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Annonse: EMPET 💭Takk for at du ser på videoene mine, husk å abonnere på kanalen. BLOGGEN MIN: www.funkygine.com INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/funkygine/ FACEBOOK: facebook.com/funkygine/ SNAPCHAT: funkygine 💌 Kommersielle henvendelser: [email protected] 👇🏼 Legg gjerne igjen en kommentar og ...
When You're Australian #Shorts
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#australia #touch #sealion #run Original Video: bit.ly/3AlHZ4e -------------------------------------------------- OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: lnk.bio/HTGG OUR SPONSORS: linktr.ee/H.T.G.G OUR EQUIPMENT: www.amazon.co.uk/shop/its_htgg For Business Inquiries: how.t.get.gmail.com -------------------------...
Funniest Animals - Best Of The 2021 Funny Animal Videos #58
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Best of the 2021 funny animal videos. This is the funniest and best video ever. It is funny and cute! Hope you like our compilation and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE us and share with your friends! 👉Subscribe for new video: goo.gl/sUiAg2 #funnycat #funnydog #cutecat #cutedog #funnyanimal -----...
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Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer. LEARN EXACTLY HOW TO TRIM THE WAY I DO ... ON MY ONLINE FUNCTIONAL CATTLE HOOF TRIMMING COURSE - www.learnthehoofgp.com/ .... EASYFIX Everything at EASYFIX revolves around Livesto...
Baby Snow & Axanthic Hognoses Hatching!!
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We hatched both axanthic and snow hognoses for the very first time!! SNAKE DISCOVERY MERCH! snakediscoverystore.square.site/s/shop SNAKE DISCOVERY PATREON www.patreon.com/snakediscovery We love fan mail! Snake Discovery P.O. Box 192 Hammond, WI 54015 Music by BenSound and Epidemic Sound
🐹 Hamster Escapes the Pop It Maze for Pets in real life 🐹 Homura Ham
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Hamster Pop It Maze by Homura Ham! In these hamster story, you'll see the amazing adventures of my funny pet hamster, Pampy! Today he was trapped in the Pop It prison, and to get out of this Rainbow Hamster Maze, he has to overcome many interactive obstacles and traps! Will he manage to esc...
Husky Puppies Play With Their Very First Toys!
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My husky puppies play with their very first toys! Subscribe: bit.ly/JoeyGVlogs | Enable ALL push notifications 🔔 Watch the NEWEST videos: nocharts.info/name/PLiyCaZMKIW1pPB5TnewaiFF5iwye3GMag&playnext=1&index=2 Shop NEW Merch: shopcrystalwolf.com/ Follow Joey Graceffa: Instagram: insta...
One of the best breeds of all time
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Cooper had me all in the feels today I'm not going to lie. Hey Pawsitive People! Do you want your pet featured on our channel? Even if you're across the globe? Keep watching to find out how! Paypal: paypal.me/girlwithedogs?locale.x=en_US BIG THINGS ARE COMING WHEN WE HIT 1 MILLION SU...
Does My DOG Know Where Regina is? #Shorts
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My Dog, Douglas, is Following Regina's Scent! #Shorts Watch my friend’s awesome videos: Melvin PZ9 - I'm Trapped on the Roof and must Climb Down the Building #Shorts nocharts.info/like/cWF7pKrEiKO0gIs/video.html Regina Ginera - What I Do When I Get Nervous #Shorts nocharts.info/like...
Cat Caught Greeting Delivery Drivers On Camera | The Dodo Cat Crazy
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Tuna the cat has always loved going outside. Her parents got her a GPS one day to see where she went, but to their surprise, the GPS said Tuna never left their house! One day, they went to check their security camera and caught her greeting their delivery guy 😻 Keep up with Tuna on TikTok: thed...
Killer Whale Tries to Bite Surfboard
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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an Orca whale is stalking a surfer. Links To Sources: Eagle and Bunny: nocharts.info/like/e6mJgaingmSXp4s/video.html Police Skateboard: instagram.com/ryan.christian_/ Tesla: nocharts.info/cd/6yOilqfr0QrbZH5WemqQ5g.html Dog ...
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In todays video we are moving some cattle some where i didn't tell you about! Hope you enjoy! Get your "Tom Pemberton Farm Life" merch - www.tompem-farmlife.co.uk Follow me on Instagram - instagram.com/tompemberton_farmlife Facebook - facebook.com/Pembertondairies/?ref=br_rs Twi...
True Facts: The Mosquito
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Check out brilliant.org/Zefrank1/ First 200 people get 20% off the annual Premium subscription. Merch: ze-true-store.myshopify.com/ Patreon: www.patreon.com/truefacts Benedikt Pleyer's Channel: www.youtube.com/NomadicNostoc Richard J Albrecht's Channel: nocharts.info/cd/ASwU2puo4Wsne...
I MAY have a new guide dog?! (+ meeting puppy Gigi)
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Written on screen: 4:22 - write “He’s the dog they had me go outside with because he was “bored” walking in the kennel, so I think that was the issue the day before!” 4:32 - write “I think it was actually only 5…" 5:20 - “CORRECTION: I thought her name was Monet, it’s Manni! LOL French acce...
One-on-One In a Mud Pit Filled with Snakes | #1 Chicken
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To win this episode, contestants have to play basketball against each other. Pretty simple, right? One catch: they gotta do it in a mud pit filled with anacondas, boas, and other snakes!!! With ShermanTheVerman, Quenlin Blackwell, FaZe Adapt, Amanda Steele, Simplistic, Tasha of StephAndTasha, Dee...
meet our foster greyhound lobster
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// i'm live on twitch mon-fri: www.twitch.tv/julien more content here: www.youtube.com/julien2 business inquiries: [email protected]
This Alligator Will Die From 860 Volts
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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] One creature that’s developed a shocking but effective defense mechanism is none other than the electric eel, able to spontaneously generate high-voltage pulses of electricity.
I Made My Cat Out of Lego (Life-sized!)
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I Turned My Cat Into Lego! Using several thousand Lego bricks, I built a life-size replica of my cat Ralph. I call him... Rolf! I also built Lego Mosaics of Ralph & Bella, and used it as an excuse to visit Legoland! Donate to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando here: petallianceorlando.org/...
How well can our cat see?
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★Limited glow-in-the-dark Halloween merch! crowdmade.com/collections/junskitchen Available until October 21st! It WILL NOT be able to arrive by Halloween. :( Our cat Pichi is blind in her left eye, but at her yearly checkup our vet noticed that she may actually be blind in her right eye as well!...
Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time
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Hey guys, these cute little puppies are not our new dogs! Once we, driving along the road familiar to us, we found them without their mother wandering along the highway. We could not leave them, as most likely they would have suffered from car wheels. They will live temporarily with us until we f...
Rescuing Real Life Spongebob & Patrick #shorts
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Today we rescue Spongebob and his friends as they wash up on the beach! Be sure to leave a Like if you Love Ocean Animals!
POV you're the last person on Earth... or so you think
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instagram.com/ianboggz/instagram.com/ianboggz Hey Ian Nation! What do you think is going to happen next? 👀 Subscribe for more! #Shorts​ Subscribe to join the best community on here! ♡ WHO AM I? 😄 Hey friends, I'm Ian Boggs!! I'm a creative, actor, model & writer. My goal is to b...