
EddieBoy Måned siden
they probably thinking "is that a ski category?"
Hey Yo
Hey Yo 2 måneder siden
I didn’t even know a Norwegian was competing in it
MrStewartmw 2 måneder siden
What happened to Vincent Luis??
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 2 måneder siden
Nothing. Out of shape due to previous injury. Or just conditions.
velo1337 2 måneder siden
is there a chance on gcn race pass to get the mens triathlon WITH commentator?
Solid Rock
Solid Rock 2 måneder siden
That boat in the beginning oh my days
IsMiseAnthony 2 måneder siden
What a kick by the Norwegian. He gave it everything in the last lap, showing the 2 young lads how to finish.
Tom 2 måneder siden
Where is Jan Frodeno?
Sinan Çetinkaya
Sinan Çetinkaya 2 måneder siden
Ironman athletes are long distance endurance athletes
Johannes Braun
Johannes Braun 2 måneder siden
@your DISCOVERelax channel OK thanks for the answer!
your DISCOVERelax channel
your DISCOVERelax channel 2 måneder siden
@Johannes Braun HE's at the long distance now ... we will See him at Ironman in Hawaii
Johannes Braun
Johannes Braun 2 måneder siden
Yeah, I am wondering as well!
Ben J
Ben J 2 måneder siden
Beautiful work Kristian !!! :) Congrats, holy shit !!!!
IB1234 2 måneder siden
Awesome race, amazing winner. Go Blumenfelt!! Bit disappointed with Luis, though.
redlander55 2 måneder siden
Almost perfect highlights. It missed the vomit of Blummenfelt at the end, though.
Alteisen TV
Alteisen TV 27 dager siden
If you are still looking for it nocharts.info/like/pZ6le5i5mnudjIc/video.html 🤮🤮🤮
Sam O Neill
Sam O Neill Måned siden
@Global Triathlon Network hahahaha
redlander55 Måned siden
Global Triathlon Network
If only we had enough time 😅
Brage Mack Mølstre
Brage Mack Mølstre 2 måneder siden
Goo Blu!
T B 2 måneder siden
Is that Ryle Nugent commentating? thought he only covered rugby.
Dinners for Dads
Dinners for Dads Måned siden
The voice of D4 - one of my least favourite commentators, but at least the highlights are great, unlike Eurosport’s monathlon coverage
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
Ryle Nugent!! Thank you. This has been bugging me for ages. I knew that I recognised that accent. Jaysus! That was wrecking me head in.
Colors 66
Colors 66 2 måneder siden
He sounds like some paddy! Jolly good show by the Lee chap to finish second, an OBE is in this boys future.
Hidde Suvaal
Hidde Suvaal 2 måneder siden
He or the other guy sounds like he is just pushing a big load on the toilet.
T B 2 måneder siden
@LtSmith8302 strange, I thought he left RTE a couple of years ago?
LtSmith8302 2 måneder siden
Anyone recognise the commentators in this video? One of them sounds like the commentator for Irish Six Nations.
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
Definitely Ryle Nugent, great Irish commentator
daniel hurley
daniel hurley 2 måneder siden
Aaaaaaaaand O’Driscoll
Billy B
Billy B 2 måneder siden
It's Ryle Nuggent
Roy Thuv
Roy Thuv 2 måneder siden
Roy Thuv
Roy Thuv Måned siden
@G well, you almost got me 😂 I dont follow soceity like most. But mgotw sounds like to much for me. Just and old school pirate that watch tv 🤷‍♂️
G Måned siden
@Roy Thuv yes
Roy Thuv
Roy Thuv Måned siden
@G do you even know what that is? 😂
G Måned siden
@Roy Thuv MGTOW?
Roy Thuv
Roy Thuv 2 måneder siden
@Colors 66 bro? what are you 12?
SR 2 måneder siden
Blummenfelt had a faster run split than Yee, that's crazy
Global Triathlon Network
Superb running indeed - what a race!